WATER TANKS STARCRAFT - ARROW INDICATOR Posted by: Newby2014 20 Sep 2018 NEW! 2 Replies
When I purchased my previous Jayco van, I was advised to point the arrow between the tanks downward to drawer from both tanks. After experiencing reduced pumping pressure on my new Starcraft when 1 tank empties, I was advised to point it to the respective tank and then the other when first tank runs out. Is that the correct way?
Water Tank SwitchPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 20 Sep 2018NEW!
Yes that is the way I do it. Empty one tank first and then the other. Try not to pump all the water out of the tanks as you may get air in the lines and the pump may lose its prime for awhile until all the air is bled from the system.
Regards Tony
Water TankPosted by: Blackers1  Replied on: 20 Sep 2018NEW!
Always good to empty rear tank first if you have 2 tanks. Better for towing stability
Jayco Weekend Posted by: Dave scott 25 Jun 2018 NEW! 3 Replies
Jayco Newcastle just had another customer appreciation weekend at Tuncurry Big 4 caravan park in NSW and what a great weekend. I believe there was about 75 vans there and the park was 99 per cent full of Jayco's. That's my tip for the forum buy a Jayco from Newcastle.
Jayco NewcastlePosted by: silver T  Replied on: 27 Jul 2018
What a great turnout that must have been, well done.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 1 Aug 2018
Yes it was and made new friends as nomads do.
Jayco WeekendPosted by: Newby2014  Replied on: 20 Sep 2018NEW!
When I ordered my new Starcraft at the Sydney Expo in 2017, I was told that I would be invited to a weekend as described above. I collected the new van in late Oct 2017 & am still waiting for the invite!
Forum Posted by: Blackers1 18 Sep 2018 1 Replies
Is the forum up and running again ?
Last post I can see is 2 Sept. Perhaps no one is posting
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 19 Sep 2018
Yep forum is working , just no one seems to be using it yet probably not checking in .
Review Posted by: Nattiej1976 2 Sep 2018 2 Replies
Its disheartening when a new caravan causes so much greif.... we too are feeling incredibly dissapointed with our 13tf poptop adventurer. The van set up itself is perfect for our needs, everything about it on paper was amazing so late december 2017 we rolled out of the yard, proud as punch, that one of our dreams had just become reality.

Sadly the reality has not been as dreamy as we hoped. We discovered warping on the roof... this in itself did not cause issues in terms of being able to use it but was quite unsightly and not what you would like to see on something new.
This warping seems to be a commonly reported issue for the adventurers. I have spoken to many other purchasers who have reported it to varying degrees, some of them were really badly warped. I hope it has been rectified for the 2018 onwards purchasers.

After parts were ordered to replace our roof we took her in to our state service department. It took a long time but finally we got to pick her up again... once again happy and excited that our new toy was to be in our posession again to start to enjoy.

After looking it over we noticed that the original jseals which were levered off for the roof fix were put back on, leaving an unattractive, twisted apperarance around the whole caravan which was so disappointing. We bought this new and had expected it to appear as such on its return.

Im no tradie nor claim to have even a moderately good knowledge of these sorts of things, but am capable of knowing that seals that appear twisted and warped may not seal properly from the elements, however when we pointed it out got told it was only cosmetic and new seals would be arranged. Given it was only a "cosmetic" issue we were sent, unhappily, on our way with a contact for a more local to us repairer who was authorised to complete "minor" works.

We took the caravan to the local service center.. popped the top, and to no great surprise, but alot of dissapointment, water was pouring in.

In effect we traded one big issue for a whole new big issue. We have not been able to enjoy something that we worked so hard for. Even if we do get things rectified properly, the long process, time, money and effort is leaving a sour taste and an inclination of not being proud owners
Not Happy about RoofPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 14 Sep 2018
Its disappointing to experience such matters that change our opinion of the product we have purchased. Sadly, many times the seller is worse than the maker and have no idea of the product and don't comprehend the consequence of buyer dissatisfaction. Try and enjoy, but if you remain unhappy take your complaint to the JAYCO management.
AGENT CHANGE TIMEPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 16 Sep 2018
If you used as many words to put your problem to your repair agent in writing it would be more helpful to you.
Or find a better repairer. Jayco works through agents for their sales and repairs.
Thetford Fridge Posted by: Killtrassy 15 Sep 2018 0 Replies
Has anyone had problems with their Silverline Thetford 3185 running on 12 volt .
Is this forum active Posted by: Bill and Viv 13 Sep 2018 3 Replies
Hi I just joined this forum but it looks like its really old or not many people use it.
Yes it is active againPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 13 Sep 2018
It is a very exclusive site Bill so don't tell too many others about it.
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 13 Sep 2018
Yes it active , has been down for about 2 months and has just been brought back on line , it will take a while for people to realise it is now back on line . Good forum to follow .
is this forum activePosted by: Lindsay  Replied on: 13 Sep 2018
Bill. As a tip if your question relates to say for example "batteries " type this in the search column and many questions will be answqered
Looks we are back now Posted by: GME 11 Sep 2018 3 Replies
Would appear to be all good now , maybe they just had a hickups to sort out . Good on ya Jayco well done .
They are back .Posted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 12 Sep 2018
Yes good to see the Travel Diary back. Always lots of info for Jayco Owners on this site.
BACK AGAINPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 12 Sep 2018
Yes. Looks like it is up and running again. Thanks
TWO LISTSPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 13 Sep 2018
I am still getting one post list when I open the site and a different list when I Log In. Am I doing something wrong or is it still a site problem?
NO, WE ARE NOT BACK Posted by: Rebs 9 Sep 2018 1 Replies
All I can see is a list of topics but cannot view them.
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 11 Sep 2018
Looks like its a go .
Are we back? Posted by: Ross28 7 Sep 2018 0 Replies
I still can’t see more comments or replies!!! Rosco
We are back Posted by: GME 7 Sep 2018 0 Replies
Just logged in and good to see the good old normal site back . Thanks Mr Jayco well done !!
Rear camera Posted by: Sellars 6 Sep 2018 0 Replies
I would like to fit a rear camera to my Starcraft out back, is there a channel in the rear wall where I can run the cable through?.
Is this it Posted by: GME 31 Aug 2018 0 Replies
Is the travel diary now defunct or is there a problem , please be up front and let us know Mr Jayco for all our sakes . Thanks .