Cupboard handle Posted by: Kent 30 Sep 2016 NEW! 0 Replies
Is anyone else having problems with the cupboard and drawer handles? Our month old van has two broken and our friend's also new van has one . The only way to gain entry is to snap the flimsy handle off and use a screwdriver to activate the catch behind. I much preferred the old style push button catches . These ones are cheap plastic made to look like aluminium. Replacing the broken ones is easy but do you think Jayco will do anything about improving the product?
Swing Arm Grease Nipples Posted by: Don PL 5920 26 Sep 2016 6 Replies
We have a Silverline with the J Tech suspension and I do my own servicing. I have found I cannot grease the rear outside swing-arms. They all have straight nipples and the rear outside ones are behind the front springs. I have replaced the two with right angle nipples. Just a bit concerned the off-roaders with corrugations and grit are missing being greased.
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
Can also get a 90 degree coupler for the grease gun.
ServicingPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
G'day Don,
Like your idea of 90deg grease nipples, does the dust covers still seal them?
When doing your own servicing what do you do with brakes and bearings?
Grease Nipples and ServicingPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
Hello Nomad,
The little caps still fit on the nipple, they are just a ring that slips on. The nipples are fine thread and a bit hard to start and easy to cross-thread so needs a bit of patience.
We have had three Jaycos and mostly rural driving and I have never replaced a set of brakes yet. I am a bit slack on the bearings, just make sure they are packed with grease, then give them a good kick on the road to see if the tyre is tight and no movement. Jack the axle now and then give a spin and listen for noise. In 40 years have never changed a caravan tyre on the road. Still drive trucks and pick the smoothest track on the road.
ServicingPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 28 Sep 2016
Thanks Don,
Looking over the list of service items it seems to me that only the technically challenged would need everything on the list done for them i.e. Test Operation of Cooker & HWS, Check Anode. However bearings, brakes and wheel alignment is a bit harder if you don't have the exact tools, information and parts to undertake the job.
Keeping CheckPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
I usually take a special item that sounds a loud alarm if anything goes wrong inside the caravan. Seriously, going back to wheels, I have found the best on everything is to have a quick feel of the hubs and brakes on anything towed. And be aware of any hot smell. Bearings and brakes rarely fail without some warning.
If I was going around Australia or a long trip I would consider a infared temperature gauge for wheels and all tyres.
AlarmsPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
Yep, got one of those also, very loud and extremely expensive.

Now that's a good idea, infrared thermometer, off to get one to match with my noise meter.
Leaking hand pump Posted by: Pepe2014 26 Sep 2016 3 Replies
We have a Jayco Starcraft and while on mains water supply experience the hand pump continually running even though supply to the two water tanks is closed. Any help would be appreciated.
Non Return ValvePosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 28 Sep 2016
Not knowing a Starcraft water system with a hand pump, you must have a faulty non return valve somewhere.
You don't mention a 12V pump but if you do have one the diaphram (intended to be 1 way) in them sometimes leaks a bit and could cause what you describe.
In vans without hand pumps this causes the tanks to "backfill" and overflow. To avoid this with my van I've put a JG check valve after the pump.
leaking tapPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
It is difficult to give advice when insufficient info is given. Is you pump tap a Lowboy model with the large square base?
Lack of infoPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
Agreed, info is lacking.
I had a thought after I posted, why would it have a 12V pump and a hand pump. Newer Starcrafts I know of have 12V pumps so we're probably talking about an old Starcraft with no 12V pump.
Probably just old worn parts.
Tow secure breakaay system Posted by: The Martins 25 Sep 2016 12 Replies
I have recently picked up my new StarCraft van and took it away on a trial run this weekend, all went well, but I noticed the tow secure system was not giving out the 5 beeps, it did when I picked it up, from what I have read (limited) there is a battery in the breakaway controller on the van, which I will check, but just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem, there are no lights on at all on the receiver in the car.
tow securePosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Time to study the manual. It will all be in there.
Breakaway SystemPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
It sounds like your receiver doesn't have 12v from the plug in the car. I've had this and you get nothing from the receiver.
If the receiver is powered you will get a fault light flashing and audible sound if there is a battery problem with the Brakesafe.
Also I've found that the 5 beeps are very easy to miss unless you are focused on hearing them, even if it's working properly. I've shut the car down and restarted a few different times now to hear the beeps.
Breakaway Posted by: The Martins  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Thanks Nomad246
Lionelo, not sure why you bothered.
LioneloPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Do you realise that there is someone with the same unacceptable attitude on the Caravaners F******ds site that uses the identical user name as you do
Tow Vehicle:jeep grand cherokee 5.7 HemiCaravan/Motorhome Type:Coromal Lifestyle 23ftPartner's Name:LouellaFirst Name:LionelLocation:Attadale.W.A.
If it is you the Coromal user group is more suited to your attitude than the Jayco family. If it's not, you must be twins with the same bad attitude.
Just sayin
nomad 246Posted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
I still own a Jayco, and have owned and hired out 47 of them over the last 23years. I would know more about Jaycos than most people. What gets up my nose is the amount of people that never read their manuals and ask inane questions because they are too lazy to do some homework. What also gets up my nose is the few permanent old anonymous forum sitters that give the same old drawn out comment to a simple question. The wiring of 3 way fridges is a perfect example. As this site would hold the record for the most complaining and whingeing, I wonder why you feel I do not have the same right.
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Wouldn't be so bad Lionel if you could get three different people to agree on wiring a fridge. Hahahahahahahaha.

I agree though that people should at least try and read a manual before posting and then at least state what they have tried to do to rectify the problem. :)
Posted by: Boo53  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
ignoring the troll.

Our receiver doesn't work properly either.

Following the instructions I tried to repair the unit with the sender but it didn't do it when the receiver was in the car.

When I plug the receiver in to a cig outlet in the van it does pair. Seems the distance from the Landmcruiser to the sender is too great although I've tried plugging it in to the rear seat outlet and that doesn't help.

we do have a rear storage system between the sender and receiver but it should make that much difference

The van is going in for a service and a couple of minor repairs under warrantee next week so will have to get it checked there
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Has anyone pulled the pin to see if it is working or are you just relying on hearing the beeps when you start the car. I have a Silverline and a Landcruiser and mine works ok every time I have tested it.
LionelOPosted by: The Martins  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Umm, isn't asking questions on here doing what you have said people should do, "doing there homework", I thought that's what the forum is for? If you have nothing to contribute don't bother responding.
My post did say I had some information, (I have found the manual it is 2 sheets of paper) but does not mention anything about my enquiry. I am simply not getting the beeps, when I pull the pin out it sends an alarm, so it does seem to be working, but without the system signalling me it is set.
Boo53 has indicated a possible issue, that I will get looked at when I put it in for a service.
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Must admit the beeps are not very loud. In fact I cannot hear mine but my wife can just hear them.
Posted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
Just went up to our van and had a look at our system.placard in boot said to test it by pushing button on front of box.what button? Nothing there..25 ft stirling o/b.
Breaksafe or Tow SecurePosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
G'day Afterburner,
There's 2 different units been used that I'm aware of.
Sterling vans had Breaksafe, as my Sterling did.
Could have been very late Sterlings or the start of Silverlines got the different Tow Secure units with wireless remotes. Somewhere after 2013/2014 period.
However I thought both of them had press to test on them.
The OP is talking about the later Tow Secure Unit.
Fridge rm2350 Posted by: Commodore 27 Sep 2016 2 Replies
Our fridge in our 2012 discovery was totally iced up and was about to defrost it next day but it has stopped working altogether. Any ideas this is using 240v haven't tried anything else. It's broke !!!!!!
fridgePosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
Defrost it first. Then try it on 240v. If there is heat coming out of the vent after about a half hour, it is working. If not, try gas. If it heats on gas but not 240v it could be the element. But first check the power point plug and the settings. Ignore anybody that tells you it needs to be level, or it's the insulation, or the way it was installed or any other inane suggestions. If your fridge iced up, you may not have shut the door properly, or had it set way too high.
Posted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 28 Sep 2016
Concur with the above...
Jayco Silverline Outback - tripping RCD Posted by: Ogoyder 26 Sep 2016 4 Replies
Hello all - I have a new Jayco Silverline OB. It has only been out 3 times. It is plugged into 240V and early on Sunday morning I woke to find that the main RCD on our house (connected to 2 power and 2 light circuits had tripped). There was a heavy downpour of rain on Saturday night so I initially suspected that the lead/ plug was cracked and that this tripped the RCD. Even after swapping out the plug, it was still tripping. I then worked my way through the house checking all power circuits and lights to try and isolate the cause. I then had a lot of trouble resetting the RCD. I even called out an electrician who checked all leads and power points. He has now convinced me that it is the van that is the issue and not the house. During one of our tests I noted that the RCD in the van tripped before the house RCD - again this supports that the issue is with the van.
Obviously I have to take my new van into a dealer to get it checked out. I am not sure that the issue is related to the rain which would suggest a moisture issue inside the van. There certainly does not appear to be any moisture getting into the van. If anyone has had a similar issue then I would be interested to hear from them. Any other trouble shooting tips would also be appreciated.
Owen - Mullaloo
RCDPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Jayco always run the 240v wires around on the floor. Unplug the van. Check for water on the floor, particularly around and either side of the fridge. Also under the sink. If any water gets on the floor, it works its way into the joiner plugs in the 240v wiring. Also check the external power outlet (particularly if you have recently hosed the van down) and behind the power inlet where the wires do tend to become disconnected. It is assumed your power lead runs up to the inlet and not downwards.
Water IngressPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
It certainly sounds like water has got in.
"Obviously I have to take my new van into a dealer to get it checked out" ,,, the only problem with this is the fault may have cleared by the time you get to a dealer. Immediate checking for wet spots is needed.

I've had a very small amount of rain water, through an open window, finding its way to the CMS joiner plug and tripping the safety switch. In my case it was less than a medicine glass that magically hit the right spot to cause a problem.

Look well, the CMS looms are installed early in production and joiners can be in the most inaccessible places.
TRIPPING RCDPosted by: Tsvvegas  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
Had a similar problem with our Journey Pop Top. Found the hot water tubing under the kitchen sink had been cut into by the back edge of the drawer rubbing against it. Only 80 klms travel but enough to cut half way through. Two CMS joiners directly underneath. RCD did its job. Might be worth a look if you have a centre kitchen over the wheel arches.
Thanks for your replyPosted by: Ogoyder  Replied on: 28 Sep 2016
Van going over to agent today. I have checked for water in the areas suggested and all seems dry! I also tried plugging it into power again and the RCD tripped so hopefully the issue will be found and resolved at the agent. Will post back with what they find for future reference.
Thanks for your posts. Regards Owen
Roof Racks for a 2016 Jayco Swift Camper Posted by: David60 27 Sep 2016 0 Replies
Hi All,
Can anyone please tell me if I can fit a Rhino roof rack, being two tracks one on either side of the camper and then two cross bars so I can take a Kayak? As I have a winegard TV antenna on the roof of the camper and cannot fit a Jayco roof rack.
Thank you for your help. David.
Roof Racks for a 2016 Jayco Swift Camper Posted by: David60 27 Sep 2016 0 Replies
Hi All,
Can anyone please tell me if I can fit a Rhino roof rack, being two tracks one on either side of the camper and then two cross bars so I can take a Kayak? As I have a winegard TV antenna on the roof of the camper and cannot fit a Jayco roof rack.
Thank you for your help. David.
fridge 12v wiring Posted by: Stinga56 22 Sep 2016 16 Replies
Hello again, we have an Anderson plug on our car with an isolator so no power when engine is off, do I wire the aux' and earth to a plug to run the fridge when we travel ,,, Thank you ....Ray
3 Way Fridge WiringPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 22 Sep 2016
G'day Stinga,
It sounds like you have an existing tug wired for a previous van, now you're matching it to a new van.
You don't state the car, van, fridge or wiring details.
Some will be anal about the need for an Anderson plug but,even though they're great, you do not need them for a 3 way fridge.
The Jayco 12 pin plug will have 6B&S wired to pins 9&10 (aux) for 3 way fridge power. You could remove these wires from the plug and loom and reroute to your Anderson plug, however that would not give you a noticable advantage, but the disadvantage of multiple looms and plugs.
More important is that your cars existing Anderson plug is wired in a minimum of 6B&S cable to reduce voltage drop. If it is, then either Anderson or 12 pin will be ok to connect the fridge.
The voltage drop across an Anderson compared to a 12pin amounts to a poofteenth or a poofteenth and a bit, the overall cable run size is the secret.
Older smaller fridges used less power, hence previous cars may have been wired in 8B&S (or less) which is inadequate for the bigger fridges.
My car is wired in 6B&S and I have only used the 12 pin plug with no issues.
WiringPosted by: Stinga56  Replied on: 23 Sep 2016
we had the Anderson plug installed on tug when we got trailer brakes installed so it is done by sparky with fuse isolator they ran heavy cable, so we might as well use it, I will run aux' and piggyback earth from van to Anderson plug,, should be ok .. thanks Nomad246
Posted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 23 Sep 2016
Sounds like a plan.
I don't know what your van or fridge model is but best results will be with 6B&S cable. It's difficult to work with because of the size but check to see that your sparky put in a cable that the conductor is @7.2mm dia overall with copper @5mm dia. That'll be 6B&S, if less than that size the van fridge may suffer volt drop and struggle.
Fridge wiringPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 23 Sep 2016
Hi stinga
All you need to do is get your sparky to run the afore mentioned heavy wiring from your fridges DC + & - terminals to an Anderson plug on the end of the cable on your draw bar. Plug this in to the Anderson plug on your vehicle when traveling and bob's your uncle.
Fridge WiringPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
The reason for an Anderson plug over a 12 pin plug is that if you use 6B&S cable it will be hard to to get it into a 12 pin plug but an Anderson plug is made to take that size cable. Don't get confused with 6mm automotive wire which is far too light to run a compressor fridge efficiently.
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
That is not correct. 12 pin plug is standard on a Jayco. The 12 pin plug comes when purchased with two pin ferrules. These pin ferrules are designed to be soldered to 6 B&S Cable and then fitted into the 12 pin plug.

Check out this link from Brisbane Jayco. https://www.brisbanecamperland.com.au/getmedia/b05d3414-9ad2-402e-9544-e5923ce98b3e/JAY-12PIN-FI-Jayco-Tow-Vehicle-Requirements-Issue-3.pdf.aspx
Correctness is requiredPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Killtrassy's comment " ~~~~6B&S cable it will be hard to get it into a 12 pin plug~~~" is correct, it is hard! No mention was made that it cannot be done.
The Anderson plug connection is a lot easier to terminate, as it does take the cable size without the need for other termination needs. The cable path to the Anderson plug is also easier than that inside a 12pin for 6B&S cable size.
It can be done, Jayco do it, as do others.
I prefer my van with 1 wiring loom and 12pin plug, even though fitting the trailer socket to the car was testy with the big cable.

btw, where did "6mm automotive wire which is far too light to run a compressor fridge efficiently" come from? We've been discussing running a 12v 3way fridge off a car for the whole thread. A compressor fridge usually connects to the van house battery without the need for Anderson plugs on the car.

My earlier comment about 6B&S and 8B&S cable was due to knowledge that AutoElecs can (and have) run 8B&S cable for fridges if the customer doesn't specify the size. This size is easier to work with and costs less. 8B&S for a 150L fridge (@<15A) can be barely adequate to inadequate depending on the cable length and alternator volts. However it's adequate, every time, for up to 25A at nominal 12V to the trailer socket on the car where the AutoElec works to.
For 184+L fridges (@18A) to operate successfully 6B&S is required. Even Jayco's instructions list a minimum size of 7B&S for the fridge where the next available cable size is 6B&S. Why Jayco doesn't just list it as 6 is a mystery.
Posted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Nomads Comment --- " btw, where did "6mm automotive wire which is far too light to run a compressor fridge efficiently" come from? We've been discussing running a 12v 3way fridge off a car for the whole thread."
I was just letting others know not to confuse 6mm automotive with 6mm B&S if they were going to wire a vehicle themselves. I have had 3 Jayco vans and they have all been wired with 8B&S equivalent which is totally in adequate.
Any 12 pin plug I have ever bought have never come with two pin ferrules. I actually purchased one last week , Navara brand from Autobarn and there were no pins included there. I might be wrong but don't the current Silverlines come with an Anderson plug to run the fridge.
Regards Tony
12Pin Plugs and SocketsPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
G'day Tony,
Yes there is a huge size difference between 6mm automotive and 6B&S (AWG) cables with the later being around 10mm2 bigger.
My query was more about the compressor fridge which usually isn't powered from the car's 'fridge' wiring.
I've only had Sterling's and Silverline's and those have been wired with 6B&S to the 12pin plug. I don't know if other models are wired differently.
The comments about the trailer plugs that come with ferrules are a Jayco supply, to suit the fridge cables. You won't get the same at Autobarn, just the bare 12pin plug/socket package.
My MY15 van, and all I've seen, only have a 12pin plug, no Anderson unless it's put there later. I haven't looked at a MY16 van for a while but I doubt if Anderson plugs have been used, even the current specs still only list a 12pin.
12 pin plugsPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
I have a 2011 Sterling and it came only with 8mm B&S like all the other Jayco vans that I have had previous. I have had to run 6 B&S for the van as well as the car to get the 150 litre fridges to run satisfactorily. I also have added a diode fuse to my LC 200 which gives an extra 0.6V which has made a big difference to the fridge performance.
Thanks for clearing up the ferrule querie , that was the first I had heard about them. So that means most people with 12 pin plugs on their vans must only have 8mm unless they are supplied with ferrules also like Jayco do. What about when you run 6B&S on your car ; you must have to source these ferrules also to get them to fit into the car 12 pin socket. This is why I have always wired my car and van up through an Anderson plug as they are specifically made for 6B&S cable.
I will check with my BIL but thought his 2014 Silverline has an Anderson plug for the 180 litre fridge.
Regards Tony
CorrectionPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
" Don't get confused with 6mm automotive wire which is far too light to run a compressor fridge efficiently."
Just re read my original post and it should read 3 way fridge not compressor fridge. Sorry for the confusion.
fridge wiresPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
No wonder people get confused. An earlier post by the same guy stated he had a Penguin Jayco camper, which would have a 90 L 3 way fridge. Any 7 pin plug will run that, a 12 pin would be better, and Anderson plug is not required. Some people have nothing better to do than play with the wiring in their campers and caravans, others just have nothing better to do than talk about it.
12pin plugPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
G'day Tony,
I take your 8mm to mean 8B&S. It's not confirmed what size cable anybody uses with a 12pin plug, could in fact be 6B&S but most probably won't be any bigger. I had a 12pin socket on a sedan wired with 4mm auto cable which would have been useless to power anything more than a reversing light on a trailer.
Yes I had to source ferrules (pin crimps) to wire my 12pin socket on the car with 6B&S. I got them from a local electrical wholesaler.
The ferrules can be a common electrical practice and called "pin crimps or bootlace" terminals. (See picture)
I have no firm knowledge of 2011 wiring or prior vans but my Sterling was definitely 6B&S fridge wiring, as have been my Silverlines and every other one I've seen.
Your BIL could have Anderson plugs for the fridge, but it would have been fitted after the factory and his fridge (providing the car is wired correctly) would still work with a 12pin plug.
As we have been on this plug subject today I had a look at my current MY15 Silverline. I have a compressor fridge and I wondered where the 6B&S cables went from the plug as the van fridge doesn't need them but it's a standard loom. What I found was the car is powering the cables that are unterminated (nothing connected) at the rear of the A frame. Not needed but 6B&S is still there as part of a standard loom.
Correction Required AgainPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Quoting "No wonder people get confused. An earlier post by the same guy stated he had a Penguin Jayco camper, which would have a 90 L 3 way fridge. Any 7 pin plug will run that, a 12 pin would be better, and Anderson plug is not required. Some people have nothing better to do than play with the wiring in their campers and caravans, others just have nothing better to do than talk about it."

It's my understanding that the 90L fridge uses the 175W 12V element as the 150L fridge does (correct me if I'm wrong). Therego the electrical performance is the same even though the fridge size varies. That makes the aforesaid about operational issues relevant to Stinga's question.

"90 L 3 way fridge. Any 7 pin plug will run that" ,,, ummmm NO, not successfully read above.

"Anderson plug is not required" ,,, that's been covered, a 12pin successfully runs a fridge up to 20A providing the cables are correct, but an Anderson plug is a viable alternative if you accept 2 wiring looms read above.

"Some people have nothing better to do than play with the wiring~~~" ,,, some people are on a learning curve and seek help.

"others just have nothing better to do than talk about it" ,,, some people give their time, without charge, to help the learning curve of others.

The only thing that was not mentioned, some people say more than what their brain understands while others dribble off at the mouth without understanding.
12 pin plugsPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Thanks for the photos of the above pins , now I can understand how you can run 6B&S through a 12 pin plug. I have never heard or seen them before , so this is why these forums are very useful although a contributor as we have seen above and on several other occasions reckons " we have nothing better to do than talk about it ".
Spoke to my BIL about his set up and he does have an Anderson plug on his Silverline , but this came about when Jayco Brisbane asked him before delivery what sort of a plug did he have on his tow vehicle and he told them a 7 pin plug so they said they would put on an Anderson plug on his van and for him to run 6B&S on his vehicle to an Anderson plug.
With reference to the comment above " people have nothing better to do than play with the wiring " well it has taken the van manufacturers along time to start putting 6B&S wiring in their vans to run 3 way fridges but individuals have been doing this for years so maybe the manufacturers have learnt from " people playing with their wiring ".
Regards Tony
Fridge WiringPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
thanks for the reply, I was thinking your BIL must have had the Anderson plug fitted post factory, you've confirmed that fact.
From my observation one of the biggest discussions with caravans is about fridge performance, you nearly never see a gripe about a table, mattress, seat or kitchen sink.
No problem for the pic.
Best Travel Time Posted by: Philgate 25 Sep 2016 2 Replies
What would be the best time to travel from Adelaide to William Creek then onto Coober Pedy . ( Road condition )Taking into account that we wish to fly over Lake Eyre with water in it.
Posted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Been there 4 times,all in winter months,ie,may June july.care full between william creek and cooba after rain as the clay turns veryvery slippery.camp at the private camp between wiliam ck and marla..
Posted by: Boo53  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
The Stuart to Coober Pedy is a very good road, but your highway times may be different to everyone else so I'll let you work that out.

1/2 day from there to William Creek depending on road conditions and weather
Reversing Camera Posted by: Whitty 21 Sep 2016 4 Replies
We have just updated our Jeep Grand Cherokee (WH) to a WK Overland. Our previous caravan reversing camera was connected to our Hema Navigator in the car which has now been made redundant. Wondering if It is possible to connect the caravan camera directly to the Jeep's reversing camera system and if so how is it done or do I need to get it done professionally. Any advice would be appreciated. Steve
InterestedPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 22 Sep 2016
I haven't hooked our camera up yet because the screen supplied doesn't excite me hanging off the rear view mirror.
Would be interested how it's done to the Jeep's screen.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 22 Sep 2016
I did it to my previous 2011 WK. I have since updated to a 2016 overland with the new radio. They are all can bus wiring as most new vehicles are which means you can't unless you use a lockpick or replace the radio. To be honest I was always of the opinion that I would only have one screen but whist driving in the end if you wish to view the rear of the van whilst driving a seperate screen up front is better than continually looking down as the over ride on the radio will block other functions. If you wish to view behind the van only when reversing then you can break into the jeeps wiring with a switch so you can chose which camera you wish to view when reversing. To active the camera is done by a pulse to the ECU these days and not a switch on the gearbox (CAN BUS WIRING). These days I am a firm believer of the KISS system. I have mounted the Jayco rear vision mirror over the jeeps rear vision mirror and found that quite suitable but it is not a real good resolution. I have seen some on E-bay now that are the same size as the jeeps mirror and has two screens so you could view two cameras at the one time whilst driving. Something to consider.
Good PointsPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 23 Sep 2016
David, you've made some very good points about hooking into the Jeep system.
It hasn't been at the top of my "to do" list because I have a walking talking reversing camera that also cooks cleans and washes.
In 0,000's Kms of driving I've never felt I needed more than a mirror to look backwards while travelling.
Having the camera on the new van and the screen still in it's box I'll have a fiddle with it soon.
I'll have a search on eBay also
Have had a fiddlePosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
I've had the camera and screen working with a dim dark picture of the back wall of the shed 300mm away. But it does work and needs to be adjusted a bit to align image with the back of the van.
Bad news for the screen, it won't attach to the Jeep mirror being 75mm mountings and the mirror just over 75mm.
The screen is back in the box and my walking talking reversing camera is re-employed.
Travelling by Jayco Posted by: Mendoz4 23 Sep 2016 3 Replies
Last year I travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane using Webjet and It was ok, but this year me and my family have decided to travell by caravan.
Which caravan do you recommend me? We are a family of four (my dog included :P) and I would like a comfortable and spacious caravan.
Thank you in advance!
travellingPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 23 Sep 2016
That really is an absurd question. It depends on your tow vehicle, your requirements (toilet etc) and a thousand other things. Check your vehicle tow capacity, then go to your nearest caravan dealer and have a look. Big vans need big cars.
Renting is BestPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 23 Sep 2016
I assume this is for a 1 trip only, without regular ongoing travel.
Sounds like you are a novice that probably doesn't have experience with heavy vehicles or large trailers.
Forget spacious as this would mean a large van that you need skills to operate and focus on a camper trailer that sleeps 4 or 6. Lighter to tow means more types of cars can legally tow it and some campers are very comfortable but compact.
Look up a caravan rental company and go see what they have, try before you buy is the advice.
The rental company will match your tow vehicle to what size trailer you can tow. Be aware that you could need extras installed on your tow vehicle to suit the caravan. i.e. Heavier towbar, trailer brake wiring and controller etc.
The other option is to rent a drive yourself small motor home (with for's and against's), the rental company is also the place to look.

HIRE ONEPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 24 Sep 2016
Forget the Jayco bit, go and hire what you think you need to have a nice trip, with a couple of bunks (though probably an Expanda). You can get a fold-up cage for the dog or bed it down in the shower.
When you get back you still need somewhere to store it, needs maintenance, repairs, license and insurance. Your plans seem a bit "spur-of-moment'ish".