2014 Silverline 23.72-1 Front Window Stoneguard Warping Posted by: Joh9406 4 Dec 2016 NEW! 0 Replies
We purchased a new 23.72-1 Silverline in April 2014 - it was One of the first ones off the production line being an April build and have been happy with the van - we previously owned a new 2008 Sterling 21ft and a new 2012 Sterling 23.72-1 purchasing all new vans from Halls Caravans in Mildura who have given us excellent service on all 3 new vans we purchased from them - we have had minor annoying isssues with all the new vans we have bought but all have been rectified over a period of time - my main concern currently is our front window stone guard has warped and the 2 side wings( l would call them) are starting to crack and our rear side en-suite window is starting to craze and the flywire screen has turned a brownish colour - just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem
Weight distribution hitch causing supsension noise? Posted by: Ogoyder 28 Nov 2016 NEW! 12 Replies
Hi All,
Just returned from a 800 kn round trip with our new Jayco Silverline OB (21.65.3). Great van - very happy with it (except for mains water pressure but that is another story). For this trip we fitted an Eaz Lift weight distribution hitch. It certainly has made a difference to the ride and the back end in the 200 series is riding nice and level. My concern is with the "groaning" noise that appears to be coming from the van when we corner with the hitch. We did not notice any noise at all when we first left but after hitching up for the return journey the noise first became apparent. Initially I thought the sound was coming from the hitch so I stopped and took off the bars and put them on again. It made no difference so we drove the 400 kn back home. No sound at all on the straights - just a groaning sound on the tight corners. It appeared to settle a bit but was still apparent when we got back home. I am now convinced it is coming from the van and not the hitch. The van had its first service not that long ago and everything appears good underneath. Has anyone had any similar experiences with their WDH and noise?
I assume that the WDH has shifted some of the weight to the van's axle so that is probably the cause.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
Groaning noises from caravan / hitchPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
We have a 21.65-3 Silverline (not OB). I use a Hayman Reese WDH. We also had a lot of groaning noise from the hitch. I used grease on the ball and the moving joints where the torsion bars connect to the hitch assembly and the noise stopped immediately. It's messy and not what I wanted to do but the noise was very annoying.
Posted by: Ogoyder  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
Thanks Bob - I think you are bang on the money. They put grease nipples on the Eaz Lift WDH so obviously they anticipate that it could be an issue. You are right - messy - but has to be better than that noise.
cheers .....Owen
Posted by: Whale  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
pretty normal for the noise I use a dry lube every now and again (van is also 21.65.3)
Re you town water pressure...situation normal as I suspect you have low pressure, you will find that there is a pressure limiting valve just under the van were the connection is, its a brass unit about 4 inches long and its more than likely clogged up with gunk from the plastic pipes, you can do either of 2 things--1 pull the unit apart and clean it yourself or have your dealer fix it at 1st service
this is what it looks like--forget the ebay part its just to show you what it is
Posted by: Ogoyder  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
Yes - the pressure is very low. I have asked for the unit to be fixed on two occasions but they keep on telling me that it the pressure is within spec. Rubbish - it is way too low. I have just been using the pump. I will have a crack at pulling it off and cleaning it as suggested. Thanks again for the information.
Groaning noises etc etcPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
Groaning noises etc etcPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
I'll try that again!Posted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
Flow ratesPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
The low water flow is because the pressure limiting valve is set at 350 KPA. Very annoying, especially the shower. Bunnings sell one that is rated at 500KPA . If you replace it you may void any warranty claims relating to the plumbing. I did and the flow rate is great and so far no burst pipes or leaks. I read on the Caravaners Forum that other people have done the same. The other thing we found annoying is the slow rate at which the kitchen sink empties. This is because the elbow joint under the plug hole is obstructed. This has been discussed here recently in some detail. Go back a few weeks.
Greasing the WDHPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 1 Dec 2016
I definitely apply grease to the WDH bars (Eaz-lift). In this case, the metat-to-metal contact requires some lubrication, but no grease on the towball.
Cheers, Filbee56
BALL NOISEPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 1 Dec 2016
I don't like the WDH noise and lightly grease the WDH swivel joints but give the ball a rub of grease and then put an ordinary piece of thick plastic (100mm square) on the ball. It gets a bit chopped up but will last a few days. (Don't know if there is some Teflon sheet that would last a while.)
water and greasePosted by: Luckyone  Replied on: 2 Dec 2016
don't use grease it picks up everything. Just use some dry lube grease it comes in a stick form. I just rub it on the tow ball a bit and lube the bars just needs a couple of rubs up and down and all fixed.no messy greasy parts to deal with. Hint keep it in the fridge on hot days it melts like butter. The preasure problem can be the non return valve in your filler conection. Where you hook your hose on for mains water there is a little valve inside and it gets twisted. Undo from the inside bit hard to do on some vans depending where it is. Once undone and out you will see the valve just get a pair of pointy plyers and pull it out and the spring.chuck them in the bin .and put it back together, will increase your water pressure. And don't increase the preasure on your non return valve, the pipes aren't made for big pressure or you will find out the hard way when they blow. Always somewhere you cant get at. And cant fix.
Water pressurePosted by: Hyacinths Husband  Replied on: 4 Dec 2016NEW!
Yeah the PRV pressure reduction valve is your likely cause they have a very fine mesh filter in them and a simple bit of spider web is enough to slow them down.
So what I did was to remove the PRV, rerun the plastic hose straight thru. Either buy a new one from bunnings or eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nefa-500kpa-pressure-limiting-valve-plv500mc20-/381872412324?hash=item58e95e96a4:g:lKwAAOSwOdpXzBZQ
DO NOT install under the van but get some brass hose connectors and assemble it so that you can screw it onto your hose at the tap. This protects both hose and van from high pressure which means your hose will last longer and if you use washing machine tap washers with the gauze filter in them you can clean out any debris easily. Mine has a screw on fitting on the inlet side so I cant mistake the ends and fit it in reverse with a brass click on connector for the hose on the outlet.
Tyres Posted by: Tassie Stephen 23 Nov 2016 NEW! 6 Replies
Hi team. We have a small Starcraft 4.863 ( body length) and are about to do the big lap. It has the standard Kargomax c St 6000 tyres. We intend going off bitumen where needed to the common scene limitations on a non off road van. Any feedback on these tyres regarding wear and tear , i was looking to upgrade them but they seem ok to a newbie .
Kargomax c St 6000Posted by: Tsvvegas  Replied on: 23 Nov 2016
Hi Tassie Stephen,
The Kargomax tyres seem to be the tyre of choice by Jayco for their touring vans. They are an OK tyre but they are an entry level tyre only and are trailer specific (ie. not for powered vehicles). My experience with our van is they are a little lacking in road holding and need to be at max psi to stop tyre roll. NOT A SAFE PRACTICE. This is the recommendation by Jayco for our tandem van as plated for cold tyre pressure ... a ridiculous 65psi. I have trouble a most servos trying to attain such a high pressure, with many pump compressors giving up the ghost trying to fill all 4 tyres.
Kargomax are a relatively cheap tyre and are OK for a short trip but I would not attempt the lap with them. I have done about 3000 klms on them and they have just about had it. The rubber compound seems to be degrading rapidly so i will have to replace them soon. Will have to see what 14" LT's are available and will put a future post of what I have replaced the Kargomax with and how the new tyres travel.
tyresPosted by: Tassie Stephen  Replied on: 24 Nov 2016
Many thanks Tsvvegas
You have probably said whats at the back of my mind. If they come as ' standard' on a van there's room for improvement , especially if we're taking a 30 to 40, 000 kilometre drive. Upgrading might just be one less potential issue fixed .

Tyres stuff Posted by: Tassie Stephen  Replied on: 24 Nov 2016
Just spoke to the local Tyres Plus guys and Michelin 185r14c Agilis seem to be the go @ $116.00 each it wont break the bank at least
Replacement tyresPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 1 Dec 2016
I had 2 Jayco service agents recommend Kumho LT tyres for our Silverline caravan. These have since been fitted after all 5 of our tyres were ruined due to JTech alignment issues (previously discussed ). Haven't done much by way of touring in them this year; however, they appear to be quite good.
Cheers, Filbee56
TyresPosted by: Paul W  Replied on: 1 Dec 2016
Yokohama RY818's are very good. They have a tough shoulder which would suit these types of applications where scrubbing is happening.
TyresPosted by: Hyacinths Husband  Replied on: 4 Dec 2016NEW!
My son is in the tyre business and tyres marked "for towed vehicles only" are really only suited to on sealed road use. He says as just about all tyres come out of China including Coopers and some other leading brands that the brand is not what you are seeking but your tyres should be suited to Light Truck use and be "LT" tyres, they are more adept at carrying the loads at highway speeds and will be comfortable on gravel roads as well.
Sphere auto Sat dish Posted by: Gezz 19 Nov 2016 NEW! 5 Replies
We have an auto Sphere sat dish with SatKing decoder, purchased as a package with our Jayco Silverline …. It works OK and I understand its function - my problem is it does not perform in a wind above around 20k, keeps losing signal. We are told dropouts are normal in wind - our system is unuseable in any weather conditions above a breeze.
Warranty (12 months) is up at the end of December - is this standard of performance to be expected. Any advice appreciated. Cheers, Gezz.
Sphere satellite dishPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 20 Nov 2016
Hi Gezz,
It was very windy at corindi when we were there a few days ago and also here at Bonny Hills when we arrived a couple of days ago. Our TV signal hept breaki g up or totally freezing, especially chan 9. I suspected the antenna or connectors could be at fault because another caravan nearby was not having any signal pro lems. As I said it was very windy but I decided to try the satellite dish. It gave us a rock steady picture in spite of the wind.
Sat dish in windPosted by: Nearly there  Replied on: 21 Nov 2016
We have a sphere auto dish fitted to our motor home we have never experienced drop out. What does concern us is the amount the dish moves in strong winds not knowing how strong the mounting is.
However after a 4 week holiday where we struggled to get line of sight to the satellite (due to trees etc) then not using in strong winds, we bought a freestanding dish that can be pegged or tied down, now we are confident to leave the dish out , will be using auto dish very rarely . Turned out to be not worth the cost for us.
Happy travels
SPHERE AUTO SAT DISH Posted by: Gezz  Replied on: 22 Nov 2016
Thanks Bob & Gerry. Confirmed with Satking it is a dish problem, rang Coast to Coast RV who are aware of the issue and will email a software update, if still an issue will send out a Tech when we get home. We should have acted sooner, instead of accepting - "dropouts to be expected in breezy conditions"….. Cheers Gezz
SPHERE AUTO SAT DISHPosted by: Gezz  Replied on: 23 Nov 2016
Software update V2.0i SW UPDATE TO SUIT SPHERE SSA-850
The above updated has solved the drop out issue, suggest any equipment issues / failures are referred directly to the distributor Coast to Coast RV - you receive the most up to date feedback and a willingness to solve your issues promptly. Our example - we had software version V2.0d the current version is V2.0i, they emailed the update plus a PDF installation instructions - contact details for a specialist technician to be sent to site if required. Excellent service from Coast to Coast RV.
Hope this is helpful …. Cheers, Gezz
Sphere sat DishPosted by: Hyacinths Husband  Replied on: 4 Dec 2016NEW!
I was just about to install an auto sat dish and have read some interesting things about them.
Its claimed that the van has to be solidly planted as small amounts of movement will ruin the dish alignment and the issue of wind is always a problem even for dishes mounted on the ground if the wind gusts strongly enough.
Jayco Silverline Outback - tripping RCD Posted by: Ogoyder 26 Sep 2016 NEW! 7 Replies
Hello all - I have a new Jayco Silverline OB. It has only been out 3 times. It is plugged into 240V and early on Sunday morning I woke to find that the main RCD on our house (connected to 2 power and 2 light circuits had tripped). There was a heavy downpour of rain on Saturday night so I initially suspected that the lead/ plug was cracked and that this tripped the RCD. Even after swapping out the plug, it was still tripping. I then worked my way through the house checking all power circuits and lights to try and isolate the cause. I then had a lot of trouble resetting the RCD. I even called out an electrician who checked all leads and power points. He has now convinced me that it is the van that is the issue and not the house. During one of our tests I noted that the RCD in the van tripped before the house RCD - again this supports that the issue is with the van.
Obviously I have to take my new van into a dealer to get it checked out. I am not sure that the issue is related to the rain which would suggest a moisture issue inside the van. There certainly does not appear to be any moisture getting into the van. If anyone has had a similar issue then I would be interested to hear from them. Any other trouble shooting tips would also be appreciated.
Owen - Mullaloo
RCDPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Jayco always run the 240v wires around on the floor. Unplug the van. Check for water on the floor, particularly around and either side of the fridge. Also under the sink. If any water gets on the floor, it works its way into the joiner plugs in the 240v wiring. Also check the external power outlet (particularly if you have recently hosed the van down) and behind the power inlet where the wires do tend to become disconnected. It is assumed your power lead runs up to the inlet and not downwards.
Water IngressPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
It certainly sounds like water has got in.
"Obviously I have to take my new van into a dealer to get it checked out" ,,, the only problem with this is the fault may have cleared by the time you get to a dealer. Immediate checking for wet spots is needed.

I've had a very small amount of rain water, through an open window, finding its way to the CMS joiner plug and tripping the safety switch. In my case it was less than a medicine glass that magically hit the right spot to cause a problem.

Look well, the CMS looms are installed early in production and joiners can be in the most inaccessible places.
TRIPPING RCDPosted by: Tsvvegas  Replied on: 27 Sep 2016
Had a similar problem with our Journey Pop Top. Found the hot water tubing under the kitchen sink had been cut into by the back edge of the drawer rubbing against it. Only 80 klms travel but enough to cut half way through. Two CMS joiners directly underneath. RCD did its job. Might be worth a look if you have a centre kitchen over the wheel arches.
Thanks for your replyPosted by: Ogoyder  Replied on: 28 Sep 2016
Van going over to agent today. I have checked for water in the areas suggested and all seems dry! I also tried plugging it into power again and the RCD tripped so hopefully the issue will be found and resolved at the agent. Will post back with what they find for future reference.
Thanks for your posts. Regards Owen
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 2 Dec 2016
Just a thought but if you had the van plugged into a 10A outlet (which is what it sounds like) you may be overloading your house wiring circuits. If the fridge was switched on, the battery was charging at the same time you could be drawing too much current for the house circuit.
Posted by: Whale  Replied on: 2 Dec 2016
not likely to overload the house power by adding the van, the 240V fridge element is around 375W max so only about 1.5 Amps
The OP needs to unplug ALL items in the van (dont forget the plugs under the bed and in the cupboards)and then plug in one at a time to find the faulty appliance
RCDPosted by: Hyacinths Husband  Replied on: 4 Dec 2016NEW!
Yep as Whale says turn off everything including the often forgotten Hot Water and isolate the battery at the switch. Then turn on the mains and see if the RCD trips, if it does then there is a wiring fault and that can be sorted by unplugging the wiring to the 240v sockets that you can get to then start replugging them in and if the RCD trips then suspect that power point. Its a tedious task but since the 240V wiring is one long string its about the only way to do it.
If on the other hand when you plug in an appliance and turn it on and the RCD drops out then that appliance is at fault.
Common cause of this is the 240V element in the HWS has shorted.
silverline recliners Posted by: Tonyp 11 Sep 2015 NEW! 8 Replies
We have a 25' with full slideout front kitchen and want to remove the sofa and storage behind it to install a couple of recliners
Any sugestions on can it be done and what fits
reclinersPosted by: Duck  Replied on: 12 Sep 2015
Gday seeings there are no replies try a search in the top right hand search box
Sterling ReclinersPosted by: Bertness  Replied on: 13 Sep 2015
Hi Tony. These are the recliners I put in our Sterling 25-78-2 with the same big slide as yours.
We got them from Grays Auctions, they were deleted stock I believe. I installed them in mid 2013 so they are probably not still available, although I am sure others will also fit. They are actually attached to the slide so they slide in and out with the slide. Hope this helps.
Cheers. Bob.
Sterling ReclinersPosted by: Bertness  Replied on: 13 Sep 2015
Tony. Another photo.....
reclinersPosted by: Tonyp  Replied on: 15 Sep 2015
Thanks bertness
Do you mind me asking if thr chairs are attacked to the wall ,have you put in a false floor of canterleavered the chairs off the wall,i would be interested in that thickness materials you used and the concept
ReclinersPosted by: Bertness  Replied on: 15 Sep 2015
Hi Tony.
The chairs are actually attached to the 'front' edge of the base of the slide and move in and out with the slide. So they don't swivel , which is not a problem. I have left the storage cabinet behind the chairs as it appears to be structural. Although I cannot confirm that.
The bottom/base of the slide supports the factory lounge as I'm sure you have worked out. Recliner chairs will not fit without removing part of the base. I cut it back under the original lounge as close to the wall as I dared and strengthened the 'leading edge' with aluminium to reinstate it's integrity. The chairs are then attached to the edge with four aluminium brackets (two per chair). The chair legs also had to be cut down at the back so as not to foul the wall and the wheel arch. It was a pretty big job, although it would take me half the time if I did it again. But, it was totally worth it. And if I had to, I would do it again at the drop of a hat.
Hope that helps Tony.
Cheers. Bob.
PS I will be offline for a couple of weeks from tomorrow......I have to go on a cruise!!!!!!
reclinersPosted by: Tonyp  Replied on: 16 Sep 2015
Thanks for the info Bob
Ihope you had a cracker cruise
Silverline ReclinersPosted by: Gusbh  Replied on: 3 Dec 2016
Hi Tonyp, wondering if you had success with installing recliners in your Silverline, if you did, how much did you cut out of the slide out support. D o you have any pics of the install. Kind regards, gusbh.
RecinersPosted by: Hyacinths Husband  Replied on: 4 Dec 2016NEW!
I ripped out the dinette and replaced it with 2 recliners in a Starcraft.
It was not all that challenging but I did make some other improvements in the process.
How do I post illustrations?
Good news story Posted by: Jaycotoy 2 Dec 2016 0 Replies
Our new Silverline 21.65-3 slideout made some unusual noises a few days ago and upon investigation I found a piece of weather seal protruding from below the LH side of the bed at the bottom of the internal side wall. The end of the weather strip was crimped and chewed where it had been drawn into the rack & pinion mechanism. We had just arrived at Kiama when we discovered the problem. I phoned the nearest Jayco dealer which happened to be Nowra. I was told they were booked right through to January for repair work including warranty claims however the Service Manager (Ross) said he would "have a look at it" if I brought the van in at 11.00am that day. I said that wasn't convenient but said we would be travelling through Nowra today. I didn't expect much sympathy but I was pleasantly surprised when I was given an appointment for 9.00am this morning. We arrived right on 9.00am and were warmly greeted by the service manager. He inspected the fault and told us the work could take approx three hours. In fact he called my mobile about two and a half hours later to say our caravan was repaired and ready to collect. I am writing this posting because I want to publicly thank Jayco Nowra Service department and in particular the Service manager Ross for their attention to my warranty claim. Very impressed with top quality service. Bob C.
2007 stirling Posted by: Pmac741 2 Dec 2016 0 Replies
We have some damage to our wall (external) on out 07 stirling:(
And a slight bit where it meets the roof. Can anybody suggest the best way to repair this?
Not sure if i am having to replace entire wall or i can patch the outer skin? Jayco almost want to rebuild the entire van the way they suggest, thinking that i am going to opt for an upgrade van. This is a great van and just looking for an effective and also lowest cost way of fixing it?
Any advice would be much appreciated...
starcraft 22.68.1 Posted by: Bswilliams 16 Oct 2016 1 Replies
We have just order our first brand new family van a Starcraft 22.68.1 with triple bunks. So excited. We picked our colors etc and asked about the outside stickers, some of the starcrafts have black and grey and other have had red. We asked to have grey and black but the dealer said no we can't pick the color on the stickers it's just what they give us when it is built. Is this correct? Just seems strange as a couple of hrs ago my parents in law got to pick there stickers. Also had anyway asked to have roll out pantry on the double pantry or do you know if it is possible? It currently has shelves in the display caravan.thank you
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 2 Dec 2016
Unfortunately you don't get to choose decals on caravans. The grey, black and white decals denote an Outback Caravan while tourers are decalled in Red. So its not just what is given when they build them. They are always built with red for tourers and black for outbacks. Ask your dealer to supply you with the roll out pantry. If he doesn't know if its possible then he will ask the factory on your behalf. Not much point asking in forums as forum members vans could be older and have different sized pantrys to yours.
Tow secure breakaay system Posted by: The Martins 25 Sep 2016 16 Replies
I have recently picked up my new StarCraft van and took it away on a trial run this weekend, all went well, but I noticed the tow secure system was not giving out the 5 beeps, it did when I picked it up, from what I have read (limited) there is a battery in the breakaway controller on the van, which I will check, but just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem, there are no lights on at all on the receiver in the car.
tow securePosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Time to study the manual. It will all be in there.
Breakaway SystemPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
It sounds like your receiver doesn't have 12v from the plug in the car. I've had this and you get nothing from the receiver.
If the receiver is powered you will get a fault light flashing and audible sound if there is a battery problem with the Brakesafe.
Also I've found that the 5 beeps are very easy to miss unless you are focused on hearing them, even if it's working properly. I've shut the car down and restarted a few different times now to hear the beeps.
Breakaway Posted by: The Martins  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Thanks Nomad246
Lionelo, not sure why you bothered.
LioneloPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 25 Sep 2016
Do you realise that there is someone with the same unacceptable attitude on the Caravaners F******ds site that uses the identical user name as you do
Tow Vehicle:jeep grand cherokee 5.7 HemiCaravan/Motorhome Type:Coromal Lifestyle 23ftPartner's Name:LouellaFirst Name:LionelLocation:Attadale.W.A.
If it is you the Coromal user group is more suited to your attitude than the Jayco family. If it's not, you must be twins with the same bad attitude.
Just sayin
nomad 246Posted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
I still own a Jayco, and have owned and hired out 47 of them over the last 23years. I would know more about Jaycos than most people. What gets up my nose is the amount of people that never read their manuals and ask inane questions because they are too lazy to do some homework. What also gets up my nose is the few permanent old anonymous forum sitters that give the same old drawn out comment to a simple question. The wiring of 3 way fridges is a perfect example. As this site would hold the record for the most complaining and whingeing, I wonder why you feel I do not have the same right.
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Wouldn't be so bad Lionel if you could get three different people to agree on wiring a fridge. Hahahahahahahaha.

I agree though that people should at least try and read a manual before posting and then at least state what they have tried to do to rectify the problem. :)
Posted by: Boo53  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
ignoring the troll.

Our receiver doesn't work properly either.

Following the instructions I tried to repair the unit with the sender but it didn't do it when the receiver was in the car.

When I plug the receiver in to a cig outlet in the van it does pair. Seems the distance from the Landmcruiser to the sender is too great although I've tried plugging it in to the rear seat outlet and that doesn't help.

we do have a rear storage system between the sender and receiver but it should make that much difference

The van is going in for a service and a couple of minor repairs under warrantee next week so will have to get it checked there
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Has anyone pulled the pin to see if it is working or are you just relying on hearing the beeps when you start the car. I have a Silverline and a Landcruiser and mine works ok every time I have tested it.
LionelOPosted by: The Martins  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Umm, isn't asking questions on here doing what you have said people should do, "doing there homework", I thought that's what the forum is for? If you have nothing to contribute don't bother responding.
My post did say I had some information, (I have found the manual it is 2 sheets of paper) but does not mention anything about my enquiry. I am simply not getting the beeps, when I pull the pin out it sends an alarm, so it does seem to be working, but without the system signalling me it is set.
Boo53 has indicated a possible issue, that I will get looked at when I put it in for a service.
Posted by: Derek Bullock  Replied on: 26 Sep 2016
Must admit the beeps are not very loud. In fact I cannot hear mine but my wife can just hear them.
Posted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
Just went up to our van and had a look at our system.placard in boot said to test it by pushing button on front of box.what button? Nothing there..25 ft stirling o/b.
Breaksafe or Tow SecurePosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 29 Sep 2016
G'day Afterburner,
There's 2 different units been used that I'm aware of.
Sterling vans had Breaksafe, as my Sterling did.
Could have been very late Sterlings or the start of Silverlines got the different Tow Secure units with wireless remotes. Somewhere after 2013/2014 period.
However I thought both of them had press to test on them.
The OP is talking about the later Tow Secure Unit.
Posted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 30 Sep 2016
Thanks nomad,ill give jayco a buzz..
Posted by: Andyr66  Replied on: 1 Oct 2016
I have the same issue, I thought it was not working as there are no lights on the in car unit, mine does not beep as supposed to.
To test before each trip, I simply pull the pin on the draw bar (with the in cab unit plugged in the car). If it makes noise you're good to go. Plug the pin back in.
I had my in cab unit replaced because it did not beep or make any noise, 3 new units later, still no sound all were paired.
Cheers Andy
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 2 Dec 2016
I may be confusing the issue here but the five bleeps I thought were an indication that the two units are paired. This would only happen the once (on first pairing). If you want to test the unit when hooked up, pull out the plunger on the unit on the A frame and see if red lights flash and warning buzzer sounds. This will prove the system is paired.
Posted by: Whale  Replied on: 2 Dec 2016
I had this issue and found the battery was dead as it is only charged when van is connected to tug, I've replaced battery and now need to pair the units, I also brought a 240V charger to sit in the van when not ion use
the 5 beeps sound if everything is OK when van is connected to tug (see Auto Test in attached manual)
this is a link to the Tow Secure manual
Wheel alignment Posted by: Stotty 28 Oct 2016 12 Replies
Hi I have a 21' silver line and it is scrubbing out two tires on the offside I reported it and had it looked at while under warranty it is now out of warranty and still wearing out the tyres anybody else have this problem?
Tyre WearPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 29 Oct 2016
G'day Stotty,
I was conscious of wheel alignment initially after hearing things and kept an eye on it, still do. Mine's not showing desperate wear but I'm wondering how many Km's the tyres will last as all 4 are close to even wear.

Have you been taking tread depth readings against Km's travelled?
wheel alignmentPosted by: Stotty  Replied on: 29 Oct 2016
Hi Nomad
The tyres have worn on the inside edge when I had it in under warranty they said there was nothing wrong with alignment so I rotated the tyres before I went away on this last trip we did approx 8000K the tyre on the back is nearly bald the front one is worn but not as bad Stotty
Wheel alignment Posted by: Fatts59  Replied on: 29 Oct 2016
We know of two Silverlines with warn tyres, one 2016 25 ft 12,000 klms front left hand Side is scrubbing out, had a service & they put on the spare tyre not good enough. Second one 2015 21ft Silverline rear tyre had to be turned around on the rim, they are still travelling around. Not good as now they are going through the factory to see if they will pay for new tyre & wheel alignment. Also have another friend with a 21 ft Silver line with the same problem, we have a 25ft 2016 Silverline only done 400 Kim's hope to check it before our first service, there must be something wrong in the factory in the jigging department with the J-Tech suspension making the tyres out of alignment!
Wheel AlignmentPosted by: KCandtheCook  Replied on: 8 Nov 2016
I also have a silverline a 2014 with Wheel alignment issues. When we returned from Qld this spring I booked it in for a service and wheel alignment with local Jayco dealer who supplied van. Workshop foreman did the alignment and then advised me to take it to a tyre place to get it done properly. Had to take front passenger tyre off and replace with spare due to outside wear(11,000k's in total). Seemed strange but I did and today was told by the truck wheel alignment place I used that the drivers side is on maximum adjustment and is now straight. The passenger side wheels are still out 7 & 5 degrees of toe in and there is no adjustment left. He commented the suspension is not fitted in the correct place from the factory, hence the error.
I had a mechanical engineer look at it this arvo who said there is two ways to correct it. Cut the weld where mounted and reposition. 2nd and what sounds better option is to install a toe in adjustment on outside mount(only inside mount has adjustment) that will allow the suspension to be brought back into line. I will call on Jayco dealer tomorrow to discuss. This appears to be an issue from the factory not installing the suspension mounting points square to the chassis. Will advise outcome of discussions.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 8 Nov 2016
For all owners of vans with J-teck suspension.
The control arm of the suspension have toe in adjustment. The inner bolt hole is elongated (can't spell) If you take of both wheels off and run a straight edge across the drums you will see that their is a slight toe in on the front drum. There is no need to bend,cut or weld any part to change the toe in. I will admit though the bolts are e very tight and would need a large extension and socket to undo. I am sure the dealers already now this and can check the toe in and adjust if required. The rear drums have no toe in only the front one. This is to kept the van tracking straight and over many years of design on independant suspension this is what is considered best practice. I checked mine with a straight edge and mine would appear to be lets say 2mm gap at the front of the front drum. I have heard that the ideal is 2 deg toe in but I do not know that for sure.
Wheel AlignmentPosted by: KCandtheCook  Replied on: 10 Nov 2016
Hi David, I am not sure we are both on the same page with this discussion. I have had a look and spoken to mechanic, and Jayco service and there is definetly adjustment on the rear axles on the silverline. They are located on the inside suspension arms and have a cam(elongated as you mention) on one side to allow the suspension to be adjusted. Mine have been adjusted to the maximum and the passenger side is still out by 7.5 & 5 degrees front and back. The only way to further adjust them is as I explained above. You are fortunate that your toe in is at 2degrees as any more will wear tyres as discussed in above posts.
Local Jayco dealer is approaching the factory to try and resolve the problem.
Regards KC
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 10 Nov 2016
Hi there
Yes you are right there is adjustment on the inner control arm front and back. I am no expert re wheel alignment i was of the opinion that on a trailer the rear axle has no toe in or toe out only the front axle has a slight toe in to kept the trailer traking straight. I raised the point that I have read on some to the forums that their was no adjustment and it had to be bent etc. I was informing those out there that there is infact adjustment. I mentioned 2 deg as I had read that somewhere and in fact that could be incorrect. Jayco to my knowledge assemble the suspension and that would require a jig of some sort prior to tightening. One would think in the early days there may have been some set up incorrectly but if that was the case this has since been sorted. Wear on the tyres as we all know can be pressures, out of alignment or simply crap tyres. At least at this point of time people know their is adjustment and a recommended setting. My van has done maybe 5,000 with only a slight feather on the front wheels which is normal for front tyres. All the best.David
wheel aligmentPosted by: Stotty  Replied on: 16 Nov 2016
I took my van to a wheel aligment place today and they told me that the toe in out is ok but that the camber is out and that the way to fix it would be to fit an adjuster on the outside bush I will have to contact Jayco again and see what they say stotty
Wheel AllignmentPosted by: KCandtheCook  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
Hi fatts59 and Stotty, have you had any luck with Jayco about the problems. My local dealer approached Jayco and their response was basically lack of interest. Blaming road damage, tyre pressures etc. They said damage has to be reported and evident in first service of 1,000ks which is a bit tough. Dealer was very empathetic towards problem but hamstrung by factory.
Wheel AllignmentPosted by: KCandtheCook  Replied on: 28 Nov 2016
Hi fatts59 and Stotty, have you had any luck with Jayco about the problems. My local dealer approached Jayco and their response was basically lack of interest. Blaming road damage, tyre pressures etc. They said damage has to be reported and evident in first service of 1,000ks which is a bit tough. Dealer was very empathetic towards problem but hamstrung by factory.
Wheel AllignmentPosted by: Brisand  Replied on: 30 Nov 2016
I have a 2015 21.65.3 Silverline, I also have an alignment problem occurring under warranty if you search , J Tek Suspension on this forum you will read about those who have been successful.
I did my own first service this I am told precludes me from having a claim on my faulty wheel alignment as at they check the wheel alignment at the 1000km service, I spoke with the Jayco warranty manager today who told me by me doing my own servicing he would not do a warranty claim.
I said there were a number who Jayco had replaced tyres, and corrected the alignment, and they must have had the 1000 km service done, but proves Jayco's 1000 km does not pick up a faulty alignment, it fell on deaf ears.
Alignment.Posted by: Paul W  Replied on: 30 Nov 2016
Yep, that's the perfect out for them. They don't check alignment on services, he is full of $hit.
TV in bedroom Posted by: crannesdale 20 Nov 2016 3 Replies
Hi we have a Jayco Sterling and can't get the TV in the bedroom to receive a signal . We have pushed in the button on the wall and still no signal. The other TV works perfectly. Any suggestions? Thanks. 👍👍
Posted by: Hooray54  Replied on: 25 Nov 2016
Hi, I had a 2013 Sterling and had problems with TV reception, problem was due to bad termination of connectors onto the TV cabling within the van, I ended up re terminating 3 bad connections. In my Sterling the bedroom outlet was connected directly to the TV1 outlet on the Wineguard box, so you could check there first. It was very difficult to re terminate some cables because there was no slack in the cabling to play with. Hope this helps
TV in BedroomPosted by: Crannesdale  Replied on: 27 Nov 2016
Thank you, we will try that. Hubby has already seen that the cabling is a nightmare 😱😱 lol
TV in BedroomPosted by: Crannesdale  Replied on: 27 Nov 2016
Thank you, we will try that. Hubby has already seen that the cabling is a nightmare 😱😱 lol