Removing contact Paint Posted by: Colo 19 Apr 2018 0 Replies
Recently when lining up to get petrol and positioning the van, I scraped one of the bollards protecting the petrol pump while it did not damage the vans aluminium cladding it did leave some yellow paint from the bollard. I did try rubbing off the yellow paint with a very fine Gelcoat polish and while it did get some of the yellow off it is very slow, is there something faster I could use that will not damage the white finish on the aluminium panel ?
Hail Storm Test Posted by: Rover2 18 Apr 2018 2 Replies
We had the displeasure of being caught in a hail storm at Port Stephens NSW on Saturday night. After expecting extensive damage to our van it turns out that the new construction with the fibreglass is hail resistant. Every van in the park with the aluminium cladding looked like a cheese grater (Without the Holes) but the fibreglass construction seems to have suffered no effect from the hail. The car was a bit worse for wear but at least we only have to make one insurance claim instead of two. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Posted by: Ricknval  Replied on: 18 Apr 2018
I have been through a number of hail storms with our old Sterling and no damage other than a broken lens on the courtesy light. Got a pleasant surprise from our insurer when we insured the new Starcraft and got a 10% discount for the fibreglass sides.
Posted by: Ricknval  Replied on: 18 Apr 2018
I have been through a number of hail storms with our old Sterling and no damage other than a broken lens on the courtesy light. Got a pleasant surprise from our insurer when we insured the new Starcraft and got a 10% discount for the fibreglass sides.
Limited Truck platform option with Jayco motorhomes 8 metres plus Posted by: Jefft 16 Apr 2018 1 Replies
Why is Jayco now only offering a limited Truck platform option with Jayco motorhomes? The Optimum is not available with 4 birth and passenger options and is eliminating the Mercedes Sprinter, and Conquest only offer Fiat in this configeration. Why isn't the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit with the 5 cylinder diesel available as these vehicles provide better service options nationally as Fiat is limited to the east coast and Perth with questionable dealer service outlets. The Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit offer rear wheel drive which gives better traction in sticky situations and with 4 birth option would be more reliable and a better motorhome. The Fiat platform are good when new but have too many issues as kilometres increase. Jayco are forcing traditional Jayco buyers to other brands, can someone in Jayco head office consider as Jayco are forcing me and others to go elsewhere.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 16 Apr 2018
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is your answer
Caravan/camper length Posted by: joewodonga 15 Apr 2018 1 Replies
Hi We're buying a Penguin camper and are wondering about the length. The Jayco website says that the travel length & open length are the same @ 5365mm. We're assuming then we need to add the length of the draw bar to obtain the actual length?
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 16 Apr 2018
the travel length would include the draw bar, and if you check the body length its shorter at 4340.
I'm guessing the reason that the open length is the same as the travel is because this model the bed doesn't extend out like other models
Dust _Aircon Unit Posted by: Rod Mac 13 Apr 2018 1 Replies
We are newbies and are embarking on a outback venture with our new Starcraft 19.61.2 (OB). Having done a similar thing before with a SWAN we know you can't avoid dust entirely. However this is the first van with an aircon unit up top. So my question is, what can we do to minimise dust coming through the unit??? Thanks
DustPosted by: Pmacks  Replied on: 16 Apr 2018
Hi Rod,
we have the same Van and have never had a problem with dust ingress from the A/C, due to it being roof mounted it is generally above the level of the dust generated by your vehicle. Then only places we used to get dust into the van was around the wheel arches, and a tiny little bit on the step both easily fixed.
Silverline Downlight Removal Posted by: Lande 11 Apr 2018 1 Replies
What are the tips to remove one of these lights? Any knowledge on the matter.
SILVERLINE DOWNLIGHT REMOVALPosted by: Gscoug  Replied on: 16 Apr 2018
We have a 2016 Silverline 21-65-3, to remove the downlight, gently prise off the lens with a small screwdriver (the lens is held in place by three clips). This will then expose the mounting screws. The light is a surface mount.
I'm looking at replacing the light above the door with a switched light, as its on the same circuit as the light over the dining table.
Poor Water Pressure Mains Posted by: Blackhawk 4 Apr 2018 4 Replies
Hi, it would appear there is a issue with pressure values in most Jayco's. Spoke to a number os service agents who were keen to sell me an after market solution, naturally it was not covered under warranty. Note: checked the one behind the filler the non return valve looks and operates fine. So need a fix for the one underneath, one that works rather than a replacement that doesn't.

Water Pressure.Posted by: cybersnas  Replied on: 10 Apr 2018
We had the same problem and a friend in the know fixed it for us. Go to a plumbing shop and get a pressure valve for a dishwasher, it is plastic and will cost about $80. I will fit perfectly and your pressure will be sensational.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 10 Apr 2018
pull the unit out and open it up and give it a clean first before you buy another, they clog up with gunk
Posted by: Silverline  Replied on: 16 Apr 2018
The pressure reducing valve fitted to all Jayco's requires pressure to open the valve. If the supply is week the valve won't open thus why everyone is having problems. Go to Reece plumbing and get a pressure reducing valve of the same rating as the one you have and swap them over. These don't need pressure to let the water through but instead start to close when the pressure gets to high. Have fitted them to many vans and solved the problem on all of them.
thanksPosted by: Pjb  Replied on: 16 Apr 2018
Great explanation Silverline.
swan fold down cupboard shelves Posted by: vandam 9 Apr 2018 2 Replies
Hi, I'm wanting to install shelves into the fold down cupboard and wondered if there are shelves available for this including the right size screws etc for the cupboards as they are so thin. Any recommendations would be really helpful. I can't seem to see anything in my searches. Thanks :)
Posted by: Prydey  Replied on: 13 Apr 2018
I got this idea from another site, but this is my cupboard
i cut short lengths of timber to go in each corner, held in place by velcro (stuck on). This means the shelves can be removed, or the spacing changed fairly simply.
Posted by: Prydey  Replied on: 13 Apr 2018
hmm, that link didn't work. try this one
faded paint silverline Posted by: Margles 30 Mar 2018 5 Replies
We have a 2014 silverline with faded paint work front and rear but not on the sides. Anyone have any ideas, have tried a few compounds, but none has really worked.!! Any help would be good.
Faded PaintworkPosted by: BJM  Replied on: 10 Apr 2018
The only way to restore the surface on these areas is to get them professionally buffed and then you can use high quality auto polish on them every six months.
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 10 Apr 2018
are you sure its paint, the silverlines' are fibre glass
Faded PaintworkPosted by: Stumpy  Replied on: 11 Apr 2018
Hi Margles, I think your Silverlines are fibre glass to if so try Meguiars Marine . RV Cleaner Wax this works for me available at Autobarn.
Faded PaintworkPosted by: Lande  Replied on: 11 Apr 2018
G'Day, what Stumpy says is on the mark, it way need several applications and buff well! Do not apply any cleaner in sunlight. The Meguiars Marine is designed for fibreglass and an application each year on the wear areas is recommended. good luck
Fibreglass RestorationPosted by: Whitty  Replied on: 12 Apr 2018
There is company in Malaga WA that claims to have a product that will restore fibreglass to like new. Check out their website at www.clearenew.com.au, they advertise on Gumtree as well.
Jayco Tour Posted by: robertpat 10 Apr 2018 0 Replies
Tuesday 10th April 10am Tour through factory 2hours highly recommend it .Think we saw our Silverline in production line only one with 3 water tanks, so it should be ready by 17th April so hope this was ours just 7 days to finish it .
Thought I would share with you all,It will be fitted with an Austrelianwide Annexes in factory with 2 porchs and window shades over all windows.
The plan is pick up day I have a page and a half of things to check out some added from infro from Travel Diary .
Take it home book it into a Jayco agent 2 weeks down the track 1st service ,already arranged this then off to Perth with I hope no problems.My 100 Toyota will cope very well.
Just a question has anyone out there fitted air bags in coil springs on 21.6 silverline just to cope with the weight make it a bit easer on suspension.Robert
Rubber Seal on 2010 Swan Posted by: Swannysrhino 9 Apr 2018 0 Replies
Hi all,
We bought a 2010 Swan recently & the rubber seal at the bottom of the canvas has split in a few places (mainly around the corners) where the previous owners have gotten the canvas snagged when winding the top up/down. Has anyone repaired the seal before? We're thinking a bit of silastic would suffice.. any tips would be greatly appreciated 😊
Does jayco have a mobile repair person or recommend someone Posted by: Lees 8 Apr 2018 3 Replies
I am in Kalbarri, Western Australia at the moment in a caravan park, does jayco or anybody know or recommend a mobile repair person to fix a
Door latch and separate the interior and exterior door.

If so will they have parts for a jayco expender 2014 model.
Looks like we need a new middle door handle complete unit with exterior handle and new key barrel as well.
Spare PartsPosted by: ROADRUNNER45  Replied on: 8 Apr 2018
spare parts 2Posted by: ROADRUNNER45  Replied on: 8 Apr 2018
Was stuck in Alice Springs a few years ago, contacted Jayco and required parts were air expressed to us.
Local service agent installed next day
DOOR REPAIRSPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 9 Apr 2018
If you are travelling south probably the nearest and best is Geraldton RV. Also easy to drive in to. They have been helpful to us.