2011 Discovery - Heron 3 Air Con Posted by: NEWBY2014 18 Feb 2017 NEW! 1 Replies
Hi, Lost our air con in Tamworth last month (not the best time for it to happen). Had a technician attend our home last week and he tested and replaced the capacitor. He said it was of the same capacity but due to its larger diameter it wouldn't fit into the holder so he laid it horizontally and put some silicon on it to stop movement. Unit then started perfectly and the cooling was very effective.
After he left, I tried it again and after about 5 minutes, I noticed the metal grille (50cm x 80cm) was quite hot at the bottom half where the warm air is extracted. I didn't seem right. I tried it again today with same result, very hot grille and difficult to leave hand on it for any length of time.
I propose to ring Air Command on Monday to seek there views and in meantime was wondering if any members have actually felt their grille and did it get very hot. After checking these sources I will ring tech who worked on it to get his comments. Am concerned to leave it on for any length of time because of this heating up of the grille. Any thoughts would be appreciated
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 19 Feb 2017NEW!
This is the hot air outlet grill on the outside of the van with a fan behind the grill?
The Herron in my Coromal used to get very hot there too and it would also ice up on the inside if we were in an area that had high humidity.... Then turn of the AC and the drain would overflow and water used to drip down onto the lounge...
Yeah so the dealer and I exchanged several less than courteous emails eventually the system was found to be over charged from new...... Had it recharged at around $120 and it ran for 6 years like a dream.... Im not exactly impressed with the Herron units...
Caravan Payload Posted by: Jaycotoy 14 Feb 2017 NEW! 16 Replies
My 21.65-3 caravan (not an Outback model) has the following info on the compliance plate:
Tare: 2506
GTM: 2882
ATM: 3106
Axle Load: 3167
Ball Weight: 224
Just before departing on a long trip recently (fully laden, full tanks, generator & fuel etc) I weighed the caravan at the local gravel yard and it weighed 3220Kg which surprised me because the caravan is stock standard except for an additional battery I added because we have a compressor fridge.
I would like to hear from anyone who weighed their 21.65-3 caravan fully loaded before a trip and if so how does this compare?
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
you cant compare, our van is also a 21.65.3 non outback and our ATM is 3030
you are 114kgs over weight
what extras did the dealer fit. You added an extra battery that will be 30 kgs
you may need to consider what you have packed in the van, too many clothes, do you need the water tanks full?
Caravan PayloadPosted by: Mikerezny  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
If I am correct, you should be able to add a maximum of 600kg to your empty van.
Included in that allowance will be extra battery around 30kg, gas 2 x 9kg, water in the tanks 2 or 3 at 82kg per tank when full, solar panels if installed after leaving the factory, generator and fuel.
So, that eats quite a lot into your allowance before adding any 'personal' items: food, clothes, linen, bedding, cookware, BBQ, hoses, leads, tables, chairs, external flooring, annexes, walls, etc.

Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
Not at all an uncommon problem. Jayco have been found to use "theoretical weights" rather than actual weights and they are not the only manufacturer to do so either. In fact understatement of weights was investigated by the ACC some time back and from what I remember "Strong warnings" were issued and ignored. Quite often this is done so that a smaller vehicle can be used to tow the van.
Posted by: Gwb  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
Don't forget the generator and worth checking to see when the scales were last certified.
Geoff and Bev
Caravan PayloadPosted by: Mikerezny  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
when we picked up our Penguin in November last year, there was a printed sticker with the weights and date printed on them. These figures are identical to what is on the compliance plate.
What was interesting is that they were quite a bit less after subtracting the options we had, fiamma awning, battery and provision, mud flaps and drop down jacks, than what was on the current brochure for a Penguin.
Posted by: Neil7  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
Did you weigh your van while it was connected to your car or support it on the jockey wheel?
If the former (GTM) you are 338kg overweight. If the latter (ATM) then, as said, 114kg over.
PayloadPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
I disconnected the car and left the caravan supported by the jockey wheel entirely on the weighbridge. I didn't have time to check the ball load. Annoyed to discover I was overweight though. I have turfed out the second 9Kg gas bottle and replaced it with a 2Kg backup bottle that we use with our BBQ but can't really throw out anything regarded as essential by SWMBO. I like to travel with full tanks but I guess I can't do that and stay withing weight limits. Bob.
Caravan PayloadPosted by: Mikerezny  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
If you have a600kg maximum payload, do you know where your 600kg + 114kg = 714kg has gone?
Is it possible that your Certified Tare of 2506kg is not correct?

PayloadPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
Good question Mike, I can't find the Jayco weighbridge certificate but I am sure I saw it somewhere in the documents we were given at handover. I'm still looking. Bob.
WEIGHTSPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 16 Feb 2017
If you start with the ATM 3106kgs and take TBW 224kgs you get GTM 2882Kgs. Take the Tare 2506kgs from the 2882kgs and you get a load capacity of 376kgs (of stuff you can put in the caravan. Check my maths). Not sure why the assumption is 600kgs, but if you take the Tare off the ATM it is 600kgs.
Caravan PayloadPosted by: Mikerezny  Replied on: 16 Feb 2017
My understanding is that Tare is the total unladen weight of the van. The ATM is the total weight of the van fully loaded which will the Tare + max payload. The ATM will be distributed with weight on the wheels (GTM) plus towball weight (TBW).
So, in this case, the Tare is 2506kg and the ATM is 3106kg, giving a maximum payload of 600kg.
The ATM of 3106kg is distributed with 2882kg on the axles (GTM) and 224kg on the Tow ball (TBW).
This is my interpretation based on information from the RACQ site:
Caravan PayloadPosted by: Mikerezny  Replied on: 16 Feb 2017
my sticker was in the little black folder. It is only 50mm x 50mm.
The sticker I have shows, for our Penguin:
Jayco Caravan
Axle weight 856 kg
Tow Ball Weight 108 kg

This translated, on the compliance plate to:
Tare 964 kg
ATM 1264 kg
Towball 108 kg

Giving a maximum payload of 300 kg which matches what is stated in the sales brochure for Jayco camper trailers.

Caravan WeightsPosted by: TheHeaths  Replied on: 18 Feb 2017
Jayco use actual weights, done at end of production on their weighbridge.
Allowable load is the difference between Tare and ATM, so in your case, the allowable load you can put on your van is 600 kg. That has been reduced by the weight of the additional battery you installed, plus anything else you may have done, and of course your "stuff", gas, water etc.
The only option to come in on weight or below is to remove some of the load from the van. Good luck with that, especially if SWMBO has spoken. As a stopgap, travelling with empty tanks will remove about 150kg, but doesn't help when you are in areas where you need water, such as free camps.
Perhaps as a start, unload all your "stuff", and weigh it to see what you have. Then start to be harsh and remove whatever you can to get somewhere close to your ATM when loaded. It is difficult I know, but the only way to do it accurately.
I know we are very close to our ATM when we carry full water, an need to be very careful with what we load/decide to carry.
All the best with the process and your travels.
LOADED WEIGHTPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 19 Feb 2017NEW!
This thread made me look at my own weights again. We have a Tare 2752kgs, GTM 3005kgs. ATM 3228kgs and Axle Max 3167kgs and Tow Ball 223kgs. Giving us a Load of 475kgs. Last time we weighed fully loaded on a weigh-bridge we were 3188kgs, about 40kgs under our ATM. What I did not notice was we were 61kgs over our maximum axle weight. The figure is insignificant but still over, what is more important is the load in the caravan.
PayloadPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 19 Feb 2017NEW!
Don you are only 21Kg over by my calc. It sounds like you are describing the Outback version of 21.65-3. Would that be so? One I saw in a dealers yard recently had an axle loading of 3333Kg (Tare 2702; GTM 2985; ATM 3177 and ball load 192). Is your figure for axle load stamped on the compliance plate ? Bob.
VERY OBSERVANTPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 19 Feb 2017NEW!
Hello Jaycotoy,
I realised after I posted it I had not taken the 40kgs off the axle figure, very observant of you. It is a front kitchen Silverline 25.78 (bitumen roader) with a double slide-out. In spite of being 25' it tows a treat and we usually run fully loaded so we can stop a couple of days anywhere. Also weigh the tow-ball each time and try to keep it around 180-190kgs. Thanks for your reply.
Clydes axle Posted by: Commodore 14 Feb 2017 NEW! 2 Replies
Clydes why post your comments about your axle with no info???? Been waiting to hear about it but no answer. Are you just trying to knock Jayco or make stupid statements
To CommodorePosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
As you are aware it seems quite normal on here for posters to ask "vague" questions and then never reply to requests for more info that may actually help them. Go figure....
CLYDES AxlesPosted by: Clydes  Replied on: 19 Feb 2017NEW!
Sorry for not adding more information, the axles when made were off centre so this meant tyres rubbed. We requested Jayco to check tyres on first trip and were told nothing wrong it was on our last trip when we went through 5 tyres (down to canvas) that we took the van to a spring and suspension factory and they took old axles off and showed us the problem. We have sent photos of axles and tyres to Jayco and AlKo. Jayco do not want anything to do with it and AlKo have said it is Jaycos problem, we are still communicating with both. So this is just not someone trying to knock Jayco just would like some answers
Deep Cycle Batteries Posted by: Hyacinths husband 15 Feb 2017 5 Replies
So at what voltage are they "flat". I read 11.8V in some articles and in others 10.5V is said to be as low as you should let the voltage drop.....
Does anyone know?
Posted by: Neil7  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
Ok, here is another one..I was told, and always lived by 12.2v is the minimum to allow it to fall to.
12.2v is considered 50% SOC (state of charge) and allowing it to go below is doing serious harm to the battery life expectancy.
Battery capacityPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
Telephone exchange batteries float at 2.26 volts per cell which equates to 13.65 volts for a 6 cell battery. The Low Volt alarm point was 1.95 Volts per cell from memory which would be 11.7 Volts for a 6 cell battery. I have been quite happy to run my battery down to 12.0 volts (2.0 volts per cell) and my caravan batteries have tested 65% capacity at the 10 hour rate when I replaced them. One battery had been in service for 10 years and the other for about 6 years. The 6 year old battery was in better condition but I replaced both at the same time. The first battery in my old Jayco van only lasted 18 months due to undercharging. The caravan had a Centurion power supply with a low (13.2 Volts) output voltage and the battery eventually starved of charge. Hope this is some help in deciding how far down to allow your battery to discharge.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 16 Feb 2017
Ok..... The van battery floats at either 13.7V on solar or 13.6 on the mains charger, the solar regulator switches itself off if it detects the mains charger running which I think is curious as the mains charger would be charging at around 14V and the solar will be getting 22- 23 V into it....
So I'll consider its technically flat at around 11.7v...
State of chargePosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 16 Feb 2017
How long is a piece of string - or how long do you want your battery to last?
A good quick reference is 50% discharge is about as low as you should go to get good battery life. But with that, the voltage can vary slightly. Have a look at http://www.energymatters.com.au/components/battery-voltage-discharge/ to get a pretty good but brief article that may shed some light.

Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 16 Feb 2017
Thats an interesting article.
When I was goi9ng thru the exercise of setting the van up for solar I measured the current draw for each item with a meter. Largest was the pump at around 6A. But to cut a long story short I worked out that 25Ah would be my approximate daily consumption. Most of that is to the inverter to run the 36W TV at nights....
So 25 Ah is 75% of 100Ah of the battery capacity so the voltage according to that article should not drop be low 12v. So as my battery is 3 years old I assume it must be dieing, not that it has done much work before and its always been on mains charge... But on a couple of occasions the voltage has dropped to 10.5V.... All very interesting and the thing the article did point out was to look for the "Cycle Rating" which gives an idea of how many times you can cycle a battery from full to flat...
Fridges Posted by: Dabildoya 14 Feb 2017 2 Replies
Looking at a new silverline , my question is how noisy is the Waeco compressor fridge. Any info would be appreciated
FridgesPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
Our Waeco fridge (RPD218) is very quiet and it works just like the fridge at home - no matter how hot the day. If there was anything negative to report I would say the two lamps on the top control panel are too bright. We cover ours at night with fridge magnets. Which by the way do not stick to the non magnetic door unlike the Waeco fridge we had in our previous caravan that we bought new in 2002. We never had a problem with it either thru the 14 years we had it.
Posted by: Neil7  Replied on: 15 Feb 2017
It is almost silent. If I am awake at night I don't hear it running. The light is the only way I know it is running.
Location of Wires for Battery Switch Posted by: Wombat64 13 Feb 2017 1 Replies
We just bought a 2012 Jayco discovery, it was prewired for battery, but am having trouble locating wiring for this...
It has a battery switch but no spare wiring anywhere?

Can anyone help locate wires?
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
The battery would normally be located under the bed or a bed. the only thing I suggest is to take off the battery switch and then try and trace the wire from that, it may be coiled up behind it.....
pastawf Posted by: Pastawf 13 Feb 2017 1 Replies
Hi all,
I am hoping that someone , or a few some ones may be able to give me a clue or two to answer my question.
Van now 18 months old, delivered the water O.K. through the 12 volt pump, still is but for some reason that I do not know it is now surging,(comes out with a bit of oomph and then slows , then surges again). We are not connected to mains water, just full tanks.
Any input greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
Might be the pressure switch in the pump misbehaving. Does the pump stop and start while the tap is open? Is there any air in the water coming from the tap?
DIY RV ROOF REPAIR KITS Posted by: roofarmour 7 Feb 2017 2 Replies
FYI: Please do not use any form of acrylic to restore an RV roof, it will not last longer than 5 years and cannot stand up to long term water.. [HY]
We have created an amazing repair and restoration kit for Fiberglass,EPDM and other RV roofs, it includes a self adhesive tape, a fiber-ed coating for seams, voids and around vents and an amazing silicone top coat, it is highly flexible, withstands ponding water, hail, wind and fire. You can see pictures on our facebook page of customers who have used the products, as well as re-coats we have performed. Its Easy, Affordable and Lasts. www.roofarmour.com or www.roofarmourdiy.com - Happy Trails!!
RoofPosted by: Commodore  Replied on: 7 Feb 2017
I don't know if this is spam but is there an Australian distribution contact
I use acrylic and I like itPosted by: Mirian  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
As for me, I like acrylic paint, I painted my house maybe once in a year. And if you think that is too often, I can say, better to have a good looking house and pay a low cost for its repair every year, then live in a house that can leak in any moment and for its repair, you will need a huge money. Every year I spend not more than 1K for painting and cleaning the house. That's not hard cos I can use http://www.supercityproperty.co.nz/ That's maintenance service that helps me in house service.
40 Channel UHF Posted by: Tas 3 Feb 2017 12 Replies
Does anyone know if we will still be able to use our 40 channel or will we all have to purchase new UHF?
UHFPosted by: Commodore  Replied on: 3 Feb 2017
What do you mean more info please
40 channel uhfPosted by: Portals  Replied on: 3 Feb 2017
Your old 40 channel uhf radio will still operate, no need to purchase a new one . The usual on-road Channel 40 is still in use by truckies and many others...
Posted by: Tas  Replied on: 3 Feb 2017
I was lead to believe that it was going to be illegal to use 40 channel & that we would have to replace them with 80 channel after June 2017.
40 Ch UHFPosted by: Portals  Replied on: 3 Feb 2017
It seems that the ACMA is unsure weather to go ahead with the removal from service of the old 40 channel sets...It appears from their web site that they are seeking submissions from interested parties on weather the 40 channel sets should be continued....Could be a bit of indecision happening...
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 4 Feb 2017
ACMA will sit on their hands on this one ATM for political reasons. Every pensioner and welfare recipient is up in arms ATM so why would they want the Grey Nomads and those who use CB to join them...
Maybe Mr Turnbull will give Don a call and seek his expert opinion....
Of course vested interested will try and sway things their way if there is money to be made selling the new 80 channel sets.
But seriously who is going to police this in any way shape or form????
Also how does anyone shut down a UHF channel unless you use a repeater? These do not work like mobile phones so if you and a mate are on channel 18 talking between 2 vehicles how is anyone going to stop you???? But its an interesting thing, you can chat till you're blue in the face on a CB radio but you cant use a mobile phone while the engine of the vehicle is running....

I can see it now a couple of lackeys from ACMA sitting in one of those old Citroen vans with the corrugated sides and an RDF antenna on the roof chasing you....
40 Channel UHFPosted by: Portals  Replied on: 5 Feb 2017
Some more info...see this link...http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-03/acma-reverses-decision-ruling-millions-of-uhf-radios-illegal/8235502#.WJP7dhM3X2w.facebook
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
depending on the age/model if your cb is a GME, you maybe able to have it upgraded to the 80 ch units for a lot less than a new unit. I updated mine about 2 years ago when I had it in for service from memory about $160
UHF cgannelsPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
Hello Tas,
I would just like to clear up something you said about the 40 channel system. It was never going to be "illegal" to retain the 40 channel UHF radio. Users were advised to purchase an 80 channel radio because the 40 channel would be switched "off" mid this year. So there was plenty of lead time for the change over and no big brother watching us.
The introduction of an 80 channel system was more about removing the congestion on the 40 channel bandwith. With the move, by users, to the 80 channel bandwith, it did in fact free-up huge amounts of bandwidth on the 40 channel system. So much so, that the ACMA recently decided that the two bandwidths could in fact function quite happily exist alongside each other.
The up side of this latest decision is that multi-users of UHF radios (farmers, construction, businesses), and folk who could not afford to upgrade to an 80 channel radio, are now able to retain and use their 40 channel radios.
I'm sure too that there was also considerable pressure applied to the ACMA to re-think their original decision.
The down side is that many of us users purchased new 80 channel radios - great boost for the radio retailers and manufacturers.
Cheers, Filbee56
80 Ch UHF ....Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
you dont have to spend a fortune, this one has decent specs for $129;
CHEAP RADIOSPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 13 Feb 2017
I have a couple of those $129 radios sitting on my shelf, barely been used. You can have them for the postage if you like.
My recommendation is to buy a good radio.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 13 Feb 2017
Hi Don what specifically is the problem with them? What do you recommend as a good radio?
I bought a 5 Watt el cheapo hand held years ago for around $80 and also an external antenna with magnetic base and have had no problems with it at all, but now the battery is starting to get ill so I'll have to replace the lot.
CHEAPPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 14 Feb 2017
Hello HH, I should not complain because they were cheap and were a special. They are fixed radios, not hand-helds . I use 2-Ways a lot and these two the "received voice" and ""transmitted voice" is fuzzy, that is, you can hear it but cannot understand what is said. And the greater the distance the worse it is.
I have found GME's are the best work-horses (got 3 about 25years old) and Uniden are my choice, but there are probably others. My Cruiser one has all the controls on the hand-piece and is very convenient.
journey outback 1755 weight dist hitch Posted by: dlf 6 Feb 2017 15 Replies
Recently picked up our new journey &very pleased so far. I have been advised that a "WDH" would make things safer even though the rear of tow vehicle only dropped 30 mm. OK, so i decided to go with this & measured the A frame to see if the WDH would fit & discovered that the cross bar for the fuel/water can carrier sits right on the 30 inch (750 mm) mark which is the distance required for the "WDH" clamps. Any advice /work around would be appreciated. Thanks.
Journey outback 1755 weight dist hitch Posted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 6 Feb 2017
We had the same issue. I mentioned to the dealer that it would be in the way and they removed the brackets before I picked up the van. I made a new bracket to fit the jerry can holder in the place that suits me. Another one of those "what were they thinking" ideas from Jayco.
JOURNEY OUTBACK 1755 WEIGHT DIST HITCHPosted by: dlf  Replied on: 6 Feb 2017
Thanks for the reply David. I was thinking that I must be missing something but it is a strange place to put it. Your idea sounds like it would work well.
Same, samePosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 6 Feb 2017
Similar story with our new Journey Outback but for a different reason. I installed a stone guard plus a WDH and alas, no room for the jerry can holder. It is now making a beautiful garden ornament, as I cannot see the real need for it. I simply moved the brackets a little to remain within the HR specs, so all is good. (I also had to move the hose tray back a little to fit the WDH brackets, but that's pretty minor.)

There are a few other minor design issues I will take up with Jayco, but overall, I'm happy with the setup.
wdhPosted by: dlf  Replied on: 8 Feb 2017
Thanks Wally, at least I know i'm not the only one that has experienced this, as the bloke a Jayco inferred.
Posted by: JAYCOMUDDY  Replied on: 9 Feb 2017
Technically speaking it may be safer to use a WDH but how much so is the question. You don't mention how much your front wheel arch rises but I am suspicious that it will be a very small amount. Any WDH you choose to fit therefore may only just be under tension and may not change the safety aspect (steerage and braking) by very much at all. Do you ever load your boot up a similar degree to cause the same amount of depression?
If it is anti-sway you are looking to improve then anti sway bars are necessary or an Alko ESC system which is fitted aftermarket for around $1300 (this system will score a saving on your insurance premium with those insurers in the know such as CIL.
Journey outback 1755 weight dist hitch Posted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 9 Feb 2017
Reply To JAYCOMUDDY's comment:
The question was asked about how to fit the WDH brackets.
If you do not know the situation of the Journey caravan do not comment about something you obviously know nothing about. the subject was not about wdh or anti sway it was about Fitting the brackets on the draw bar.
WDHPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 10 Feb 2017
Gee, that deteriorated.
Personnally, I believe that Jaycomuddy asked a pertinent question. Indicating that if the nose of the car (at the guards) rose very little with the caravan attached, then a WDH may not be necessary in the circumstances.
So a fair go for all input to this topic.
Regards, Filbee56
Posted by: Neil7  Replied on: 10 Feb 2017
If you haven't already purchased a WDH, have a look at the Andersen Hitch. There is much more flexibility on where the brackets can be fitted. They may go in front or maybe behind your water carrier. You also get the added advantage of Anti Sway characteristics built in.
wdhPosted by: Dlf  Replied on: 11 Feb 2017
Thanks for all the comments guys as I am fairly new to this game & although i've done a lot of research there's nothing like experience. The front of the Pajero lifted a similar amount to the rear sagging & i have noticed a little difference in the steering at 90 - 95 km/h. Also as the Pajero has independant rear suspension I was concerned about tyre wear. I've read most of the discussions re wdh vs air bags or load sharing springs etc & decided to go the 'better safe than sorry' path. And thanks Neil7 , I'll take a look at the Andersen hitch.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 11 Feb 2017
I thought the Andersen looked really clever. BEFORE you buy one ask around to those who own one and who will answer questions without bias because they feel they have to justify the purchase price.
They work very well and are a quiet as a church mouse in use but they are a PITA to couple up. One chap I know uses a jack to jack up the back of his ute so that he does not have to tighten up the tension nuts every time he hitches up, another guy uses a tension wrench so that he can get the tension on the nuts right and a another chap actually takes the pin out of the hitch and lets the stem, ball the lot fall away, then when he hitches up he has cleverly tapered the end of the pin so he can guide it in with the van held at the right height on the jockey.... In all the Andersen publicity the coupling and uncoupling are conveniently omitted. But in actual use I don't think your going to find a better mechanical solution....
WDHPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
Hello Dlf,
Read your comments fromm 11/2/17, and having owned a NS Pajero for 5 yrs, and towed extensively, I honestly believe that your best option is to have a WDH to bring the front wheels back in full contact with the road (steering and braking), and seriously consider fitting airbags to the rear coils. Airbags are very affordable to purchase from Michigan Truck Suspension in the USA - half the OZ price. Furthermore, they are a very easy DIY installation (if mechanically minded). The airbags will provide extra support both for towing, but more importantly, for the gear in the back of the Paj. All the best, Filbee56
WDHPosted by: Dlf  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
Thanks for that info Filbee.
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 13 Feb 2017
Thanks DLF. With that amount of lift on the front axle you, as others have pointed out, will need to spread the load so to speak and so fitting a wdh would certainly improve your drive . Good luck repositioning. IMO, you would receive a little less assistance from the WDH if the brackets were mounted forwards and a little more if mounted rearwards. I don't know how critical the 750mm is so others may wish to advise.
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 13 Feb 2017
Reply to davidjeng

The writer indicated a lack of experience and so I was merely responding to offer assistance which I believe is the purpose of this forum. I am extremely familiar with the Journey construction as with other Jaycos and know enough about dealing with new first time caravan owners to know that often they have been prescribed WDH's incorrectly by forum guru's wasting their time and money hence my (what I thought may have been useful) post. I'm extremely sorry to have upset your day mate
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 13 Feb 2017
Yes Im not sure how accurately the 750mm has to be, thats where the Andersen hitch comes into its own you can take links out of the chains to use whatever length you want.
In my case I had no choice but to use the genuine Mitsubishi WDH because of the way the tow bar fits up against the spare and as the support chains are held to the spring bars with shackles I had to set mine up so that the chains are not vertical because I could not set the clamps exactly over the ends of the bars. It works perfectly.... The distance is likely to vary to with different wdh manufacturers
AXLE PROBLEM Posted by: clydes 12 Feb 2017 2 Replies
Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their Jayco axles, we had to have ours replaced (after only 6000Ks) could have caused a major problem on the road and Jayco do not want to know about it
Axle ProblemPosted by: Mikerezny  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
Hi Clydes,
would you be kind enough to give some more information about this problem
What type and year is your Jayco?
Was it an Al-Ko axle?
What, specifically, was the problem with the axle?

AxlePosted by: Commodore  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
Mate I think we need a little more info. What happened, why don't Jayco want to know about it ( highly unusual) what was the real problem. ?????
water pressure valve Posted by: Rob2007 9 Feb 2017 3 Replies
Hi all.
We have aproblem with ( no )water pressure when connected
to mains. I have read on this forum of many with the same problem with different solutions.
I am thinking of replacing said valve with a John Guest non return valve. To any who have done this, did you use the 350kpa or 550kpa, any help most appreciated
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 9 Feb 2017
Did you read how I solved this problem and put the pressure reduction valve actually at the water tap to protect the hose as well as the plumbing? I used the 550kPa as I could not get the 350kPa one....
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 9 Feb 2017
Ohhhh I forgot to say that I use washing machine washers. They have a very fine strainer in them which keeps muck from the mains out of your plumbing; available in the plumbing section at Bunnings.
thanks Posted by: Rob2007  Replied on: 12 Feb 2017
Thanks H h I did read your solution.
Regards Rob