Moisture in van SilverLine Posted by: Robertpat 30 Jun 2018 5 Replies
Since I have been away in my new van moisture is foune behind bed on wall,in cupboards up top all 6 each side condensation on roof in cupboards ,in Albany temp outside cold have hatch open in shower and part open in kitchen area doesn't seem to help much any out there to help ,a bit annoying wiping water off every morning and leaving cupboards open to dry out also leave mattress out to dry back wall in my pullout out bed .
Silverline condensationPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 1 Jul 2018
We have had the same experience recently while in Tasmania. Many other people report similar condensation issues. Jayco have a partial fix that involves applying insulation at the junction of the roof and the walls, inside the overhead cupboards and lockers. If your van is still under warranty I would make a claim and have Jayco fix it. I don't know if they have a fix for condensation behind the bed. We check our regularly and mop up as required. We have found the condensation is greatly reduced if we leave all the overhead lockers open. The heater helps to dry them out.
Condensation IssuesPosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 3 Jul 2018
What year is your Silverline. There is a great possibility that if its an early model say before Dec 2014 it will have the older aluminium wall roof jointing extrusion. This was known to be a problem. The early Silverlines where fixed under warranty. After Dec 2014 a new aluminium extrusion with a thermal break was fitted. Hope this helps.
CondensationPosted by: Robertpat  Replied on: 3 Jul 2018
Thanks for your reply Silverline 6 weeks old from new .Robertpat
Condensation behind bed on slide outPosted by: Goondiwindi  Replied on: 4 Jul 2018
Interesting comments. We have a 12/2014 Silverline outback and have recently noticed mildew on the mattress top up near the bed head. This condensation appears to occur at anytime of the year. When holidaying on lower Gold Coast over Commonwealth Games (early April - beautiful weather) I had to place a towel between wall of van and mattress. Whilst not much moisture was noticed there was some. On a more recent trip to Inverell & Moree (cold overnight) the moisture was significant. Our van has the fix as mentioned but obviously it doesn't completely work. Another annoying manufacturing compliant.

Moisture SilverlinePosted by: Errol Wright  Replied on: 14 Jul 2018
We have a 2018 Silverline. Condensation in this van is a serious issue for us as it was in our 2014 Silverline. The issue appears to be the high thermal absorption rates of the aluminum contained within some parts of the walls. Mainly at the top and wall ends including the slide outs. This causes the moisture in the warmer air inside the caravan to condense when it comes into contact with the very cold external walls containing the aluminum. This was fixed in the 2014 model by applying self adhesive putty (with a very low thermal absorption rate) and then placing a plastic conduit over the top which prevented the warm air inside from making contact with walls at these points. I am in discussion with our dealer at the moment to try and find a solution to the problem in our 2018 model van. It is very serious problem which needs to be fixed. On cold mornings the amount of water in the cupboards, at the top of the walls, above the slide out (top of wall in this area) and the slide out ends is very substantial. This will not be fixed by ventilation or even dehumidifiers.
Electric brake controller Posted by: Lawton 10 Jul 2018 2 Replies
Hi just asking I bought a Jayco finch pop up gvm 1022 do I need to fit a brake controller on a ford territory thanks phil
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 10 Jul 2018
YES, any trailer with a weight of more than 750 kgs must be fitted with brakes, refer to your local state transport for the regulations
BrakesPosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 13 Jul 2018
You need to identify the type of brakes on the Jayco Finch pop top. Does it have override brakes or electric brakes. You would need an electric brake controller for the electric brakes. (This would be my preffered type of brakes if I had the Jayco Finch) However if there is override brakes you don't need an electric controller. Hope this helps.
water pump malfunction Posted by: mvenn 12 Jul 2018 1 Replies
Even we turn on water pump the water is coming out of tank at fill point
WATER PUMP MALFUNCTIONPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 12 Jul 2018
More like a posting malfunction
Off grid battery setup Posted by: Lawton 11 Jul 2018 1 Replies
Hi guys I have a Jayco finch 2003 camper just seeing what people are running to stay if grid I’m new to this any advice appreciated thanks phil
Battery setupPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 11 Jul 2018
You need 100Ah to 120Ah GEL battery and box and 120 watts of solar.
Is there a space for a battery near your Setec charger, install the battery a close as possible to the Setec.
There should be terminals on the Setec for the battery connection. Make sure you install an inline fuse at the battery, 40 amp, and use suitable size cabling between the battery and Setec.
A solar panel can be installed on the roof and hard wired through a solar regulator connected to the battery, or you can use a fold up panel with its own regulator, the output of the regulator connected via an Anderson plug wired direct to the battery. The later is a good set up so that if you have a long enough lead you can chase the sun for maximum efficiency, especially in winter.
You must replace any incandescent globes with leds. Remember to look after your battery, don't flatten it.
Jayco finch 2003 stove Posted by: Lawton 8 Jul 2018 1 Replies
Hi all just wondering if the stove on the Jacob finch igniter switch only works on electric or battery
Gas igniterPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 9 Jul 2018
Should work on battery power, make sure your battery switch is on.
Understanding the tank vs mains Posted by: Jolly John 5 Jul 2018 1 Replies
First post!
We have a 2016 Journey.
Is there a way to access the better tasking tank water when connected to the mains?
Does one need install another pump and tap?
Van TanksPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 5 Jul 2018
If you mean to get water from your van tanks , just disconnect the mains and turn on your water pump at the control panel inside the van. Make sure your tanks are turned on underneath the van at the tap below the filler points.
Cheers Tony
Silverline to Cameron Corner Posted by: 21.65 OB 26 Jun 2018 4 Replies
Hi all
We are new to the forum having just purchased our 21.62-3 OB about a month back and loving it. Some mates are traveling to Cameron Corner shortly via Nockatunga, to Innamincka then the Corner and home via Tibooburra and Mutawintji - we would like some feedback on whether the Silverline can handle those roads and won't be shaken apart too badly - can anyone help us ?? Regards JP
Cameron CornerPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
Have done that road without a van and there is a fair bit of dirt from Coopers Creek and Tibooburra. There where a few vans when I went through but like all dirt roads there is always going to be good and bad sections. Remember between Innamincka and Cameron Corner there where quite a few sandhills to go over and a lot of them where badly worn on the tops with large holes . Best thing might be to ring Cameron corner roadhouse and ask them what the road is like at the moment.
Regards Tony
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
have a look at this forum, maybe join up for more info in the trip planning section
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
look in the dedicated owners section for Jayco as well for info
Posted by: 21.65 OB  Replied on: 2 Jul 2018
Thanks for the replies guys - we will try the caravaners forum as well - at this stage I am not convinced that it is the right van for that trip, Cheers JP
Gas Heater Posted by: Robertpat 30 Jun 2018 0 Replies
My Silverline has a Gas heater Truma VarioHeat eco AU.
My question The top of heater has 2 outlets blowing hot air into our room from under the bed ,now the bottom part of the heater which says in the book is for circulating the air sucks the air from the room back into the unit coming out hot air,My unit blows cold air into the room 3rd outlet to me sounds as if it is wired wrong or is this the way it works .the vent outside is blowing hot air .Any one with same heater .
Hot water runs out in shower Posted by: Digger Don 26 Jun 2018 3 Replies
The hot water runs out very quickly in our shower, even though the monitor says there is still lots in thew tank. It does not just go cold, it runs out completely. Why does it not switch over to the other tank? Both taps are on. Any clues ?
Posted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
Your hot water system, only has 19 litres or less hot water in at the best of times. you are only able to have a very short shower with the hot water available.
Suggest you take it back to the dealer, and have them look at it.
Running Out Of WaterPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
Maybe an air lock. Does the pump turn off OK when all taps are turned off. When you are on mains supply do you have plenty of both hot and cold water.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
what do you mean by:
Why does it not switch over to the other tank? Both taps are on. Any clues ?
even though the monitor says there is still lots in thew tank. i think you may be confused with the vans water tanks as I dont think the HWS has a monitor OR is this shown on the Jhub???
there is only 1 HWS tank and it only holds around 23 ltrs and it is not an instant system, it usually takes about 15 mins to heat up after switching on, maybe even longer in winter and your location
Jayco Weekend Posted by: Dave scott 25 Jun 2018 0 Replies
Jayco Newcastle just had another customer appreciation weekend at Tuncurry Big 4 caravan park in NSW and what a great weekend. I believe there was about 75 vans there and the park was 99 per cent full of Jayco's. That's my tip for the forum buy a Jayco from Newcastle.
SILVERLINE BOLSTER Posted by: Don STEVEN 23 Jun 2018 1 Replies
The thread by Magnus prompted me. The bolster on our Silverline was about 40mm lower than the mattress, so I made a 45mm step that raise the bolster to level. That worked well for that but the mattress caught when it was lifted up, making it difficult to shorten. I added 175 mm of thin Melamine to the leading edge, with four hinges, that sits on the bed frame and slips up when the bed is lifted. That was the end of complaints. Silverline is a great caravan.
Silverline bolster.Posted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 23 Jun 2018
You're right Don, the bolster is the wrong cross section (200mm x 150mm). I had a new one made 250mm x 250mm. The top of the mattress is now flush with the bolster and the bed is slightly longer making it a genuine QS bed.
Gas Heater in Sliverline Posted by: Robertpat 23 Jun 2018 1 Replies
I have a gas heater in my new Stirling under the bed is it working properly .3 outlets one to my right as I sleep in bed one at the end both these blowing out hot air ,now the third to my left blows out cold air and if I go outside where the vent is hot air is blowing out side ,I looked at the installation book and to my understanding the left ,blowing cold air this should be sucking air from the room and recycling it to blow out hot air ,Question is this ok the way it is or wires crossed fan blowing not sucking .Robertpat
Gas Heater installation queryPosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 23 Jun 2018
Hi Robertpat: It would be helpful if you could show a photo of the heater and the ducting under the bed and mention the make of heater.