2014 Slideout Posted by: Tjd 23 Nov 2017 0 Replies
I only become aware recently that at ALL times when using the slide out that the legs should be down.I am sure that this has helped and it only makes sense when you think about it as it stableizes the van.

Tyre pressures Posted by: Afterburner 21 Nov 2017 4 Replies
Hi all,just been on another web site about tyre pressures on vans.a lot of jaycos have a plated pressure of170kpa(24.5 psi) .checked mine and yup,170kpa.its a 24 ft sterling o/b.running savero's.i run mine at 40psi.any one comment.lot of discussion re load,cold,hot etc.25 psi is what i run on going on the beach.bit low for highway use.
tyre pressuresPosted by: VW Toura  Replied on: 22 Nov 2017
i have little truck tyres 15" and i have been running my on 50lbs for six years and not had any isssues.
this is cold pressure also they are nitrogen filled too.
cheers Brent
Tyree PressurePosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 22 Nov 2017
I run mine at 40 PSI and only use 25 when off road
Tyre pressurePosted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 23 Nov 2017
Thanks for the info.
tyre pressuresPosted by: VW Toura  Replied on: 23 Nov 2017
after thought i do not go off road with the van so do not need to let air out that is why i continue to use nitrogen filled
cheers Brent
2014 silverline outback slideout Posted by: Margles 19 Nov 2017 1 Replies
Anybody else have a slideout that has a bit of a grown in it about half way out but is fine on the way in?
Has only just started to happen. It is a 21.65.3 outback.
Any info would be good. Thanks
Slide out noisePosted by: Nearly there  Replied on: 23 Nov 2017
We have had noises at various times.
First time frightened us but we found it was the outer rubber seals chattering on the wall slides ,a good spray of silicone on the wall regularly never heard it again
During a trip round in north WA the a noise randomly appeared . Again a good spray of silicone fixed it . Pull back the rubber seals and you will see the rollers etc then just spray. Also look for dirt in the groove under the aluminium racks . Plenty of info on web just google any names you find and follow any leads ,start with Lippert components and schwinek (you might need to check spelling ) how this helps
Regards Gerry
2016 Silverline-generator size Posted by: Ecca 13 Jul 2017 8 Replies
I have a 2016 Silverline and looking at generator to at least run the air conditioner. Would appreciate advice from silverline owners on What generator size you are using?

Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
Id go for a generator around 3kva.. Why? Because even though the A/C may only draw 2kVa you will have 1kVa up your sleeve to run other 240V stuff at the same time; Something like this would do the trick; http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-7kVA-Max-3-0kVA-Rated-Generator-Pure-Sine-Inverter-Portable-Camping-Caravan-/361622485617?epid=1875345652&hash=item5432613a71:g:AtQAAOSwnHZYUKv0
Or you can spend 3 times as much on a Honda but you wont get three times the generator and these have a damned handy remote start , take it from me its pouring rain outside the last thing you need is standing around pulling a cord...
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
I forgot to mention that your model of van does not matter its how much power you need..
generators Posted by: VW Toura  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
I use a 3 kva Hyundai generator that i have had for four years now on a Sterling. Same specs as in weight and remote start. Just love it especially when the trouble and strife decides to use the hair dryer at the same time. There are a lot of arguments as to a 2 kva will operate a aircon unit. It is the start up that causes the concern and then you have very little left in reserve. They are generally a few Kg heavier and can use a little more fuel if under a lot of load. I am not pushing any brand they have changed a lot over the years and got cheaper but it is good not shutting down something to run something else especially when it is hot or cold out. Remote start is fantastic lie in bed and hit the button to start or stop.
Cheers Brent
Generator size etc.Posted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
Give some thought to the weight factor. My 2KVA Honda weighs 21Kg empty. I stow mine on a slider so it is easy to get in and out of the caravan hatch. If you have to lift and carry a generator any distance the weight is a factor. My Honda runs the air conditioner as well as the Setec power supply with TV and lights on without any problems. If we need to use the microwave oven or boil the jug I just kill the air conditioner for the few minutes necessary.
Generator sizePosted by: Ecca  Replied on: 14 Jul 2017
Thanks all for replies
Regards Eric
Posted by: MrDicko  Replied on: 2 Sep 2017
Hi, I am new to the forum and it appears to be a great resourse.
I picked up my new 21.65-4 OB a few weeks ago and I was asked what generator I had.
When I told them I had a Honda 2kva they said that model was good but some cheaper generators may not be compatible to the electronics in the new vans.
I did not go into the problems with the cheaper generators as I didnt really need to know.
It is also necessary with the 2kva Honda models to have the "econo" switch off when starting the air conditioner.
GENERATOR 2kvPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 2 Sep 2017
We have had a 2kv Honda for about six years, don't use it a lot but it is there if needed. Just need a bit of care (eco off) to start and drop off the air con if any other heavy draw items are used. If you are going to use it a lot a 3kv would be more suitable as has been said.
GeneratorPosted by: Walk4  Replied on: 23 Nov 2017
If you need to run a air conditioner go to a caravan park powered site ,save us all the ungodly noise.
jayco swift door window out of square Posted by: Cobber07 22 Nov 2017 0 Replies
the window part on the door is not square and there is a small gap at the top, i bought this van second hand, its in very good condition apart from the door, its a 2016 model, any ideas please
foam bike rack Posted by: Freddie48 22 Nov 2017 2 Replies
i want to attach a fiamma bike rack to the back of my silver line
I was told by a Jayco parts salesman that i would have to remove the bathroom mirror to affix reinforcing
is that really neccessary? i have detained drawing showing reinforcement ply in the rear end frame assembly.
any one done this?
foam bike rackPosted by: Freddie48  Replied on: 22 Nov 2017
should read Fiamma bike rack
bike rackPosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 22 Nov 2017
I am no expert, but i would think yes, Bikes mounted on the rear of the van tend to bounce a lot and in time this will pull the fixings out, i assume you would need to bolt through the van wall and fix off with a backing plate.
Changing rear camera on Silverline Posted by: Kimrob 20 Nov 2017 2 Replies
I ran across a fellow traveller who had changed his reversing camera to a permanent view one. Seemed a good option to me as the existing camera only looks at the bike racks plus I'd rather have a better view of what's behind me. Has anyone else done this and if so where is the existing camera hooked into the reversing cabling?
Changing rear camera on SilverlinePosted by: TerryS  Replied on: 21 Nov 2017
Hi Kimrob
Yes I recently has a Safety Dave rear view camera fitted to my Silverline. A simple process camera fitted onto existing cable and is totally compactable with my Sphere system supplied with the van. I now have a great continuous view well behind me . My Sphere system is wired to my vehicle to remain on at all times not only reverse.
Rear cameraPosted by: Kimrob  Replied on: 22 Nov 2017
Thanks Terry. When I had the auto electrician wire up my Ranger for the Sphere he only hooked it up to reverse so only one channel operates. I'm no auto electrician but I suspect I will have to get that changed.
Silverline slide out bed hinges Posted by: Kivvy 17 Nov 2017 4 Replies
Had our Silverline 16 Months. My wife was lifting the bed to get something stored under it. The bed has 4 hinges. 2 of the hinges snapped and the other 2 stretched separating the hinge leaves. Because the gas struts are so strong it forced the mattress and frame towards the opposite wall of the van and in the process jammed her arm. The hinges are made of aluminium or a soft material.
I emailed Jayco warranty, a Jayco area manager and the Customer Service Manager to advise of the danger this can cause and also of the injury to my wife's arm. I did not put in any sort of claim, only asked for them to comment on the situation of which it is not the first time this has happened according to this forum.
Guess what, no reply from any of them. Be careful and check your hinges
Posted by: Kivvy  Replied on: 18 Nov 2017
Forgot to add. I emailed 4 photos to Jayco
Hinge failurePosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 18 Nov 2017
I would not expect Jayco to admit their hinges were faulty. Surely you didn't expect that either?
You have to make a claim. That gives Jayco the option of ignoring a legitimate complaint which could bring down the wrath of the Consumer Affairs Bureau or an adverse finding from the Small Claims Tribunal or the alternative which is shutting up the complainer with a remedy.
Posted by: Kivvy  Replied on: 19 Nov 2017
Thanks for the advice Jaycotoy. We were on the Nullabor when it happened. I am a builder and purchased new steel hinges at Ceduna and fitted them. No Jayco service agents until Port Augusta.
My aim was to advise Jayco of a potentially serious problem that could cause serious injury.
Now it is up to Jayco to remedy the poor quality hinges in future builds or ignore at their peril as I have advised them by emails, without wanting a claim, and also by making public via this forum. THEY are now aware. Get it now Jaycotoy.
Silverline bed hingesPosted by: Kivvy  Replied on: 20 Nov 2017
Jayco have contacted us today and we are satisfied with the outcome. They have referred the issue to R & D which was our aim. Generously offered to warrant a claim which isn't necessary as we have fixed.
Dometic double glazed windows cracking Posted by: BJM 14 Nov 2017 1 Replies
There are numerous threads on this forum and others relating to Dometic double glazed windows cracking in vans and motor homes..This is happening even in near new (one year old) and older vans.Including my 3 year old Journey Outback.Check yours today looking inside out , cracks appear from the outer edges, catches etc. Dometic would be well aware that the products they sell must be fit for the purpose intended as required by Australian law.These windows should last many years if looked after.This cracking in most cases is not general wear and tear but a faulty product , therefore Dometic should replace them FOC. I am making a list of owners who have or had cracked windows, state whether you had a satisfactory outcome in getting windows replaced or you got or are getting the run around!! State vans age etc.Email me with details lizbaz10@gmail.com
Faulty windowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 18 Nov 2017
I would be interested to know how many responses you have received please.
Rear camera on 25ft Silverline 2017 Posted by: PETERBRO 3 Nov 2017 4 Replies
I want to change the rear Camera on my Caravan (the standard one just points downward and shows very little back view)
When i unscrew the holding plate i cant pull out the camera out enough to reach the plug ,it seems maybe the cable is tied which means you cant get enough cable out to unplug and replace! anyone got an idea how to get over this problem?
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 3 Nov 2017
The nearside top clearance light remove and see it you can catch/grab the cable or you will simply just have to pull the cable through the best you can and replace the entire length of cable. I could not withdraw mine so ran two cables from under the nearside corner and used a drawer wire from the light and another from the same light fitting to the centre hole. The cable is glued or sealed somehow in the void. The cable runs underneath the van right up into the drawer bar.
Rear cameraPosted by: Boots  Replied on: 5 Nov 2017
The cable on my silverline 21 was glued to the back wall about 15cm down used a long thin knife blade to cut it free. There was plenty of cable to get to the connector. Good Luck.
Posted by: Neil7  Replied on: 6 Nov 2017
Yes, my cable was difficult to remove but with perseverance I succeeded.
Rear CameraPosted by: Bushy1961  Replied on: 14 Nov 2017
Try undoing camera and spacing the bottom out and then tighten screws, make sure you add silastic so it seals again.
Ann beadell highway Posted by: stephenp 6 Nov 2017 4 Replies
Has anyone travelled the Ann beadell highway towing a Jayco swan outback or simular? Any tips?
Not a good ideaPosted by: Wombo  Replied on: 6 Nov 2017
There are stories of Jayco trailers abandoned on the Anne Beadell, Google it.
The general trailer build strength and the single shock J-tech itself are not intended for such rough conditions.
We have just returned from the Kimberleys and our Eagles J-Tech was knocked out of alignment on a bad section of corrugations on the Gibb and we had one damper fail. Another Jayco trailer we saw had the J-Tech swing arm snap right through, and they were lucky they were able to have it trucked out. Al-Ko who make the J-tech for Jayco build a stronger version with two dampers each side for these sorts of conditions.
anne beadellPosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 7 Nov 2017
Anne Beadell highway is a swag trip !!
Hey Wombo, how quick were you going and what were your tyre pressure's ? i personally have found on corrugations that car and van pressures should rarely be above 25 psi, but this is my experience with my car and my van only
ANNE BEADELLPosted by: Stephenp  Replied on: 7 Nov 2017
Thanks for your comments. Will be disappointed if I can not do this trip if the van will not hold up. Yes I would like to know the speed and tyre pressures used. I do not want to smash my van but willing to take my time and drop the pressures. Is there any other easy mods to do to the suspension that will help.
SubjectivePosted by: Wombo  Replied on: 7 Nov 2017
A single speed and pressure are not that meaningful however the pressures we had in the trailer in that area were around 180 bar (26 PSI). It is an Eagle with the 235/75R15 Adventuro A/T II's and they were supporting a max GTM of around 1540KG. As an aside my pyrometer readings show so going lower would not have been a wise move.
We were intentionally travelling very carefully and varied speed greatly to the conditions. As a guide typically between 40 and 60km/h with only sometimes up to 80 km/h max on the dirt. On rougher areas a lot slower, and in the sections of really bad corrugations we slowed right off and rolled quietly over them down to as low as 10km/h, often for a few km at a time.

Despite this we were caught out a couple times with sudden onset of huge corrugations hidden in the dust, once at 80km/hr and everything got a significant pounding and I believe that is where the damage was done.

The point I'm making is that you can be as careful as you like however sometimes it's the luck of the draw and the limiting factor is going to be the overall strength of the trailer and suspension and the Jayco is simply not in the same league as a true off-road trailer. With care it will go a lot of places it wasn't intended (and ours definitely does) but when the chips are down and it's getting a beating you need to understand there is a much higher probability of breaking something.

Have a look at the Al-Ko descriptions comparing their own Enduro independent suspension versions "Cross Country" and the "Outback" twin shock version. Note the J-Tech they build for Jayco is similar to their own "Cross Country", not their "Outback". http://www.alko.com.au/al-ko-enduro/
For the similar to J-Tech single shock version: "Designed for comfort, control and durability on bitumen and graded dirt roads. Suitable for use on corrugated roads for short distances', and the (better than Jayco J-Tech) twin shock: "Designed for comfort, control and durability across any terrain including extreme off-road and outback roads."
Water Leak in Silverline. Posted by: Whaar 6 Nov 2017 1 Replies
We have a 2014 Silverline 21-64-4 front kitchen model. Last weekend whilst camping, we had had some rain and when i connected the van to the tug my wife notice water pour out of the wall from where the fridge wall meets the white kitchen wall. I assume the water is getting in from the outer fridge vents and only when the nose of the van drops when connecting to the vehicle does the water pour out. Has anyone else had the same issue and how did you fix it before the water created any major damage.
Water leak Posted by: Nearly there  Replied on: 7 Nov 2017
Had a similar problem in motorhome . Found the seal between the wall and the fridge vent surround was dislodged (during installation easy to do) water then pooled under fridge . Just removed outer fridge vent ,remove screws from vent surround and gently pull surround out a little bit don't need to remove totally then just resell using a little silicone then reassemble .note we used plastic bicycle tyre levers to get a 2 mm gap along the top .
Hope this helps .