Gas Heater Posted by: Robertpat 30 Jun 2018 0 Replies
My Silverline has a Gas heater Truma VarioHeat eco AU.
My question The top of heater has 2 outlets blowing hot air into our room from under the bed ,now the bottom part of the heater which says in the book is for circulating the air sucks the air from the room back into the unit coming out hot air,My unit blows cold air into the room 3rd outlet to me sounds as if it is wired wrong or is this the way it works .the vent outside is blowing hot air .Any one with same heater .
Hot water runs out in shower Posted by: Digger Don 26 Jun 2018 3 Replies
The hot water runs out very quickly in our shower, even though the monitor says there is still lots in thew tank. It does not just go cold, it runs out completely. Why does it not switch over to the other tank? Both taps are on. Any clues ?
Posted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
Your hot water system, only has 19 litres or less hot water in at the best of times. you are only able to have a very short shower with the hot water available.
Suggest you take it back to the dealer, and have them look at it.
Running Out Of WaterPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
Maybe an air lock. Does the pump turn off OK when all taps are turned off. When you are on mains supply do you have plenty of both hot and cold water.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 27 Jun 2018
what do you mean by:
Why does it not switch over to the other tank? Both taps are on. Any clues ?
even though the monitor says there is still lots in thew tank. i think you may be confused with the vans water tanks as I dont think the HWS has a monitor OR is this shown on the Jhub???
there is only 1 HWS tank and it only holds around 23 ltrs and it is not an instant system, it usually takes about 15 mins to heat up after switching on, maybe even longer in winter and your location
Jayco Weekend Posted by: Dave scott 25 Jun 2018 0 Replies
Jayco Newcastle just had another customer appreciation weekend at Tuncurry Big 4 caravan park in NSW and what a great weekend. I believe there was about 75 vans there and the park was 99 per cent full of Jayco's. That's my tip for the forum buy a Jayco from Newcastle.
Jayco Weekend Posted by: Dave scott 25 Jun 2018 0 Replies
Jayco Newcastle just had another customer appreciation weekend at Tuncurry Big 4 caravan park in NSW and what a great weekend. I believe there was about 75 vans there and the park was 99 per cent full of Jayco's. That's my tip for the forum buy a Jayco from Newcastle.
SILVERLINE BOLSTER Posted by: Don STEVEN 23 Jun 2018 1 Replies
The thread by Magnus prompted me. The bolster on our Silverline was about 40mm lower than the mattress, so I made a 45mm step that raise the bolster to level. That worked well for that but the mattress caught when it was lifted up, making it difficult to shorten. I added 175 mm of thin Melamine to the leading edge, with four hinges, that sits on the bed frame and slips up when the bed is lifted. That was the end of complaints. Silverline is a great caravan.
Silverline bolster.Posted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 23 Jun 2018
You're right Don, the bolster is the wrong cross section (200mm x 150mm). I had a new one made 250mm x 250mm. The top of the mattress is now flush with the bolster and the bed is slightly longer making it a genuine QS bed.
Gas Heater in Sliverline Posted by: Robertpat 23 Jun 2018 1 Replies
I have a gas heater in my new Stirling under the bed is it working properly .3 outlets one to my right as I sleep in bed one at the end both these blowing out hot air ,now the third to my left blows out cold air and if I go outside where the vent is hot air is blowing out side ,I looked at the installation book and to my understanding the left ,blowing cold air this should be sucking air from the room and recycling it to blow out hot air ,Question is this ok the way it is or wires crossed fan blowing not sucking .Robertpat
Gas Heater installation queryPosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 23 Jun 2018
Hi Robertpat: It would be helpful if you could show a photo of the heater and the ducting under the bed and mention the make of heater.
Melbourne to Yeppoon via Hume/Pacific etc Posted by: Christerry 5 Jun 2018 3 Replies
Intending to travel to Yeppoon next month. Was going to go via Newell Hwy. Has been suggested we use Hume Freeway and Pacific Highway in lieu, as we would then be on major highways/freeways most of the way there. As I haven't towed a caravan to Queensland I am seeking opinions of more experienced caravanners on the best route.
Melb to YeppoonPosted by: Lyshill  Replied on: 19 Jun 2018
Avoid the Leichhardt Hwy north of Goondiwindi. It is terrible towing a van.
Melbourne to YeppoonPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 20 Jun 2018
We cover the route from Melbourne to Hervey Bay quite often. I prefer the Hume Highway and pacific Highway and north of Brisbane the Bruce Highway. The only tricky bit is north of Sydney, the short section between the M7 and the Pacific freeway around pennant Hills. The new tunnel will eliminate that when completed but once thru that its plain sailing on good high speed freeways to Grafton. There are some ongoing roadworks associated with the bypass between Grafton and Ballina but that will also be finished soon. Do you plan a fast trip with just a few overnight freecamps along the way or a slow trip staying at caravan parks along the route? If you want any free camp tips, we I can offer suggestions. On our last trip we stayed at the cricket ground at Coolac (flushing toilets 24hrs, firm gravel), We have family in Sydney so we stopped at Lane Cove NP for a few days. Our next stop north of Sydney was the Info Centre at Kew (bitumen, flushing loos 24 hrs, good hotel meals too) then on to the Yelgun freecamp near Ballina (24 hr flushing loos, bitumen) before going on to Hervey Bay. There is a nice spot at Maryborough airport for $10 if you need to stop. Not sure about good free stops north of Maryborough. We stay off the highway because of the noise. Bob.
Melbourne to YeppoonPosted by: Christerry  Replied on: 22 Jun 2018
Thanks for advice. Hume Freeway and Pacific Highway seems the best route. We are planning on taking 5 days to get to Bargara and then onto Yeppoon. Staying in caravan parks along the way, doing around 450km per day. Could travel further in a day but do not want to spend day after day doing nothing but driving. Would certainly be interested in free camps on the way there and back. While we have had caravans for decades (Jayco's), have not free camped as we were never equipped to stay off grid. Our new caravan has all the mod cons to now do so, albeit a bit nervous about just pulling in somewhere and stopping. Any advice gratefully accepted.
Jayco reversing camera Posted by: Bushy1961 20 Jun 2018 1 Replies
just wondering does anyone know whether the cameras on the back of a Jayco Silverline 2017 model is NTSC or PAL compatible. i cant get my screen working in the new BT50 that i have purchased. the car system is Alpine.
Reversing camera video formatPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 21 Jun 2018
I was told by Safety Dave the video format is NTSC. I wanted to connect it to my PAL TV but told it will not work. Unfortunate. Bob.
Slideout Posted by: Magnus 18 Jun 2018 6 Replies
Hi. We have a 2011 21ft Sterling with a slide out bed. Trouble is when the bed is made up using the bolster,there isn't much room to walk past into the ensuite. Does anyone know if the Silverline comes with a longer slide out so we could keep the bed made up whilst we are at camp? At present the slide out travels 38cm out from th side of the van. Thanks
Posted by: Johnanbev  Replied on: 18 Jun 2018
Our van is a 2016 21ft Silverline and being curious, I just extended and measured the slide out extension,
it is 55cm. This leaves on average about 55cm between the bed end and the dresser.
Maybe your slide is being restricted in its movement.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 18 Jun 2018
Yes they are different. From 2012 they were changed and is a completely different system.
Posted by: Magnus  Replied on: 19 Jun 2018
Thanks John is that 55cm outside or inside? I measured mine from the outside.
Posted by: Johnanbev  Replied on: 19 Jun 2018
Yes Magnus, both outside and inside.
However Dave Scott advises we have different systems .
Posted by: Magnus  Replied on: 20 Jun 2018
Thanks John and Dave. Yes I feel now I am finding the slideouts for later vans than mine go out further. After this stint in the van, we are convinced that this van is not for us and we will need to upgrade to a Silverline. Thanks for you time
Posted by: Bushy1961  Replied on: 20 Jun 2018
All i can say is you wont regret it we love ours, especially with the independent suspension.
also look at going two way fridge instead of 3 way as this will run better when on 12 v, no gas though, but if set up with good solar and batteries you will not need it. we also found club lounge at front gives us more room.
Robertpat is back Silverline Drainage Posted by: Robertpat 17 Jun 2018 0 Replies
Well since last time about a week ago about drainage and thanks to all replies .I have put air vents in my drain hose outlets and guess what it works everything flowing ok but I am still keeping my pipes to gravity feed water coming out just in case I need it where I am all drainage is downhill so not a good test .other than that . Need to investigate my Soler one night 2 batteries low don't charge up enough when travelling along so have to give them a boost at end of the day have a 160 panel I will keep working in it .
Closing roof Posted by: CrazyLady7575 10 May 2018 1 Replies
Hi All, any tips and tricks for pulling the corners of my on swan down to be able to close the latches? Height is not on my side and of course it's not a problem if the husband is with me...but alone I just cannot pull it down! 😕
Posted by: Prydey  Replied on: 16 Jun 2018
I fold my canvas up the same as the Jayco video on youtube. I leave my bedding on also (sleeping bag, quilt each end) and I've never had a problem with the roof not coming down far enough to clip up with just a small amount of assistance. My wife is only about 5 foot tall,and she often clips it up. Not sure what else to suggest. You could adjust the clips out a few turns and clip it down once, and then go around and wind them back in and clip it down again. Hope that helps.
INTERESTING Posted by: Don STEVEN 15 Jun 2018 0 Replies
When I open the Jayco Travel Diary I get a list of topics. If I log in I get a completely different list with some later ones missing.