Satellite TV Posted by: Trismar 5 Apr 2018 2 Replies
I have recently purchased a 2015 Starcraft. It has a sphere sat dish and altec receiver. So far I have been unable to get a signal from a satellite and also the wine guard antenna for normal TV. I have turned on the switch to activate antenna, but still no luck. Any pros out there with some advice?
SAT TVPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 5 Apr 2018
I am not sure why your normal TV does not work (my wife is the expert. You have to go into the menu and set DTV) The satellite TV quite separate. Are you registered with VAST remote access (you have to re-register every 6 months) and do you have a VAST Set Top Box (ours is ALTECH) and its card. The satellite connection goes into the set top box and on ours the TV is set to AV on the input button. To find the satellite the phone aps are quite good, flat it registers the direction and on it's edge the elevation and I also connect in a needle/audio signal finder.
Posted by: Ricknval  Replied on: 9 Apr 2018
You will need a card in the altech box. The card is unique to the vast box so you may need to purchase another box?
Broken door handle Posted by: Lees 7 Apr 2018 3 Replies
Hi all,
Can anyone point me in the right direction.
I’ve got a expander 2014 model and the exterior door handle has some how snapped.
Is there a website that sells exterior door latches\handles?
Broken Door HandlePosted by: Hopper51  Replied on: 8 Apr 2018
Is this what you are lookig for?
OnLine PartsPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 8 Apr 2018
G'day Lees,
RV Parts Express could have your handle. https://www.rvpartsexpress.com.au
If not try:
Jay-Parts & Accessories
1 Jayco Drive,
Dandenong South, 3175
Victoria, Australia

Ph: (03) 8792 2042
and get it posted out if you can't visit.
Posted by: Lees  Replied on: 8 Apr 2018
Thank you so much. That’s perfect.
Both flywire door and exterior door are stuck together as the lock is stuffed and I am away currently camping in the caravan.
So if I shut the door we are going to be locked in.
Is there a way to at least seperate the door so we can keep majority of the bugs out?
For some reason the key barrel won’t take the key anymore so I can’t operate the locks either.
Silverline wheel bearings Posted by: Nansue 6 Apr 2018 1 Replies
Just wondering if someone could tell me what type of wheel bearings are in the 2014 Silverline , just wanting to carry some spares just in case we should near on our travels .
Wheel BearingsPosted by: Davidofcoburg  Replied on: 7 Apr 2018
Any Jayco dealer's accessories shop should have them, plus the spares shop at Jayco's HO in Dandenong sell them.
Travel in NT Posted by: HarryW 6 Apr 2018 1 Replies
We will be traveling up to Darwin and then through WA and back to Melb. Should I carry extra deasil with me or are there enough road houses along the way to keep fuelled up? I have a Hilux 4wd towing a jayco swan
Posted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 7 Apr 2018
You will not have any trouble either way, just top up at each servo you see.
We did it to both places in a Territory towing a Jayco Journey OB last year.
We carried a jerry can but never used it, just peace of mind.
New traveller Posted by: Lees 4 Apr 2018 3 Replies
Hi all,
I am only a few days new into the jayco world.
Just bought a jayco Expander 2014.
I am heading away in 2 days.
Can anyone help me with the following.
1- I have plugged my Engel fridge into the power point inside the van hoping to keep the Engel fridge cold whilst driving. No power point seem to be working when running of the battery. Am I doing something wrong?

Also do I need to get the caravan fridge cold from the 240v prior to connecting to the car and will that run of the dc mode once connected to the car?
New TravellerPosted by: Tas  Replied on: 5 Apr 2018
Run your 240v fridge and cool it before putting food in it, connection to car battery only maintains the temperature of fridge while driving, when you stop switch to 240v or gas. Your engel fridge try running it in your 12volt socket where tv plugs in, but you're battery switch must be turned on..
Posted by: Lees  Replied on: 5 Apr 2018
Thank you so much you have fixed everything for me. I didn’t even notice I have the 12v socket hidden there. It he made my day.
One last question. If I was free camping and living from the caravan battery, would only be a one night thing while travelling in a caravan bay.
Is there a way to charge mobile phone through the power points in caravan or would it always need to be done through 12v socket.
Same with tv can we watch that from the power points on battery only?
New TravellerPosted by: Axe  Replied on: 5 Apr 2018
You wont have any 240V when free camping unless you have a inverter installed, in which case you will need more than 1 battery to sustain power. You will also need to run your fridge on Gas when free camping.I would only use the battery to run your lights when free camping, and keep them to a limit. If you dont have a solar panel the battery will only charge when plugged into mains power and just trickle charge via the your car, provided you have a power feed via your car plug installed.
Downlight Posted by: Rob2007 3 Apr 2018 1 Replies
Trying to remove down light in Stirling it will twist but very tight don’t want to force it and damage roof .
Do you just have to pry it out?
Thanks Rob
DownlightPosted by: Duck  Replied on: 5 Apr 2018
GdayRob the way to remove the light is to push upwards and then turn the light and hopefully the outer will release and you can remove the globe, the problem is the whole assembly will turn if the inner part does not grip the ceiling. Good luck
Hand Basin Jayco Conquest 2008 Posted by: Rainman 3 Apr 2018 1 Replies
Hi guys first time user but I am really stuck trying to figure this out as there are no plumbing diagrams.
The plug in the hand basin in shower/toilet area has disappeared into the inside of the basin and it does not appear to be there. Is there anyway of locating the plug and replacing it. The set up for plug was to more way of thinking pretty primitive
Posted by: Moose004  Replied on: 4 Apr 2018
How can the plug have possibly gone through the hole it's meant to seal? Unless you had an undersized plug.
Water damage on ceiling 2016 hawk outback Posted by: Alandcal82 2 Apr 2018 1 Replies
Hi. We have purchased an Aug 2016 hawk outback. We have had it 2 months during which time it has been under cover. We are getting ready for our first trip and have erected it fully in our yard and noticed the paint on the ceiling lifting badly near the front bed. This was not noticeable at all when we purchased the van. When we set it up the day we bought it home (& when we inspected it before buying) we did notice a few dark specks on the paint in that area. The roof had roof racks and larger solar panel fitted as option when new. We are assuming the roof has leaked at some point prior to us purchasing it. The roof doesn't appear damaged at all. We are guessing the leak could be around where to solar or roof rack is mounted. Has anybody else had issues with their 2016 hawk roof leaking? Would appreciate any tips on best way to repair ceiling - obviously sealing around the solar etc with silicone has to be done as well.
CeilingPosted by: Axe  Replied on: 4 Apr 2018
Hi, we had same issue with 2011 Pop Top. Are you sure the roof is leaking? In our case it was simply that the painted surface was just lifting off the ceiling. We simply used a scraper and lightly scraped away all the loose paint then sanded using different grades of sand paper. Repainted the whole ceiling using solarguard in a semi gloss. Make sure you use drop sheets over cupboards and mask up well. Looks perfect now.
Jayco 2005 Freedom Pop-top Wheel Spat Replacement Posted by: Charlie2018 10 Mar 2018 1 Replies
Has anyone replaced a Wheel Spat on a 2005 Jayco Freedom 30th Anniversary 16.52-1 POPT? Newer wheel spats have different sizing & not quite fitting, cheers.
Wheel Spat 2005 FreedomPosted by: Bob  Replied on: 4 Apr 2018
Hi Charlie
I have the same van, when my spats went yellow I masked the spats and spray painted them
with a plastic paint I bought from Bunnings, gave them two coats look like new now.
Did the job twelve months ago, still look new. Hope this helps
Furrion DV5700. Posted by: RickNVal 2 Apr 2018 0 Replies
Hi, I have the latest model Starcraft Outback and it is fitted with the Furrion DV5700 entertaiment unit. My problem is the usb wont read the thumb drive I am using. It is new and has been loaded with music. It works through the usb on the Sphere TV. Is there a particular USB I should be using?
TOILET DISCOLOURED Posted by: Don STEVEN 27 Mar 2018 3 Replies
My wife left some pine antiseptic sitting in the toilet bowl and it has left it a bit yellow for about 40mm deep. We have tried vinegar, baking soda and bleach and has made little difference. She has left pine antiseptic in it quite a few times with no effect, but this time. We would be happy to consider any suggestions.
Toilet discolouredPosted by: Kengregson  Replied on: 30 Mar 2018
Read online yesterday to use a hair produce, peroxide crime, paint on with a brush, cover with cling wrap, seal around the cling wrap with tape and leave for a day or two and Wah off. It works for the yellowing caused by uv also.
Toilet discolouredPosted by: Kengregson  Replied on: 30 Mar 2018
Read online yesterday to use a hair produce, peroxide crime, paint on with a brush, cover with cling wrap, seal around the cling wrap with tape and leave for a day or two and Wah off. It works for the yellowing caused by uv also.
DISCOLOUREDPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 1 Apr 2018
Hello Ken, thanks for your information. We will try it and see if it works. DS
Adventurer Posted by: BongoNT 26 Mar 2018 1 Replies
Hi everyone. We have purchased a Adventurer from Halls at Mildura. We are looking forward to having many adventures in this well appointed van.


AdventurerPosted by: rayandcol  Replied on: 1 Apr 2018
Hi Tom,
We have just traded our 21-65-3 Silverline Outback in on a 19-60-2 Adventurer at Newcastle Jayco. It will be delivered in the next few weeks. We are like you looking forward to some great trips in the Adventurer. Our Silverline was a great van and we had some absolutely awsome trips in it.
Ray and Colleen.