Jayco reversing camera Posted by: Bushy1961 20 Jun 2018 1 Replies
just wondering does anyone know whether the cameras on the back of a Jayco Silverline 2017 model is NTSC or PAL compatible. i cant get my screen working in the new BT50 that i have purchased. the car system is Alpine.
Reversing camera video formatPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 21 Jun 2018
I was told by Safety Dave the video format is NTSC. I wanted to connect it to my PAL TV but told it will not work. Unfortunate. Bob.
Slideout Posted by: Magnus 18 Jun 2018 6 Replies
Hi. We have a 2011 21ft Sterling with a slide out bed. Trouble is when the bed is made up using the bolster,there isn't much room to walk past into the ensuite. Does anyone know if the Silverline comes with a longer slide out so we could keep the bed made up whilst we are at camp? At present the slide out travels 38cm out from th side of the van. Thanks
Posted by: Johnanbev  Replied on: 18 Jun 2018
Our van is a 2016 21ft Silverline and being curious, I just extended and measured the slide out extension,
it is 55cm. This leaves on average about 55cm between the bed end and the dresser.
Maybe your slide is being restricted in its movement.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 18 Jun 2018
Yes they are different. From 2012 they were changed and is a completely different system.
Posted by: Magnus  Replied on: 19 Jun 2018
Thanks John is that 55cm outside or inside? I measured mine from the outside.
Posted by: Johnanbev  Replied on: 19 Jun 2018
Yes Magnus, both outside and inside.
However Dave Scott advises we have different systems .
Posted by: Magnus  Replied on: 20 Jun 2018
Thanks John and Dave. Yes I feel now I am finding the slideouts for later vans than mine go out further. After this stint in the van, we are convinced that this van is not for us and we will need to upgrade to a Silverline. Thanks for you time
Posted by: Bushy1961  Replied on: 20 Jun 2018
All i can say is you wont regret it we love ours, especially with the independent suspension.
also look at going two way fridge instead of 3 way as this will run better when on 12 v, no gas though, but if set up with good solar and batteries you will not need it. we also found club lounge at front gives us more room.
Melbourne to Yeppoon via Hume/Pacific etc Posted by: Christerry 5 Jun 2018 2 Replies
Intending to travel to Yeppoon next month. Was going to go via Newell Hwy. Has been suggested we use Hume Freeway and Pacific Highway in lieu, as we would then be on major highways/freeways most of the way there. As I haven't towed a caravan to Queensland I am seeking opinions of more experienced caravanners on the best route.
Melb to YeppoonPosted by: Lyshill  Replied on: 19 Jun 2018
Avoid the Leichhardt Hwy north of Goondiwindi. It is terrible towing a van.
Melbourne to YeppoonPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 20 Jun 2018
We cover the route from Melbourne to Hervey Bay quite often. I prefer the Hume Highway and pacific Highway and north of Brisbane the Bruce Highway. The only tricky bit is north of Sydney, the short section between the M7 and the Pacific freeway around pennant Hills. The new tunnel will eliminate that when completed but once thru that its plain sailing on good high speed freeways to Grafton. There are some ongoing roadworks associated with the bypass between Grafton and Ballina but that will also be finished soon. Do you plan a fast trip with just a few overnight freecamps along the way or a slow trip staying at caravan parks along the route? If you want any free camp tips, we I can offer suggestions. On our last trip we stayed at the cricket ground at Coolac (flushing toilets 24hrs, firm gravel), We have family in Sydney so we stopped at Lane Cove NP for a few days. Our next stop north of Sydney was the Info Centre at Kew (bitumen, flushing loos 24 hrs, good hotel meals too) then on to the Yelgun freecamp near Ballina (24 hr flushing loos, bitumen) before going on to Hervey Bay. There is a nice spot at Maryborough airport for $10 if you need to stop. Not sure about good free stops north of Maryborough. We stay off the highway because of the noise. Bob.
Robertpat is back Silverline Drainage Posted by: Robertpat 17 Jun 2018 0 Replies
Well since last time about a week ago about drainage and thanks to all replies .I have put air vents in my drain hose outlets and guess what it works everything flowing ok but I am still keeping my pipes to gravity feed water coming out just in case I need it where I am all drainage is downhill so not a good test .other than that . Need to investigate my Soler one night 2 batteries low don't charge up enough when travelling along so have to give them a boost at end of the day have a 160 panel I will keep working in it .
Closing roof Posted by: CrazyLady7575 10 May 2018 1 Replies
Hi All, any tips and tricks for pulling the corners of my on swan down to be able to close the latches? Height is not on my side and of course it's not a problem if the husband is with me...but alone I just cannot pull it down! 😕
Posted by: Prydey  Replied on: 16 Jun 2018
I fold my canvas up the same as the Jayco video on youtube. I leave my bedding on also (sleeping bag, quilt each end) and I've never had a problem with the roof not coming down far enough to clip up with just a small amount of assistance. My wife is only about 5 foot tall,and she often clips it up. Not sure what else to suggest. You could adjust the clips out a few turns and clip it down once, and then go around and wind them back in and clip it down again. Hope that helps.
INTERESTING Posted by: Don STEVEN 15 Jun 2018 0 Replies
When I open the Jayco Travel Diary I get a list of topics. If I log in I get a completely different list with some later ones missing.
Blind not retracting over slideout. Posted by: Vango 15 Jun 2018 0 Replies
Has anyone had a problem with the roller blind not retracting over the bed and if so how did you fix it.
Adventurer Posted by: BongoNT 26 Mar 2018 2 Replies
Hi everyone. We have purchased a Adventurer from Halls at Mildura. We are looking forward to having many adventures in this well appointed van.


AdventurerPosted by: rayandcol  Replied on: 1 Apr 2018
Hi Tom,
We have just traded our 21-65-3 Silverline Outback in on a 19-60-2 Adventurer at Newcastle Jayco. It will be delivered in the next few weeks. We are like you looking forward to some great trips in the Adventurer. Our Silverline was a great van and we had some absolutely awsome trips in it.
Ray and Colleen.
Adventure 19.62Posted by: Gavin2  Replied on: 15 Jun 2018
Hi Tom & all
Could you tell me your thoughts so far on your new van. Have you had a trip in it as yet to test it out. I am very interested in one, though I would like some feed back as to any issues you have had. I have owned a Jayco before & most of the issues I had where all easy fix. They look good value for money
SilverLine 5 weeks old now Posted by: Robertpat 12 Jun 2018 3 Replies
Water doesn't drain from my Outback when connected to drain hoses ,no hose connected drains ok , it seems water fills up in the hose and water coming down the hose can't push water out so back fills to Shower and sink . My Freedom and Stirling drained ok and wasn't as high as my outback .any one else having same problem with SilverLine .Robert
silverline 5 weeks old nowPosted by: barrod2  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
ours is same age same prob.Have spoken to a few people and the advice I have been given,,drill a smallish hole in the clear plastic up high to aid air getting into the drain system.Havent done so yet ,so don't know whether it worksor not
Silverline drainagePosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
Our Silverline sufferred from very slow discharge of waste water from the kitchen sink. Never had a problem with the shower, hand basin or washing machine though. It also had three waste outlets. The kitchen sink has an elbow immediately below the bowl and in my case the elbow fitting was obstructed because the inner threaded sleeve was too long. I trimmed it and that helped but then I discovered the adaptor that allows the clear hose to connect to the 25mm rigid plumbing under the floor has an internal diameter of 15mm so I drilled that out to the max which is about 20mm. I then converted most of the rigid pipe work to 40mm diameter waste pipe, fitted a one way waste valve under the shower and combined everything into a single 25mm outlet. The kitchen sink is still a little slow to drain but the bonus is that I only carry one waste hose now. I hope this helps.
Slow DrainagePosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 14 Jun 2018
I carry a 20 litre bucket with me with a plumbing fitting attached which I can either fit a bung to it so the bucket just fills up and I can empty the bucket by hand or can attach a sullage hose when in a caravan park.That way the grey water will run into the bucket first and then into the drain . This stops any backup into the van's plumbing. With Outbacks there is enough clearance to fit a 20 litre bucket under the drains. I carry incidentals in the bucket when not in use for draining.
SilverLine 5 weeks old now Posted by: Robertpat 12 Jun 2018 3 Replies
Now at Esperance SA. Anyone out there having problems with water drainage with no hoses attached drains ok . My observation is that drain hose fills with water even on slight downhill run so water coming from sink or shower doesn't drain go outside hose full of water even though my outback is higher than drain . Noticed other brands of C/vans have bigger outlets. Mt Freedom and Stirling had 12 years drained ok , remember no hose attached water drains
silverline 5 weeks old nowPosted by: barrod2  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
if hose full of water then according to MR I NEWTON drain hose can not be on slight downhill OR hose is blocked
Believe me or notPosted by: Robertpat  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
Well Mr Newton my reply is caravan height higher than drain .when water runs down to ground level then along a length of hose reaches a rise into the drain this causes the water to fill the hose back to the c/van .
This stops the flow of water so water coming out of sinks or shower won't flow .One very good remark I have received which I was going to try in my next attempt is to create a air vent just as the water comes out of the caravan ,I bought 3 by 2 Meter lengths of pipe run these on an angle creating a longer down hill flow and it works but I am still going to try venting. To night I am on a hill very steep down hill run for hose no problem with drainage .Thanks to all replies Robert at Esperance SA till Monday .
STARCRAFT 20.62-2 OUTBACK QUESTION Posted by: Rebs 10 Jun 2018 2 Replies
I am in the process of purchasing a 2015 Starcraft Outback and would like to know if they ALL come with ALKO ESC (Electronic Stability Control) as stipulated in the 2015 sales brochure?
When I viewed the van I was not aware of this feature and never noticed the ESC doover as shown in the brochure on the drawbar. The van is a few hundred kms from where I am so can't just take a look.
Curious to know.
starcraft outbackPosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
HI Rebs
i can only speck for mine a 2014, 19.60 outback and YES it had the ESC fitted standard
STARCRAFT OUTBACKPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
Hi Pmacks,
Thanks for your response. Looks like I may be in luck!
Silverline Outback shower base. Posted by: Gusbh 22 May 2018 1 Replies
Has any one had a problem with the shower base, has a cracking sound, found tiny hair line cracks. Has some one had this problem and how was it fixed. Are the shower bases made from a plastic product. Thanks in advance if some one can help.
Cracking shower basePosted by: Hodges4  Replied on: 13 Jun 2018
Give this mob a call. We had same problem and Jayco sent us there.
They cut out centre of base, repair/replace supports beneath it and reit base. Excellent job.