Fitted Sheets Posted by: Robanddebgray 28 Oct 2018 3 Replies
Hi we have recently bought a second hand 23ft Silverline caravan 2014 and are wondering which fitted sheets to buy ? Can anybody help us ? Rob and Deb
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 28 Oct 2018
2014 Silverline BedPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 28 Oct 2018
We have a 2014 Silverline and the sheet size is 'Queen" as The Whale says. What we found was, the bolster is about 40mm lower than the mattress and it was annoying. I fitted 45mm ledge for the bolster to sit on (which fixed the first problem). The second problem was the mattress would not slide back over the ledge after taking the bolster out (was a two person task). I fitted a 200mm flap with four hinges onto the ledge that folded with the bed base. The mattress now slides straight up on top and no more complaints.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 29 Oct 2018
ours is 2015 and we have bolster on its edge - almost level about 1cm diff - and have it at the bottom of the bed and find this much easier (I'm 6 ')
Lowboy tap Posted by: Kevin65 28 Oct 2018 0 Replies
I have a two year old Jayco Swift and am on my 4th lowboy tap. Three have been replace under warranty, but this 4th tap is also leaking. Is this normal with lowboy taps, and what’s the solution? Is there a good replacement?
4WD Performance Exhausts & Exhaust Systems Online - Rhino Exhaust Posted by: rhinoexhaust0 27 Oct 2018 1 Replies
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4WD Performance Exhausts & Exhaust Systems Online - Rhino ExhausPosted by: rhinoexhaust0  Replied on: 27 Oct 2018
Discovery PopTop16.52-1 Posted by: Rosco Werribee 25 Oct 2018 1 Replies
I stored my van on rural property for 6 months and found that mouse had managed to get into the locked van. Any ideas on how it would have got into the inside? I'm thinking via the external PVC drain pipe into the sink. Any other thoughts?
DISCOVERY POPTOP16.52-1 Posted by: S&A  Replied on: 26 Oct 2018
A Mouse can squezze though the smalleset of space. I reckon you are right they could have come up through the pipe or where the pipes run into the van.
Maybe get underneath the van with a tube of silcon and bung any gap you can find.
Startcraft Air Conditioner Posted by: marklanyon 24 Oct 2018 2 Replies
I have a 2014 Starcraft Outback with the roof mounted air conditioner. Every time I plug the caravan into 240v power the air conditioner comes on automatically. Any ideas how this can be stopped?
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 25 Oct 2018
Is there and on.off controll switch antwhere , or is it a remote controll , if remote the remote might be fubbard ?? .
STARTCRAFT AIR CONDITIONER Posted by: S&A  Replied on: 26 Oct 2018
Replacing the batteries in the remote might help.
Should I choose a second water tank or a grey water tank? Posted by: OzBassman 1 Aug 2018 5 Replies
Dear Forum Members,
My wife and I have recently purchased a 17' Jayco Outback single axle caravan. We are yet to pick it up as the dealer is giving it a once over.

I am asking the group wether I should install a second fresh water tank or a grey water tank? We will be travelling with a pug and a French bulldog. So this may rule out national parks. We have never owned a caravan before and would like some sound advice please from experienced users. The caravan will be picked up by Advantage Caravan Repairs in Camberfield Melbourne to have a number of modifications performed. One of those was to have a grey water tank installed. A friend has suggested to forget the grey water tank and add another fresh water tank in stead. Over to you.
Kind regards,
Mitch and Shelley.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 1 Aug 2018
If you are only stopping or staying at caravan parks no. If you think you may be doing some short stays on the side if the road etc yes because there are some places that will require you to have some form of storage for you waste water and that will increase in time. There are more new vans offering grey tanks and some are fitted as standard today. This is the way the industry is heading.
Posted by: Master C  Replied on: 1 Aug 2018
Very much agree with Dave Scott in all comments. Be aware in some models you don’t get much in kg allowance between Net and Tare weight so filling up 2 water tanks depending on size is n extra 1 kg per litre filled you have added to your legal van before you add anything else. It won’t be long before Caravans will be checked at roadside weigh stations just like trucks and fines will be issued if you are overweight. That is Car then Caravan separately then the 2 put together, any 1 or 2 or 3 will incur separate fines scaling upwards, it’s on the cards already
second water tankPosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 2 Aug 2018
My personnel opinion but i would get a second water tank, we travel a lot in reasonabley remote area's and i would always want drinking water before storage of grey water. We have 3 90lt tanks on our van and no grey water storage. We have never been to any area that has required an inbuilt grey water tank. I have heard people talk of these area's but i have never found one.
SINGLE AXLE AND WEIGHTPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 2 Aug 2018
The first consideration should be your towing weight. The Heavies are certainly weighing caravans and campers and checking the brake drum sizes in WA. The fines are the same as overloaded trucks. B-I-L has just upgraded his caravan and camper to comply and it has cost him. His caravan out of the factory did not comply with current rules.
Posted by: KCandtheCook  Replied on: 24 Oct 2018
I agree with Pmacks comments. We also have three fresh tanks and no grey water and in 10 years of caravanning, with considerable free camping and bush camping, have never needed a grey water tank. Obviously consideration to your towing weight is an important consideration, however you do not always need to have all tanks full. We only fill all when we know we will be free camping or away from mains pressure.
Jayco Jaylark Posted by: Moldy 10 Oct 2018 2 Replies

I recently purchased a used circa 1984 Jayco Jaylark camper trailer. I can't find any information on this model online, and Jayco customer service said they couldn’t help.

Specifically, I am trying to determine the tare or towing weight of the trailer. The very few Jaylarks being advertised online talk about a tare weight of around 700kg. But the trailer I purchased is currently registered as being around 1200kg.

I have found a USA owner's manual for 1984 Jayco camper trailers. Although the Jaylark is not listed, the heaviest trailer in that manual (called the Cardinal) is only 2020lb (918kg). This makes me very skeptical that the Jaylark is 1200kg.

Is anybody here a Jaylark owner - or does anybody have any information about the Jaylark? Perhaps it was also known by a different name? Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
JAYLARK WEIGHTPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 10 Oct 2018
Sorry, cant help with info but Is it out of the question to take it to a weighbridge to get your answer?
Posted by: Moldy  Replied on: 16 Oct 2018
Thanks Rebs - no, not out of the question. In fact, I did it on the weekend. Turns out the Jaylark was 820kg with somewhere close, but under, 140kg on the towball. I am surprised that so much of the weight is on the towball - and a bit disappointed. I was hoping to be able to tow it with both my vehicles. Alas.
Roll out pantry Posted by: Geoff13 12 Oct 2018 2 Replies
Hi. Has anyone tried to remove a shelf from the skinny cupboard next to the fridge of an 18 ft and fit a slide out pantry?
Roll out pantryPosted by: Blackers1  Replied on: 15 Oct 2018
Hi Geoff13
I have the 19ft Starcraft with the same narrow cupboard. Looking at slide out oantries, I found that you can only fit a few tins/jars and it would be full.
I removed shelves and made two narrow drawers on runners to fit the space. I reckon I can get at least twice as much, or more gear in there now and still have room at the bottom for tall bottles. etc.
Roll Out PantryPosted by: Tas  Replied on: 15 Oct 2018
We have a roll out pantry in our discovery 17.55.3 and it’s next to useless. Can’t fit a lot in it and it bounces of the clips, had to cable tie shelves on. Go with the drawer idea if you can.
Anti theft and tracking devices Posted by: Philgate 12 Oct 2018 0 Replies
Anyone with any info on any of these devices, would be greatly appreciated
How to get odour out of Jayco Swan Posted by: Toni_h_66@hotmail.com 9 Oct 2018 3 Replies
Hi, I have recently returned from camping and the smell of the wood fires is terrible on the inside and the outside. I am wondering what products I should use to get rid of the odour
FIRE ODOURPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 10 Oct 2018
Had an vinyl annex once with the same problem and found that leaving it erected with the windows and doors open and letting mother nature do her bit eventually solved the problem. I would be cautious about applying "products" to canvas material.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 10 Oct 2018
just leave it open for a couple of days and it will be OK
Posted by: Olefella  Replied on: 11 Oct 2018
Partylite scent sticks do the job quite well
Batteries Posted by: Moory 7 Oct 2018 3 Replies
Just a question on the battery while the van is stored.
An Auto Elect advised to turn the power off & draw the battery down then re connect work the battery was his comment. recently I read a blob that stated to just leave the power on permanently. Any comments
Thanks Moory
BatteriesPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 7 Oct 2018
If 240 volts is available I leave mine on power as it just trickle charges the battery keeping it fully charged. If no power is available either disconnect the battery cables or turn the battery isolation switch to off as you will end up with a fully flat battery which is not advisable to allow to happen. As far as your auto electrician advising you to deliberately flatten the battery , I personally would think that is not very good advice.
Regards Tony
BatteryPosted by: Orville  Replied on: 8 Oct 2018
Keep your battery charged, leave the battery switch on and either connect the van or leave it in the sun if you have solar.
SILVERLINE BATTERIESPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 9 Oct 2018
We have a Silverline which is parked in a shed so the solar panel does not work, so we leave it plugged into 240V all the time. Ours draws some current even when everything is switched off and the battery will soon flatten. I would not suggest the battery should be deliberately flattened, each time it goes fully flat it shortens the life of the battery.
Domestic RUA8 fridge Posted by: Tjd 8 Oct 2018 1 Replies
Would appreciate feedback on the current 3 way fridge fitted to the 2018 Silverline. (Does it keep ice cream frozen.)
IcecreamPosted by: Orville  Replied on: 8 Oct 2018
I read your post and the went to the freezer and put the thermometer in. The result after 5 minutes was -18.7 after another 5 minutes -19.1. The ambient temperature is 20.7. There are my grandchildren's frozen yogurts in the door. My answer therefore would be yes.