2010 Discovery sink tap Posted by: DazLyn 18 Nov 2018 1 Replies
We have a problem with our sink taps as the pump tap will not pump water from tank to sink + the mains tap has come out of bunch which does not have anything to hold it onto the bench & also now won’t turn off when connected to mains water when in caravan parks...how do you fix these problems please???
Sink tapPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 18 Nov 2018
Oh Daz you have a problem, check first under the sink as it appears your securing nut has fallen loose. More so you may have to replace the tap which you can get at Bunning or any good plumbing shop. The taps fitted are not repairable. Why water is not coming out when pump is on may be associated with your faulty tap. Does water flow with pump on in the bathroom outlets? If your not confident to remove parts call in the mobile caravan repair man to sort it out for you Daz. good luck.
2010 Discovery sink tap Posted by: DazLyn 18 Nov 2018 0 Replies
We have a problem with our sink taps as the pump tap will not pump water from tank to sink + the mains tap has come out of bunch which does not have anything to hold it onto the bench & also now won’t turn off when connected to mains water when in caravan parks...how do you fix these problems please???
Solar Panels Posted by: robwattus 15 Nov 2018 4 Replies
We have an Expanda 16.47 from 2009 and we would like to put solar panels on the pop up roof. Can anyone recommend which type and how big. Does this help the fridge when we are driving? Thank you.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 15 Nov 2018
type & how big...how longs a piece of string....it all depends on what you want to run, as far as the fridge is concerned NO
Solar panels Posted by: Geoff13  Replied on: 16 Nov 2018
If you have a 3 way fridge a 100w panel will be fine. And of course a regulator. $120 ebay
Solar panels Posted by: Geoff13  Replied on: 16 Nov 2018
Your fridge should only be running of the cars 12 volt supply not the van battery.
SolarPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 16 Nov 2018
Hi robwattus,
It's handy to have a solar system installed but beware if you have a single 120AH battery in the van to run a 3way fridge you won't have sufficiently voltage. Strongly recommend you seek out good advice from a solar professional. It can be done if you get the right equipment, if you take the shortcut you will pay the price and the frustration associated. Solar is a combination source with the tow vehicle/caravan and requires professional wiring. Save yourself the pain and get that advice and you will enjoy your travels. All the best.
Water tank arrangement 2017 Starcraft Outback Posted by: olvansta 10 Nov 2018 5 Replies
Hi all, my first post here. When I bought my new 19.6ft Starcraft Outback in November 2017 I added the optional grey water tank which was fitted behind the axles. As a result the 2 water tanks are now forward of the axles. With 2 full 9kg gas bottles, 2 full water tanks, battery under the bed, clothing and a stone guard on the extended drawbar I have around 300kg on the tow ball. With load distribution bars the 200 series Cruiser and the van sit level but I believe 300kgs on the ball is excessive. Have others had experience with this setup? I thought about reconfiguring the tanks and plumbing to have the grey water tank at the front and one water tank forward of the axles and one to the rear but it's quite a job. Any thoughts?
Thanks Graham
Ball weightPosted by: Sahara 05  Replied on: 10 Nov 2018
300 kg is ok for 200 series leave it as is,better than too light.
Water/Grey tank weightsPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 11 Nov 2018
G'day Graham,
A couple of things to consider -
1.what is the Max towball weight on your ID plate?
2.whats the ATM of the caravan?
3. Is the current towball weight over 10% of the ATM, and how did you determine the current down weight of 300kg?
4. Have you taken the fully laden caravan over a weighbridge, if not you are at risk of being overweight before considering any change. This is critical in your situation regardless of what you tow with.
5. Once you have assessed these issues it's then the best way you can plan for change if necessary.
Let's know how you go Graham and take your time. Cheers
WeightPosted by: Commodore  Replied on: 12 Nov 2018
I don’t know how hard but change grey tank to front full water tank to rear
Water tank arrangementPosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 12 Nov 2018
Hi Graham, Your situation is fairly similar to mine. My 2016, 16ft Starcraft TL came with 2 water tanks (front of the axle) plus the added grey tank (rear of the axle).With 2x100 Ah batteries under the bed and 300W solar, all factory fitted, I too was concerned about towball weight, (placarded at 190kg, at tare). With the 300kg towball weight permitted by my Collie7 I have found that I am unable to carry any water in the 80litre front tank when travelling. I have weighed my van in touring mode and have 295kg towball. The tunnel is used to carry only lightweight items (jack, hoses, broom etc. Tools, BBQ etc are carried in the tug. I do use a WDH and have travelled 9000km with no problems.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 15 Nov 2018
your biggest concern should be " am I under my ATM" fully loaded and what is max towball weight permitted(if stated) and what is max stated by tug manufacturer for tow bar download, then you can proceed to make any changes if required, same as Lande has stated
oder to asian Posted by: henry9x9 9 Nov 2018 1 Replies
Can this product be shipped to Asia?
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 15 Nov 2018
what product
awning retractor not working Posted by: John2018 1 Nov 2018 1 Replies
Is this a common problem and what should I do?
AwningPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 9 Nov 2018
G'day John2018,
Hmmm maybe, but need more info! If its out and does not reroll after setting the rewind switch your internal spring is broken. Easy to be repaired. Hope this helps.
?? water tank problem Posted by: Kenglenn111 3 Nov 2018 4 Replies
G'Day All
I have just purchased a 2010 Jayco Starcraft. The water tank indicators showed that both tanks were empty. The one near the front of the van took a lot of water and showed full on the indicator board in the van. The rear one took nowhere near the water as the other, but still shows empty on the indicator in the van. Are the taps underneath I have to turn or is there a fault.
Water tank problemPosted by: Tjd  Replied on: 3 Nov 2018
I suggest that you go back to the begging and empty the tanks.Undo the black plug and let it drain. Proceed to fill each tank until full at this stage taking no notice of the gauge inside.Then go inside and turn on the battery and then the pump, and turn kitchen tap on.If you have the setec guage they will not work until battery,pump, and then tap are switched on.You should now have the indicator giving you a reading.Hope this helps
Water tankPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 4 Nov 2018
Try what Tjd says that should work. If no change Check the tank bleed hose coming back to the inlet its a 12mm plastic hose. If need be pull it off the tank you'll find it located above the tank outlet at the top of the end. What happens it kinks and blocks any outlet feed.
TanksPosted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 5 Nov 2018
Also if you have a setec drifter panel,push it up to release it and unplug connectors.wait a few minutes and plug back in .this resets the panel.
Water Tank.Posted by: Kenglenn111  Replied on: 5 Nov 2018
Thank you for your replies. I am away from the van at the moment, however when I get home I will try all of your suggestions.
sink slow to drain Posted by: Max.bloggs 27 Oct 2018 3 Replies
has anyone fitted a larger outlet
Posted by: Kevin65  Replied on: 28 Oct 2018
I had the same problem but the issue was the way many parks have the drain hole for your hose outlet higher than the hose level, creating an airlock in the drain hose. My solution (from forum advice) was to have a plastic 10L drum as a waste tank which I run my drain hose from. Now the sink drains well and the 10L tank drains slowly but doesn’t cause me problems
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 28 Oct 2018
all I did was drill a 6mm hole in the pipes just above where you connect the hose an d it made a huge difference
Slow drainPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 4 Nov 2018
What sort of van are you referring too?
Raod between Tawonga and Mitta Mitta Posted by: S&A 1 Nov 2018 0 Replies
Has anyone traveled the roads\tracks between Tawonga and Mitta Mitta we are looking to take 17.55 outback Journey through there in a week or so.
Fitted sheets. Posted by: Fdiddy 29 Oct 2018 2 Replies
I thought Rob's question referred to fitted sheets.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 30 Oct 2018
it is, and what is you statement about
GETTING INFORMATIONPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 1 Nov 2018
I have found the quickest and most expensive way to learn is from experience. The cheapest way is to get experience second-hand.
Removing scratches from windows Posted by: Blitzy 24 Oct 2018 2 Replies
My 2013 Starcraft developed fine scratching on the polycarbonate windows after using a caravan cover. Is there any way of removing these srathes?
Removing scratchesPosted by: Tjd   Replied on: 25 Oct 2018
Have had same problem and have used Nu Finish polish available at most automotive shops. ( repco)
Scratch removerPosted by: Whitty  Replied on: 30 Oct 2018
Another very good product for removing scratches is California Custom Purple Metal Polish. I use it on my aluminium bull bar and it is also good for taking scratches out of acrylic windows. I had some serious scratches after close encounters with the occasional tree branches and the polish easily removed them.
Out back starcraft Posted by: GregPearce 29 Oct 2018 0 Replies
Hi just wondering if anyone else has had a problem of there furrion dv 5700 stereo mode button working properly.ours only shows bt raido and aux .it will not go to usb cd or movie .any advice will be apriciated thanks .