Forum web page Posted by: The whale 17 Aug 2018 0 Replies
anyone having problems with the web page opening only in text format, been like it for a few days now, any ideas on a fix
Forum web page Posted by: The whale 17 Aug 2018 0 Replies
anyone having problems with the web page opening only in text format, been like it for a few days now, any ideas on a fix
Re selespeed Posted by: Gumdreams 16 Aug 2018 0 Replies
Oh an we are only the 2nd owner since 8000ks and has been regularly serviced
Selespeed Posted by: Gumdreams 16 Aug 2018 0 Replies
Oh dear our jayco conquest 2011 fiat Ducati ...collapsed last sat and had to get towed from Jindabyne to Canberra . ( we’re from wa) 70,000 ks on click
Anyway I’m just trying to picking myself up from the floor ... the Canberra dealer said that the selespeed unit needs to b replaced and it will cost $18000.

Has anyone else out there had this problem ?
Any feed back would be appreciated ...as I’m totally stunned and don’t really know what to do


Jayco Forum Posted by: Ross28 15 Aug 2018 0 Replies
Where is the Jayco forum, I’ve been enjoying reading comments, stories and solutions to problems from fellow Jayco owners.
Whats happened to the Travel Diary on the new Jayco website? Posted by: Coombesplo 11 Aug 2018 0 Replies
Cant find it and when I go into saved folder the travel diary is in a weird format.

I suspect Jayco in its wisdom is preventing people from voicing their opinions about Jayco.
Internal Roof Lining Pulling Away Posted by: Coombesplo 11 Aug 2018 0 Replies
My less than four year old Jayco Discovery developed a leak from the external seal where the fibreglass roof panel meets the aluminium extrusion. The sealant had pulled away thus allowing water ingress onto the roofing panels where they meet up internally with an aluminium strip.

I have since dried it out but now the coating on the ceiling ;panel is pulling away.

Is it possible to replace the actual panel as I seem to recall it being bonded to the polystyrene sandwhich.
Jayco Freedom 2001 Posted by: geoworld2001 8 Aug 2018 0 Replies
Can the lights and fridge run on a 12v battery system. Or do they have to run through the 240v mains convertor?
sphere washing machine Posted by: Max.bloggs 7 Aug 2018 0 Replies
how to remove sphere washing machine silverline van as machine stops part way through wash cycle
Wall Benchtop Panel Gaps Posted by: CapeAviation 7 Aug 2018 1 Replies
Does any one out there have a solution to closing the gaps between walls, benchtops and partitions when the screws under the plastics no longer tighten to the frame.
Wall Benchtop Panel GapsPosted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 7 Aug 2018
Our kitchen bench near the sink and stove came adrift from the wall.
I drilled a clearance hole through the top of the bench frame under the cupboard, not touching the wall panel. I put more screws into the wall, but I did that by hand as in the factory they use screw guns and the torque is too much and that strips the ply timber. After I did that, I put a bead of silicon along the top of the bench and wall. It never moved after that.
Wheel Alignment Journey Outback 17.5 Posted by: Coreycruiser 2 Aug 2018 4 Replies
We had a laser wheel alignment to fix the front right hand tyre - success for that one. And blow me down, now the left rear is now worn and non salvageable. Jayco WA don't want to know. Have met so many Journey Outback owners furious at their same problems. The JTec suspension was supposed to be the bees knees. It's not. Jayco WA say you are supposed to have a "Jayco" service each 12 months and they would check, Do they really have a wheel alignment machine?????. This is an Oz wide problem and not doing Jayco any favours with so many unhappy customers. Think the ratio of unhappy vanners is seriously growing. Listen Jayco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: BJM  Replied on: 5 Aug 2018
It does seem that the JTec suspension may be causing wear problems.This is a basic strong suspension ,however it only has toe in/out adjustment no camber or castor .It is the toe in /out that seems to be the on going problem with most vans.Although mine also has too much negative camber on one side.Now deciding how to get the camber back to spec.However my view is that Jayco are not wheel aligning these caravans correctly at the factory.I took mine to a truck alignment company(the guy said almost every Jayco with JTec appears to be out) and one wheel had a mile of toe in.Easily seen by way of the wear pattern.The old bring it back every six months doesnt cut it when you are miles away or told by a Jayco dealership they can not do it for three weeks.
AlignmentPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 5 Aug 2018
IMO There is no castor needed as it is a trailing arm suspension and there can be a tiny bit of camber adjustment possible. When adjusting toe in, camber is affected by the orbit of the eccentric as it is rotated and whether it is left set in either its upper or lower orbit. I said possible!
I also wonder if they are aligned at the factory as there are too many complaints for coincidence.
WHEEL ALIGNMENTPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 6 Aug 2018
I wonder what owners are having done to the wheels. Coreycruiser said he had the front right wheel laser aligned. Was that the only wheel aligned, or were they all aligned. To my mind they all should be aligned.
I have a 2014 25' with the J-Tech suspension that has never been touched and there is no measurable difference between the tyre treads.
AlignmentPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 7 Aug 2018
In my previous post (two above) I said there can be a tiny bit of camber adjustment. On reflection I must withdraw that comment as it is probably incorrect. My comments were based on a different system.
Third water tank. Posted by: Afterburner 29 Jul 2018 2 Replies
Any one out there who has added a third water tank to their sterling.if so,how did you plumb it in relation to filler inlets etc,and splicing into the cetec drifter.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 1 Aug 2018
A third water tank in the sterling is fitted in front of the standard front tank and when ordered the cross rails (east-west) are placed to allow another tank. You you are fitting another tank you will have to measure distance between rails and purchase tank to suit. Remember when full the ball weight will increase. I ordered mine with 3 tanks and I removed both front tanks and moved them closer to the axles to reduce the ball weight. There sit lower as they are fitted to the bottom of the cross rails instead of between. I only travel with all tanks full when going free camping.
Tanks.Posted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 5 Aug 2018
Good idea,mine isnt a new stirling but saw that the supplied tanks slot into c channels which are reversed to enable to be fitted,rest of c channels are different.how much clearance between botyom of tanks and ground if. I may ask?