Buying into new lifestyle Posted by: HarryLB 1 Feb 2018 1 Replies
Hi folks, I'm a newcomer here so please share if think I'm in the wrong spot. I'm pondering converting my stationary house to a mobile one (a new mobile life). A gazillion options it would appear. Wondering if anyone interested / available to have public (here or similar) or private talks about same. Cheers - Harry (St Kilda, Melbourne)
Mobile LivingPosted by: Davidofcoburg  Replied on: 2 Feb 2018
Hi Harry, there are a lot of people doing what you are considering, there are a lot of benefits and a few traps as well. For a start I suggest that you post a similar question on the Caravaners Forum as there are thousands of experienced members there, some of whom I'm sure will help you.
Drawbar Boxes Posted by: Wartons 31 Jan 2018 3 Replies
We have a brand new 22.68 Outback Starcraft and I would like to fit a box to the drawbar that consists of a slide out generator and slide out Weber Baby Q. Has anyone done this keeping or not keeping the factory gas bottle cover - Pictures would be great.
Thanks Andrew
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 31 Jan 2018
That is a lot of weight being added to your towball download.
Posted by: Wartons  Replied on: 31 Jan 2018
Towing the van I think it could do with a little more weight up front, plus I already have the Weber in the from tunnel with the lid off.
So the box and generator will be new additions.
Towing with a 200 Series Sahara and using a Hayman Reese WDH.
Posted by: Axe  Replied on: 1 Feb 2018
I would be concerned with the legal Tow Ball weight. You will find what it was when your van was manufactured and empty stamped on the compliance plate.
Costs incurred when buying Posted by: Adro 28 Jan 2018 1 Replies
Hi Guys
I am buying a Jayco Swan second hand, can you confirm what other cost I will incur doing this?
COSTPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 1 Feb 2018
In WA the only other cost was Stamp Duty on the cost of the caravan when it is licensed (correct me if I am wrong or it no-longer applies). Should be no other cost I am aware of.
Shower tap water leak Posted by: Jeff101 29 Jan 2018 0 Replies
I have a 2005 jayco freedom anniversary model and the shower taps are leaking behind the wall panel. They are not a mixer type but seperate hot cold taps.
Can anyone help me with info on pulling apart and fixing.
Many thanks
Dove/Hawk/Eagle Posted by: Banjo16 21 Jan 2018 9 Replies
We had decided that the the Dove would be a good fit for 2 over 60s however now find out they are discontinued.
I understand that the Hawk/Eagle are the same dimensions but with a different layout, I would be interested in owners views on why they prefer what the have.
Dove or HawkPosted by: Boots  Replied on: 22 Jan 2018
Hi Banjo 16
Owned a Swan for quite a few years, but when you're over 60 trying to make the bed isn't easy or climbing out in the middle of the night. Went to a pop-top with island bed, then a full van. Having an inside toilet is very handy during the night, especially for a lady or if raining.
HawkPosted by: Peter40253  Replied on: 26 Jan 2018
Hi. We had a hawk but recently upgraded to an expanda 14 foot. Heaps quicker to set up and loads more features. 2 models. One with bunks other with bathroom
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 26 Jan 2018
We are in our 60s and had a hawk , was a good idea at the time ie easy to tow , low to fit under stuff and all the things we thought were inportant , but after a while the setting up and down became a pain in the but , they are not nice in windy conditions , on more than once we had to put down in bad weather ,treat at 2 am . In the end we traded on a Jayco 13ft outback pop top and was the best decision we made . I know this is not what you were looking for but it is probably what will happen in the end Lol . The hawk was a good layout with the dining at the end away from the kitchen area .
CamperPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 26 Jan 2018
I agree with the above replies. Over the years we went from tent to soft floor camper to pop top caravan and I can say with the benefit of hindsight, get a pop top or full caravan. Sooo much less hassel especially at "our" age. Smallish pop tops are not much different in weight and tow about the same as a camper anyway, if that is a consideration.
CAMPERPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 26 Jan 2018
I forgot to say in my above post we went from a soft floor camper to an Eagle that we had for a few years before upgrading to the poptop caravan. So are speaking from experience. I reckon the wind up campers are more suited to families with young kids.
DovePosted by: Campdoctor  Replied on: 26 Jan 2018
Not sure who is giving you the advice about the Dove being discontinued, but it is still shown on the website as a current camper trailer. The other misunderstanding that needs correcting is that the Dove is smaller than the Hawk or Eagle.

Notwithstanding that, we had a Dove, and found the setup became a bit too much for us, but loved the concept, and airiness of the camper trailers. After 5 years, we sold the dove and bought something different, and found it not the same as the dove in space, and finish and value for money. We sold this dove replacement and bought a Jayco Penguin. Just wind it up and fix the door in place. Finished. Easy for us over 60 year olds. We have had it 2 years now and love it.
Hope this helps
Posted by: Banjo16  Replied on: 27 Jan 2018
Thanks for the replies however a full size van was never on the cards for a lot of reasons,price included
The Dove is discontinued,along with the Flamingo due to a lack of sales. This has been confirmed by 2 dealers.
Campdoctor we looked at the Penguin and it was simplicity to set up but for us just too small inside if you had an extended wet spell.
Look at the PenguinPosted by: Mundy  Replied on: 27 Jan 2018
I agree with Michael's comments. As 2 over 60s, my wife and I went from car camping to the Penguin Off Road and have never regretted the choice. Much quicker and easier to set up than the slide out bed campers, not camping under canvas and, especially convenient, it has lots of storage room under the bed. It is a little heavier and longer (when closed) than the dove/eagle hawk and you sacrifice a little floor space, but we love it and its perfect for 2 people. The off road version has better clearance, stronger chassis and better suspension. We've taken it across the Tanami and along the Gibb River Rd with out any problems.
Worst issue, which I suspect will be same for all Jayco campers, is dust intrusion if you go on dirt roads. I spent some time sealing the various orifices and joints and made an insert to sit behind the door when closed. I also recommend, no matter which camper you buy, putting an insect screen behind the door vent, getting the extended draw bar option and enhancing the underbody protection of the various hoses and cables. You also should get a stone guard for the front (RV Parts Express has a good one which is reasonably cheap).
Re Penguin suggestionPosted by: Mundy  Replied on: 27 Jan 2018
A further advantage of the Penguin, we've found, is that if you want to pull over for a snack or lunch, you can do so and have the roof up in less than 30 seconds, without the need to unhitch, and sit inside. Camper needs to be pretty level, however, to avoid potential problems with winding up and down.
Advice required with canvas cover for bed end Posted by: Tumatawhero 11 Jan 2018 3 Replies
Hello people,
I need advice before I ring people. I own a jayco poptop caravan with the front bed pops out with a hard lid. I have a problem with water hitting the side of the lid and then running onto our bed canvas. I would like to install a canvas cover which is attached to sail rods above the bed. I need to know who to contact to install the sail track and have a canvas cover custom built? The idea is to install this canvas along the sail track cover the lid and also partial sides, almost like the swan bed end flys. Thanks in advance. Toby.
Posted by: Justahack  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
Hi there,
I have recently been through this process.
You either buy the Jayco canvas covers or as you mentioned have some made up.
I got quotes, but to get the same design features as the Jayco ones was going to be more costly in Sydney. There is a company in the Hunter Valley that produces a popular and cost effective product - I think they are mentioned on the Expandas Downunder website.
I did the install myself and would be happy to provide details if you want to give it a go. It is not difficult and can be done in a few hours.
There are 2 types of sail track, plastic or aluminium. Either can be purchased from a Jayco dealer or other caravan retailer.
As the plastic is flexible it is easier to work with and will follow the concave contour on the inside of the hard shell without difficulty.
I opted for the aluminium, thinking it would be more durable. However, it will be necessary to have the shorter lengths for the sides 'rolled' to put the required arc in them. I made a template and a local fence manufacturer did it for free in 5 minutes!
Some installations I have seen used either screws or rivets to secure the sail track but I was reluctant to drill into the fibreglass. Sikaflex adhesive will hold the track, no trouble at all.
If you want any more details, let me know.

Posted by: Justahack  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
That other company is called Holiday Annexes.
Bed end expandaPosted by: Peter40253  Replied on: 26 Jan 2018
the storm cover from jayco works a treat. Easy to install the sail track. Just screws into the hard shell. Did discover our hinge was leaking when open. Solved this by installing sailtrack either side of hinge and getting a strip of pvc made up to straddle the hinge. No more leaking. Can send you a photo. Text me on 0421623631
Driving with roof vents open ? Posted by: Josh Cox 25 Jan 2018 0 Replies
We have a new 22.68OB, just did our first road trip, summer, hot.
After a day of traveling the caravan had heated up and it took a number of hours for it to cool down.
Can we travel with the roof vents in any other position that fully closed in an attempt to increase the air flow ?
ACCC Federal Court Action re Jayco Posted by: Robrose 25 Jan 2018 0 Replies
You may be interested in this action, noted on the web. We proceeded to VCAT re. our dispute re. faulty wheel alignment . ACCC is another avenue for formal complaints re. product issues.I Will advise the outcome re. VCAT
Dometic double glazed windows cracking Posted by: BJM 14 Nov 2017 5 Replies
There are numerous threads on this forum and others relating to Dometic double glazed windows cracking in vans and motor homes..This is happening even in near new (one year old) and older vans.Including my 3 year old Journey Outback.Check yours today looking inside out , cracks appear from the outer edges, catches etc. Dometic would be well aware that the products they sell must be fit for the purpose intended as required by Australian law.These windows should last many years if looked after.This cracking in most cases is not general wear and tear but a faulty product , therefore Dometic should replace them FOC. I am making a list of owners who have or had cracked windows, state whether you had a satisfactory outcome in getting windows replaced or you got or are getting the run around!! State vans age etc.Email me with details lizbaz10@gmail.com
Faulty windowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 18 Nov 2017
I would be interested to know how many responses you have received please.
Cracked windows in 2016 Silverline Outback Posted by: Langkeys  Replied on: 23 Jan 2018
Hi - very interested to read these threads. Recently discovered our van has cracks in two windows both starting from where the acrylic panel sits inside the long hinge and further noting that in both cases the cracks have started from a spot on the hinge towards an end which has been oversqueezed - there's a dent in the metal hinge at that spot from where the crack has started and fanned into the window area. This definitely faulty manufacture by Dometic and I believe should be replaced by Jayco supplied by Dometic.
I had initially thought my initially spied cracked window was caused by a stone hitting the glass so I have submitted an insurance claim - yet to finalise quotes and get work done, but I'm wondering whether to gold off there in favour of pushing for warranty replacement even though my van is now about 18 months old.
Thoughts please.?
Out of warranty claim for crackes in windowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 23 Jan 2018
Hi Langkeys,
You should lodge a claim against the warranty even if past the 12 month date. When paying tens of thousands of dollars for a caravan it is quite reasonable under current consumer law (in QLD anyway) to expect the associated windows to perform without cracking well beyond the statuary warranty period. You should make your claim in writing (an email would suffice) with pictures if you can do so directly to the dealer who sold you the caravan. It is their responsibility to respond to you claim in the first instance, not the window manufacturer.
Starcraft 19.61.2 cracked windowsPosted by: Bacdj  Replied on: 24 Jan 2018
My 2012 Jayco 19.61.2 Starcraft had this problem. I did not see the small cracks until it was about 5 years old, so I contacted Jayco (Brisbane Camperland) and told them and they gave me the name of a person at Camec to contact and he sent me the replacements at no cost and I installed them which was not difficult. I am very happy with the outcome. Brian DJ
Starcraft 19.61.2 cracked windowsPosted by: Bacdj  Replied on: 24 Jan 2018
My 2012 Jayco 19.61.2 Starcraft had this problem. I did not see the small cracks until it was about 5 years old, so I contacted Jayco (Brisbane Camperland) and told them and they gave me the name of a person at Camec to contact and he sent me the replacements at no cost and I installed them which was not difficult. I am very happy with the outcome. Brian DJ
New Thetford "Triplex" Stove Posted by: Rod Mac 22 Jan 2018 2 Replies
Just used our new Starcraft 19.61.2 for the first time. I noticed that the middle 6 jets on each side of the grill burner weren't flaming like the others. The flames of the middle 6 jets were quite low despite the dial being on full. Has anyone noticed this? Seems a bit odd for it to be designed that way. Plenty of gas in the bottles and all other components of the stove worked well.
Thetford "Triplex Stove"Posted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 22 Jan 2018
Thetford Triplex StovePosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 22 Jan 2018
I have a Thetford Triplex Plus stove in my 2016 Starcraft 16.51.3 and the oven gas jets are the same as you have described. The area of flames in the middle are smaller than the areas to the front and the back. Probably normal.
Jayco poptop discovery outback Posted by: Dthorne33 21 Jan 2018 1 Replies
Hi there was wanting to know if anybody knows the exact height on this van please help me
Poptop discovery outbackPosted by: Tas  Replied on: 21 Jan 2018
Did you want folded down or up height and were you referring to a roof mounted air con or not??
Jayco Swan Roof Bolts Posted by: jgillbard@hotmail.com 20 Jan 2018 0 Replies
Has anyone else had recent issues with the bolts shearing off the telescopic arms? 2 have gone recently and it appears to be associated with windy nights.