Code for Coleman Mach airconditione Posted by: Dola 29 Oct 2017 1 Replies
Hi all
My remote for the Coleman Mack aircon in my 2014 Starcraft has broken.
Have bought a universal remote which turns on the radio, Tv, however has not located the aircon code.
The genuine remote will cost in excess of $220.00 which I think is a rip off
Any advise please
Code for Aircon remotePosted by: Stoffel1  Replied on: 13 Jan 2018
Go to kmart, buy a universal remote which has a learning function...even the el-cheapo from them has it. Then go to the agent and borrow their remote for 5 mins and teach the kmart remote the codes.
Rear suspension Mercedes Super single MS25-1 HR Conquest Posted by: Brian Kath 12 Jan 2018 0 Replies
Having recently purchased this vehicle we feel that the vehicle is very unstable when driving. Our previous motor home was a sprinter with dual rear wheels, much more stable in windy conditions, eg crossing Nullabor.
We have been advised not to fit airbags but maybe Timbren Aeon rubber springs. Any advice would be appreciated.
What Jayco models have a queen sized bed? Posted by: Nulla84 11 Jan 2018 2 Replies
Hi all, Just wanting to find out what models of Jayco vans have a queen sized bed, thankyou :)
Queen BedPosted by: Axe  Replied on: 12 Jan 2018
Put simply, "NONE".
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 12 Jan 2018
the beds are not full size queen but are bigger than a double in the Silverline / Starcraft models,
Jayco spec says Double at 1490mm wide http://www.jayco.com.au/range/caravans/silverline/

the following are general standard sizes

Double Size 137 cm x 187 cm 4'6" x 6'2" (54"x 74")
Queen Size 153 cm x 203 cm 5'0" x 6'8" (60"x 80")
2010 Jayco discover outback 17foot Posted by: stephen allard 7 Jan 2018 7 Replies
Has anyone had trouble running their air conditioner with a 2KVA Honda gen, on this model van with a side mount air con. The hot water is off, battery circuit is switched off . Starts up ok but after 10 mins Honda gen goes into overload. This is not running on eco mode. any suggestions or recommendations .?
GeneratorsPosted by: The Martins  Replied on: 7 Jan 2018
I always thought that you needed at least a +3KVA unit to run AC?
gen set and air conPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 7 Jan 2018
Take two - dunno what happened then!Posted by: Rebs  Replied on: 7 Jan 2018
Google the current draw of your air con and the max output current of your gen set. Not the peak output current (that is short term) but the sustainable max output current. That should answer your question.
A Bit More Info PleasePosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 7 Jan 2018
Hi Stephen,
I'm unaware of which A/C is fitted to your Discovery, could you provide make and model?
Some A/C's start current overwhelms the Honda 2 but you said it runs for 10 mins, which is well beyond start up time.
You state that the HWS and battery cct is off, is this the HWS elec switch (under the O/S cover) or the HWS switch inside the van on the wall? Also have you switched off the the power point that feeds the Setec unit?
I'm interested because I've had no issue with my Honda2 until once I forgot to turn off the electric HWS switch and the gen kept dying.
2010 Jayco discover outback 17foot Gen/ aircon problemPosted by: Stephen allard  Replied on: 7 Jan 2018
Rebs Thanks for all the feed back. Nomad 246 I will get back to you re the make and model of the aircon. I have turned off the HWS under the flap outside and the DC switch inside is off.
Genny powerPosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 8 Jan 2018
Having read your post Stephen, I thought I better try my Honda eu20i again in case it was my imagination it worked previously. I started the generator as normal and left it on the eco setting. When the van was connected, the motor revved a little. It’s load at the time was the Setec 35, microwave on standby and the fridge switched to AC. I then turned the Aircommand Heron 2.2 air conditioner on at full power. The genny grunted on startup, but certainly managed the load adequately. During the 40 minute trial, the genny was turned to normal mode and the revs increased substantially suggesting it still had some reserve power. After about 30 minutes, the air conditioner started to cycle as the temp had been brought down to target. The temperature during the trial was 32C and altitude 2,300’.

So what did I learn? The genny is quite capable of handling my needs. It also suggests that if you are having trouble with a similar unit, possibly a service is in order. For example, a partially blocked fuel filter would certainly allow the genny to start and run the load, but due to the high power load, it may starve after a few minutes.

Some food for thought.
Genny & A/C Posted by: Dozer  Replied on: 12 Jan 2018
I have a 2007 Sterling pop-top with a Heron 3.0 side mounted a/c. I was advised by Honda 2.0 supplier to use a 4 meter maximum length extension lead plugged directly into the A/C (this avoids and other circuit loads robbing the power and lessens voltage drop to A/C). I have tested this and it works but have not used in anger in the field. The generator supplier ran the Heron 3.0 with a Honda 2.0 at the Brisbane caravan show they attended for years. Generator place, Browns Plains can give more info.
Tyre pressure monitoring system Posted by: Afterburner 24 Oct 2017 4 Replies
Any one got tpms addded to their tow and dual axle vans? Bit confusing with all the products on sale.
TPMSPosted by: Wassa41  Replied on: 25 Oct 2017
I have a Davis Craig unit does up to 26 wheels. Had it for about 8 years and it preforms well. Gives tyre pressure and temp.
TPMSPosted by: Terrywalls  Replied on: 28 Dec 2017
I have the Tyredog TPMS with 6 sensors. Have had it for 4 years and swear by it. Cost me about $650 when I bought it. I use it everyday on my Prado of course but also have sensors on the Swan. Saved me shredding a tyre in the Flinders Ranges (then with a Cup Off-Road) when the camper developed a leak on one of the tyres and it warned me when the pressure got down to 20 PSI. Wouldn't go anywhere without it.
TPMSPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 30 Dec 2017
Have had 4 sensor Tyredog for 5 years to monitor van tyres. Never a problem, can highly recommend, just change the sensor batteries every 18 months approx. Still available on Ebay for $220, item 252757062732. Gives good peace of mind.
TPMSPosted by: Sfletcher  Replied on: 9 Jan 2018
Hi I have a TPMS from Safety Dave. The tyre monitors are east to fit and tye monitor is compact. I also have an 'on all time' rear view camera also from Safety Dave it is excellent and provides great vision of what is behind you.
Vantec protection Posted by: S&A 8 Jan 2018 1 Replies
Hi All,
We picked up our new Outback Journey in Dec 2017 and have been contacted by Vantec asking if we are interested in having our van Vantec protected after the warranty is over. I have looked at the link they sent me and it looks OK anyone used this service /product and any comments
Posted by: Gwb  Replied on: 8 Jan 2018
Our 2011 Jayco Sterling has been Vantec' ed and we are very thankful everytime we wash it. The front panel has not yellowed as much as some others we have seen and still retains quite a good shine. We would get it done again.
Geoff and Bev
Travelling Around Australia Posted by: Aberdeen 4 Jan 2018 1 Replies
Hi everyone
We just purchase a new outback journey and planing to head off working our way around Australia , is there anyone doing this at the moment or just finish going around that wound be kind to pass on any tips. Thank you.
Around AustraliaPosted by: The Martins  Replied on: 6 Jan 2018
You will really enjoy it.
Unless you have unlimited funds, plan your spend, as every town you go to wants your money and sometimes you just have to say no.
I put some mesh under the van to stop rocks destroying the underneath when on dirt, it generally worked. Check it nightly if you do travel on the dirt.
Manage your water, plan where you think you will need it and carry it and if you don't need it, save weight and don't carry all of it.
Same with food, especially fresh food when crossing the borders, is best, if you have it as they will check.
I carried 50 lts extra fuel and fuelled up where ever it was a reasonable price or if I was desperate. You want enough to drive and extra 4-500 kms to either skip an expensive place or you need to turn around because of road closures.
Watch out for road trains, they win everytime.
Maintenance and checking is vital.
Last thing, I carried a Inreach emergency beacon unit, if you go on the dirt or out of the way places it could literally save your life.

Hi all Posted by: Banjo16 2 Jan 2018 3 Replies
As per the subject I'm a new member looking for advice.
At present we camp with a hard floor camper trailer and are looking to upgrade to a small van.
At this stage the Jayco dove/ hawk/eagle outback look like they would suit.
The possibility of some inside comfort in bad weather is a big plus,also not a lord of canvas in the wind.
Advice....Posted by: Rebs  Replied on: 2 Jan 2018
Would help if a bit more info EG
How many Beds? How many adults/ teenagers/young kids etc? Where do you plan on going? Staying on road or heading off road? What are you planning to tow it with? etc.
Nonetheless, having been down the upgrade path over the years from tents to caravan my advice/opinion would be forget the camper cos there is still plenty of canvas that still poses the usual problems when wet and go straight to a pop top or full van. Thats what you will end up doing eventually anyway. Very much more user and wife friendly.
Camper Posted by: Peter40253  Replied on: 3 Jan 2018
Agree with the above advice. We went from camper tent to jayco hawk. With 2 young children someone has to sleep on the lounge. Canvas still leaks and setup is tedious as the awnings and bed end canvas needs to be set up with poles. We upgraded to the expanda 14 ft with bunks. Easy set up. Loads of modcons and water tight. Very easy to tow. Got some canvas walls made up that hang off the annex roller and clip into the Aussie traveller rafter. Just went through a huge storm and kept the outside are fairly dry.
Camper choicePosted by: Mundy  Replied on: 6 Jan 2018
I don't disagree with either of above, however if there are only 2 of you and you want to go to some of the more out of the way places, you might consider the Penguin Outback. This has the fixed bed at the rear which results in slightly less floor space but much more storage (under the bed). It is quicker to set up and you are not sleeping under canvas. The Outback version has a much stronger chassis, much better clearance and trailing arm suspension.
If you do choose the Penguin and intend going off road, the dust sealing is woeful (and the problem probably exists for other Jayco campers). I have made changes which has eliminated 95% of the issue and can advise if wished.
Whichever camper you choose, I also recommend putting an insect screen over the inside door vent. A stone guard is also a must if you intend going off road.
Rear awning Posted by: Peter40253 3 Jan 2018 0 Replies
Has anyone installed one of those awnings that you see fixed to the roof racks on 4wds to the rear of the van. Thought it could provide a good solution to covering bikes etc
12volt Anderson connect to tow vehicle Posted by: Peter40253 1 Jan 2018 5 Replies
I’ve got an expanda with solar panel and a Anderson plug to connect to the tow vehicle. There is no voltage on the Anderson plug when van is isolated from car. I assumed that this connection would run directly to he battery. I’ve tried to trace the circuit but it runs through spaces that are difficult to access. Any ideas on how this would have been wired by jayco?
12 volt Anderson connectionPosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 1 Jan 2018
Peter, it is most unlikely you will read 12 volts at the Anderson plug on the van with it disconnected. This plug is normally used to power the fridge from the car while driving. It also puts a trickle charge via the Setec unit to the battery. The house battery is isolated from the Anderson plug circuit as the fridge would flatten it within hours.

In other words, if your van has standard wiring, it seems all is as it should be.
Posted by: Peter40253  Replied on: 2 Jan 2018
Posted by: Peter40253  Replied on: 2 Jan 2018
Can I connect a second solar cell via this Anderson plug?
Posted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 2 Jan 2018
Peter, the Setec power supply only trickle charges the house battery at 0.8 amps from the 12 volt source from the standard Anderson plug. Details of a power supply used by Jayco is at http://www.setec.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/023942-ST-III-User-Manual-D.pdf.

There will be a few options, but my choice was an additional Anderson plug on the side of the van connected directly to the battery via a 30amp fuse and suitably heavy cabling. I can now connect my portable solar panels complete with a charge controller to this plug. This keeps it isolated from the fridge circuit, charges the battery appropriately, and allows me to draw power from the Anderson plug.

Some food for thought.
Posted by: Peter40253  Replied on: 3 Jan 2018
Cheers thanks.
Moving jockey wheel Posted by: Pmg57 26 Dec 2017 1 Replies
I have a 16.7 StarCraft and want to put a tool box on the drawbar, don't want to move the gas bottles forward and place box behind them because it is shorter in height. but placing in front of the gas bottles means I can't wind the jockey wheel. Is it ok to move the jockey wheel closer to the front of the drawbar approx. 6-8 inches only enough to be able to wind up & down tool box is light and will only be used for hoses etc.
Jockey WheelPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 27 Dec 2017
Will not make any difference moving the jockey wheel mount forward. If you did not want to move the mount you could always purchase a TrailMate jack that pumps up and down rather than winds like a conventional jockey wheel. Check the the tool box has plenty of clearance when turning sharply other wise you might dent the back of your tow vehicle.
Regards Tony
Slide out repairs Posted by: David Van Dyk 10 Dec 2017 5 Replies
Jayco have quoted 4 months to repair my slide out which is only 15 months old Starcraft OB. It is a manufacturing fault but they have said they will fix this in (good will). Does this seem an acceptable time frame to all those customers out there who have spent 80K on a van. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!
RepairsPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 12 Dec 2017
Unfortunately there seems to be a long wait to get anything done on vans David , irrespective of brand. Atleast Jayco have offered to fix it out of warranty which would not be the case with a lot of manufacturers. Suggest you ring around caravan repairers that do Jayco warranty work and you might find someone who can fit you in sooner.
Cheers Tony
RepairsPosted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 14 Dec 2017
The big dealers are always booked out well in advance. I have been to a ‘Jayco Service Agent’ and had stuff done in a matter of weeks rather than months.
slide out repairsPosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 14 Dec 2017
Whilst not commenting directly on your issue, I live in Sydney and there is a 4 month lead time to get into Sydney Jayco just for service work, BUT if it was me i would be asking if they have an approved service agent who could do the work ?but again depending on where you are it may not be any quicker? This is the trouble with vans of all descriptions there just is not that many service people or centres for the amount of vans on the road. If it was a holden car for instance you would have a choice of at least 50 dealers within a 100km radius
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 14 Dec 2017
pmacks, RVGO are Jayco agents and are at Terry Hills and are very good and yes its 4 months to Jayco Sydney
Posted by: David Van Dyk  Replied on: 26 Dec 2017
Thanks guys on your replies. I have tried other certified repairers and they are fully booked too. My main gripe is that it is a manufacturers fault straight out. As a business owner if I make a faulty or incorrect part I will drop every to make the customer happy and confident in returning for further custom. Jayco have done nothing to help or offer a loaner for christmas holidays. Page Bros - Seaford are trying their best know to be fixed by early Feb. I have been told by repairers it is only a day job for 2 people. The problem is Jayco supplying the parts.