Fitting a fammia awning on jayco swift Posted by: Thomodt 26 Mar 2017 NEW! 5 Replies
Hi new here, do members see any problems with fitting a 2.6 fammia awning to a 2015 jayco swift tourer.
Posted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
I have a Fiamma 45s fitted to my 2014 Swift and love it, easy to wind out & set up.
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
It probably could be done but may look a bit odd with overhangs etc. Take into account its weight and get some advice from Jayco as to how much load you can place on your roof before fitting it. I know that Jayco don't fit Fiamma awnings to current day swifts due to the roof length being too short.
Fiamma 45sPosted by: Thomodt  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
Hi dodgyed, thanks for you reply could you please post a photo of your 2014 swift with fiamma awning attached. Did you fit it your self. Cheers thomodt
Fiamma awning Posted by: Thomodt  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
Hi jaycomuddy, thank you for your advice , I will check with jayco, cheers thomodt
Posted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 30 Mar 2017NEW!
Hi Thomodt, awning was already on Van, I have uploaded a pic awaiting approval.
Roof Leak Swift Posted by: Dodgyed 22 Mar 2017 NEW! 4 Replies
Hi guys, last Friday 17th got caught in torrential rain & winds at Port Stephens. Had 2 leaks at both the roof corners on door side only. That side has a Fiamma 45s Awning. Front leak was worse, fast drip from behind curtain rail. Could the water be coming from where the awning is attached? Anyone had a similar problem & advise please.
Posted by: Olefella  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
what about where the roof support (telescopic legs) are bolted through the roof corners?
Posted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 23 Mar 2017
Thanks Olefella, I'll check that out, I just thought because both leaks were awning side it was the cause.
Thanks again
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
The leaks could have been on the awning side simply because that side was lower due to the awning weight. The front worse than the back due to levelling or even wind. Try using the struts which are now supplied with all new camper trailers which support the roof on the heavy side (awning side) a little. They would be available to order or could be made yourself. Of course you still need to check where the leak is coming from so check the caulking and have it renewed if its dry or cracked/damaged. You may need to0 check this every 4 or 5 years or so depending on where/how the unit is stored
Posted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 30 Mar 2017NEW!
Thanks for that, will do !!!
CYCLONE Posted by: Tsvvegas 27 Mar 2017 3 Replies
We are based in Townsville and have cyclone Debbie on the approach. Unable to leave as we have gravely ill family member in TSV hospital. Has anyone been through at cat 4 system with there jayco and how did it fair (structural damage etc)? I have taken all possible precautions with star posts 1.5 mts into the ground (x10) and van secured by HD straps.
Cyclone DebbiePosted by: Coreycruiser  Replied on: 27 Mar 2017
Sounds like you have done your homework and prepared well. Insurance will cover the van, look after yourselves and be safe. Caravans are replaceable. Best wishes, will say a wee prayer for you all.

Corey Cruiser Perth WA
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 27 Mar 2017
I spent a night at Walpole with 100kph gusts and that was pretty exciting, if not terrifying in a star craft, nothing for it but to secure everything and hope for the best. During the night a largish branch from a tree hit the roof of my friends van but cause no real damage... But Cat 4 is another thing, callous as it sounds I would leave your rellie in hospital where they can care for them and make a run inland and then return when the cyclone has come ashore. If you intend weathering the storm in your van just make sure there is nothing loose anywhere laying around that can fly into the van in the wind, if the van is not hit by flying debris and tied down it should survive. Wish you luck!
CyclonePosted by: Tsvvegas  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
Thanks Coreycruiser for your prayer. Someone was listening. We dodged a huge bullet here in Townsville. I would have taken your advice Hyacinths husband but we could not leave our family member . Been a long road, if you know what I mean. But seeing the destruction in Bowen, Mackay and Proserpine our van would have been a right off, despite my best measures to protect it . Hopefully there won't be a next time but will definitely be headed to a safe zone. Thanks for your posts.

Cheers Tsvvegas.

Generator Posted by: Ian Cooper 25 Mar 2017 9 Replies
I have a 21 ft Silverline with an Ibis 3 air conditioner and Waeco compressor fridge. Will a Honda EU20i generator run both if I turn everything off then start the aircon and let cool down, then start the fridge.
EU 2 load capacityPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 25 Mar 2017
We have a 21 ft Silverlne with the Waeco fridge. I have only tested the Honda EU2 for about 10 minutes with the air conditioner and the fridge running at the same time with our current set up. We are about to head south for a couple of months and we plan to do a lot of free camping so the generator and the air conditioner will get some use, especially if the weather is still warm . We had much the same arrangement with our previous caravan and often ran the air conditioner and the fridge simultaneously for hours on end without any issues so I am confident we will have no problems with the present combination. Bob.
Posted by: Ian Cooper  Replied on: 26 Mar 2017
Thanks Bob. Wonder how it will go on heating
Honda EU2Posted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 26 Mar 2017
I think heating is more efficient than cooling so the load on heating should be slightly lower. In other words, no problem.
Posted by: Big leg  Replied on: 26 Mar 2017
good luck with the honda2kw tested my ibis 3 in my 22ft starcraft/OB 2015 would not run air con honda over load switch tripped regularly.
did some study and look like you need a 3.2 kw to run it.

Posted by: Ian Cooper  Replied on: 27 Mar 2017
The Generator Place guarantees it will run the Ibis3and Waeco fridge
Load on 2 kw generatorPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 28 Mar 2017
Hi Ian
If you have not purchased the 2kw unit I would go for the 3.2kw.
The 2kw will be running at its maximum, this is not good on a 40deg day when you really want the aircon. The generator will be stressed to the limit. The maximum continual output reduces in hot conditions as well. The 3.2 will run what you want no worries with capacity to spare. Much better for the generator and you.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 28 Mar 2017
ALDI have a 3.2kW continuous on sale for $399; https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-1-april/saturday-detail-wk13/ps/p/3500w-inverter-generator/
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
Just ensure that all other 240v consumers in your van are isolated. A friend of mine had a Honda trip when his wife turned on her hair drier. I checked his 240V water heater element and it was switched on (He left this on all the time even though we were free camping thinking it wouldn't hurt). I then advised him to isolate his battery as a charging current would also be adding to the load. All ok after that.
Generator Posted by: Ian Cooper  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
Just took delivery of the EU20i. Powered up Ibis 3 aircon then turned compressor fridge on then turned battery charger back on. No problems. Went to Generator and switched to economy mode all running perfectly. Very pleased.
Sphere washing machine Posted by: Big leg 22 Mar 2017 4 Replies
Has any one removed washing machine from 2015 Starcraft OB 22ft big job? Need to replace on/off button on machine or replace machine
Posted by: Boo53  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
We needed to access ours after the inlet tap started to leak but fortunately covered by warranty so ducked that one, but I'd like to know for next time. Couldn't find anything on youtube
Posted by: Big leg  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
Lucky our tap is in the cupboard next to m/c can access that easy
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 24 Mar 2017
Yes my tap is in the cupboard next to the machine. I always turn that off if I'm not going to be around the van but a chap showed me a device that you screw onto a tap then connect your machine hose to it and it stops water rushing out if there is a burst hose.... He said he got it at a plumbing supplies shop. Here is one on eBay for less than $10....
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
Depending on the fitments or furniture around your machine it could be a time consuming task as most of the time the furniture requires dismantling and reassembly in order to replace a unit. You would have to assess whether you were up to doing this yourself or if you preferred to book it into a dealer for the work to be done.
Water tank Posted by: Dodgyed 28 Feb 2017 8 Replies
Hi guys, just bought a Swift. Plan on only going to serviced parks. Towing vehicle is a 2.4 petrol Kia Sportage. To reduce weight I was going to empty water tanks! Will this cause problems?
Any advice is appreciated.
Posted by: Mundy  Replied on: 1 Mar 2017
If the water tank(s) are behind the camper axle, full tanks will reduce tow ball load somewhat and lower the overall centre of mass of the camper.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 1 Mar 2017
Yes look I would keep a few litres in a tank just so that if you get caught out you have enough water for a drink and/or make a cuppa.
Traveling with empty water tanks especially with a collapsed Swift will not pose any problems.
Posted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 2 Mar 2017
Thanks Guys, the other issue was that I was told if you empty the Water tank it will become impure & need to be flushed etc to be able to use it again ! Would this be correct ?

Care with waterPosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 2 Mar 2017
Regarding impurity of water, what you have been told may not necessarily be quite accurate. ANY water stored for more than a few days in a van tank should be considered unsafe unless some chlorine or other disinfectant is used. Play safe and drain/refill the tank with town water, preferably adding a little chlorine, or boil it before consumption.
Posted by: Carl01  Replied on: 4 Mar 2017
We had a 13ft Destiny and would travel with just a few litres just to wash your hands or a few dishes etc in between parks. Its all weight and if you dont need to be dragging it down the road you are saving money. On a side note we are looking at the Swift currently how do you go towing it with the Kia?
Posted by: Carl01  Replied on: 4 Mar 2017
We had a 13ft Destiny and would travel with just a few litres just to wash your hands or a few dishes etc in between parks. Its all weight and if you dont need to be dragging it down the road you are saving money. On a side note we are looking at the Swift currently how do you go towing it with the Kia?
Kia towingPosted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
Hi Carl01, Kia sportage is 2012 with 2.4, towed fine !!!
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 29 Mar 2017
You shouldn't need to worry at all. If your sportage can tow 1500kg with a 150kg ball weight then fill her up. If you have a 2017 Swift tourer then your ATM is around 1180kg. Which means that loaded to its absolute legal limit it will be 320Kg below your cars towing capacity. Of course if you want to reduce towing weight then travel empty which would allow you more loading of personal items.
2013 Hawk roof leaking Posted by: Stone 28 Mar 2017 1 Replies
Does anyone have a solution to a leaking roof at the corners of their camper. Would sealing them prevent water coming through
Posted by: Dodgyed  Replied on: 28 Mar 2017
Check your bed end flies where they screw into the sail track ( if fitted ). I've just hit mine with some sikaflex 11c.
generator storage and tow ball weight Posted by: Coreycruiser 27 Mar 2017 3 Replies
Can I put a box on the front of my Journey outback 17.55 for the generator and how much will this affect my tow ball down weight?
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 27 Mar 2017
Possibly. How much it affects your ball weight would depend on how much extra weight is going to be put there. Its not only the ball weight either, weigh your van and make sure you don't exceed your GVM as written on the compliance plate. If you have spare capacity you may find you can compensate for the extra weight on the ball by storing some heavier items behind the axle...
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 27 Mar 2017
Place the generator and box directly on top of the ball and that is how much you will increase the ball weight. Now with that in mind measure the distance from the ball to the axle/s eg lets say 3 metres. Then if the box was 1 metre back from the ball then you would increase the ball load by about 1/3 the weight of the total weight of the generator and box. I have a silverline 21-63 and ordered it with the spare at the back underneath and the battery placed under the bed instead of under the front lounge. That decreased the ball load from what is stated on there site 230 to 207 kg. I have 3 water tanks and when they are filled and I have a generator in the drivers side hatch not on the drawer bar my ball weight was 350 kg. I have since moved the 2 front water tanks closer to the centre as possible moved my grey water tank behind the rear water tank and fitted the spare from underneath to the rear of the van. That has reduced the ball weight now to 220 kg. Borrow or buy a ball weight stand and measure what it is now you will most likely be shocked at what is already is when loaded now.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 27 Mar 2017
Sorry the previous stated ball weight now is not 220 kg but is 320kg
Anti Sway Bars Posted by: Doug and Michelle 21 Mar 2017 5 Replies
Does anyone find it necessary to fit anti sway bars to a 2016 Touring Hawk Camper Trailer?
Sway barsPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 21 Mar 2017
Hi Doug and Michelle
You don't say what your towing it with. Are you talking about WDH? Anyway if towing with a family sedan or small SUV it may help. If towing with a Landcruiser/Patol sized vehicle, in my opinion you don't need them.
Sway BarsPosted by: Doug and Michelle  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
Thanks Groovel for your reply we really appreciated it. We are towing our van with a Commodore V6. Spoke with our mechanic this morning and he assures us that there will be no sway when towing our Jayco Hawk campervan. We would still like to hear from experienced campervan owners.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 23 Mar 2017
I used to tow a Swan with a Tarago and there were no sway issues.
Sway Bars ?Posted by: Marty59  Replied on: 24 Mar 2017
Is it SWAY bars or a WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCH (WDH) you are referring to? If you have the weight distributed properly in the van you should never have a sway issue.
However needing a WDH is a whole different story.
Anti sway barsPosted by: Doug and Michelle  Replied on: 25 Mar 2017
Thanks for your reply Marty59. Yes sway bars not WDH. We feel reassured that we won't need sway bars.Thanks for your help.
Caravan insurance Posted by: Nulla84 21 Mar 2017 5 Replies
Hi all just wondering if anyone knows of an insurance company that will cover the van to be towed interstate should our car breakdown?
InsurancePosted by: Commodore  Replied on: 21 Mar 2017
Nulla I don't know what state you live in but I'm in SA. Having seen a lady slip getting out of her van on those stupid plastic steps and breaking her hip and unable to travel for two months my wife and I investigated what we would do if that happened to us. We found with the RAA included with the car and caravan insurance was a package to transport the car and van back to your home in case of such a health issue. I heard of a case where someone passed away and they did all the work to return the family and vehicles to their home. I'm sure the other state clubs would have something similar.
Of cause you must have the car and Caravan insured by the same company.
Posted by: Nulla84  Replied on: 21 Mar 2017
Thanks for the info Commodore, unfortunately our caravan and car are through seperate insurance, we have however RAC road assistance and they are only able to cover cost of putting the car on a truck, at this stage car seems to be going ok but we aren't holding our breath ...
Posted by: Jaycojack  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
I have a Total Care package with RACV. In NSW the NRMA have a similar product so I suggest you check with your RAC people.
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 23 Mar 2017
We have APIA insurance on the van and that includes accommodation etc if the van can't be moved or towed during a trip. I also have "premium Care " with NRMA. We broke down in Salmon Gums in WA and that gets your car and van towed to the closest place they can do repairs. We were towed to Esperance and the van put in a van park and the fees paid until the car could be fixed. Later we broke down at Mylestom and they gave us a hire car to get home ( parts had to be sourced from Korea) and put the van into storage then paid for a flight for us to get back to Coffs Harbour to pick up the car and van..... I'd never leave home without "Premium Care".
Posted by: Jaycojack  Replied on: 23 Mar 2017
Nice quiet place Mylstrom. Pity you didn't have time to enjoy it. Premium care is certainly the way to go.Hope all is fixed up properly now Richard. You can now start planning your next trip.
Tow secure battery Posted by: David beere 19 Mar 2017 7 Replies
While sleeping in our permanently lived in 2015 Silverline we were woken by a vibrating noise, something like the water pump but quieter. I traced the noise to the tow secure box in the front storage boot and saw the red low battery warmning light so assumed the annoying clicking sound was an audio alarm which fortunately stopped after I pressed the test button. An interesting sidline of this mini drama was that the wi fi light switches in the van ceased to work so all this search was carried out by torchlight.
The battery has been replaced from Jaycar and the lights returned to normal as soon as I removed the old battery.
On researching this phenomenon via Mr Google I discovered that the tow secure system has an important WiFi feature to communicate with the towing vehicle every time it is started and that this system is compulsory in NSW. We purchased the Silverline and the BT50 in Port Macquarie together new and as far as I know there is no WiFi connection. There is just a cord that will activate the brakes in the event of a separation. Is this legal?
Ssecond has anyone experienced the strange relationship between the tow secure battery and the WiFi lights? Cheers
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 19 Mar 2017
I think that what you will find is that the remote monitor that is in the vehicle is Bluetooth and not wifi , if you have replaced the battery you need to pair the remote monitor with the main unit, ( I have recently just done the same and also purched the charger shown in the link below) so that each unit knows its partner. check out the instructions here
You will also find that the lights are also bluetooth rather than wifi, as with wifi you have to have a password to connect items together
Tow secure ba6Posted by: David beere  Replied on: 20 Mar 2017
Tow secure battery. Posted by: David beere  Replied on: 20 Mar 2017
Thanks for the informative reply. I have now read the pdf and am truly informed. My original question was that as my towing BT50 has no tow secure wireless receiver is this legal in Aus or particularly NSW. The only contact between the control module and tne towing vehicle is the safety wire that pulls the pin from the tow secure switch if the two vehicles ever part company. I purchased both the Silverline and the BT50 new at the same time and the Mazda dealer sorted out all the extra wiring needed for towing and controlling the caravan. I have never tested anything in the tow secure system but make sure the caravan brakes are working properly every time we set off. So the question is, is this legal in Aus or particularly NSW. Cheers
Posted by: Jaycojack  Replied on: 20 Mar 2017
If the vehicle and trailer are registered in NSW the system is necessary, and rego will not be renewed if the system is inoperative. If both vehicles are new then your next rego check will be in 5 years. In your case extra wiring will be needed to charge the breakaway battery and connect the audible and visual alarm in the cab.Remember the battery (12v7A) is installed to operate the electric brakes,and hold the trailer for 10 min if the trailer happens to separate from the van.
Posted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 20 Mar 2017
Did you or did you not receive the remote monitor with your caravan? You should have received the remote monitor with the caravan. The remote needs to be in the tug. It gives audible and visual notice of connection status, low battery and breakaway.
tow secure batteryPosted by: Bill3825  Replied on: 23 Mar 2017
It's compulsory in NSW have the warning light plugged in to car to warn if battery is flat or breakaway is activated. Normally these batteries are charged from car wiring when travelling . When parked there is a small charger that plugs into wiring inside tow secure battery box , this charges battery when connected to 240 power. If you do not have this charger that is why battery goes flat when left for a length of time. I fitted charger to my van and have had no problems since;
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 23 Mar 2017
breakaway warning systems are compulsory in NSW and according to an informed source will gradually be made compulsory in every state. All this despite not one recorded incident where a van has broken away from the towing vehicle and was stopped by the break away system. I was developing a fully wireless system that sensed the towing vehicle rather than have to connect a lanyard but I sold my rights and its now being finalised by another company. When it hits the market just remember I invented it.
Dimensions of table. Posted by: Doug and Michelle 21 Mar 2017 1 Replies
Just purchased a brand new 2016 Jayco Touring Hawke campervan, which we take delivery of in a week. Does anyone know the dimensions of the dining table inside.?
Dimensions of Table.Posted by: Doug and Michelle  Replied on: 22 Mar 2017
Further to our request for the table dimensions.
Our van is locked away for another week ready for us to take delivery. therefore no access to measure table. Googling was fruitless and the brochures made no mention to the measurements. Anyone out there with a 2016 Jayco Touring Hawk.......would love to hear from you.