Fridge 12V Posted by: Kerno cruising 18 Sep 2017 7 Replies
Does anyone run their fridge off the van batteries - mainly while driving - we have issues with the Anderson plug and are told the fridge is not connected and is running off the van batteries - we dont think this is the case.
Fridge 12 volt supplyPosted by: Groove1  Replied on: 18 Sep 2017
Hi Kerno
You don't say what model your van is or what model your fridge is or what your Anderson plug issues are.
If your 3 way fridge has the manual selector for AC/Gas/DC it should never be connected to the van battery to heat the fridge 12 volt element. Jayco don't wire there vans that way. This best done via a Anderson plug correctly wired to the vehicle battery while the engine is running.
The auto select 3 way models may have a connection to the van battery for functional purposes only.
Posted by: Kerno cruising  Replied on: 19 Sep 2017
Thanks - its a three way fridge -van bought in 2008 - we thought the anderson plug was powering the fridge as we drove but find out that it wasnt set up this way for some reason - person who put it in said the batteries in the van would be powering the fridge but we thought (and were right) that this is not the case - have to get that sorted now
Frig 12vPosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 19 Sep 2017
Your 3 way frig, if it is similar to my Thetford frig, will have a 12v supply from the van's battery to power the operational panel at the front of the frig and to the door light but will not have a heavy duty supply to the frig's heater element. The 12v heater element should not be connected to the van's battery as it's high current draw will soon flatten the van's battery. The heater element needs to be connected via an anderson plug to the tug (suitably wired so that power is only supplied whilst the tug's engine is operating).
3 way caravan fridge on 12 V when drivingPosted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 19 Sep 2017
Jayco do not wire the 12 V system so you can run the 3 way fridge on 12V van batteries at any time. Jayco wires their caravan through a 12 pin plug and the 2 extra heavy duty wires on that 12 pin plug are for the fridge to go to the car battery.
The 12 v system on the 3 way fridge, draws way too much power and most new vehicles have a smart alternator, that will not keep up the charge drawn by the 3 way fridge. You will need to have an isolator and an extra battery installed in your car and a DC to DC charger for the 12 v system to work. This is an expensive option. It is cheaper not to run the fridge on 12 V whilst driving. When camped some where switch onto gas or 240V as soon as your are at your destination.
When driving, we put in a 2 litre milk bottle which we have filled with water which we have frozen solid and put one of these in the fridge compartment and one in the freezer compartment. That way your food and drinks will stay cold for the period you are driving, providing you do not open the fridge or freezer compartment. We have tested this method with a thermometer in both compartments and the food stays within a few degrees of the starting temperature whilst driving.
We have traveled from Victoria to Darwin and FNQ and WA have used this very simple and low tech method to keep our items in the fridge cold and at a safe temperature.

Running on 12 VoltPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 21 Sep 2017
Just run a 6 B&S cable from your vehicle battery to the back of your fridge via an Anderson plug and it will work fine on 12 volt. I personally would hate to drive in 30C+ temps for 6-8 hours and expect the fridge to still be below 5C which is what a fridge should not get above for keeping food safe. Also it will take forever if the night is hot and you are opening the door (which is what the door is for) for the fridge to catch up if it is turned off for hours during the day. Depending on your vehicle you can put in a diode voltage booster fuse for about $50 which will give you an extra 0.5volts or just have your smart charger disabled if your vehicle has one.
Running on 12VPosted by: Mundy  Replied on: 24 Sep 2017
Whilst I assume, with the passage of time and for different Jayco models, the electrical connections may be different but some of what's been said above cannot be correct.
I have a Penguin Outback which was supplied with a 100Ah deep cycle battery and a Setec smart charger. My 93L 3 way fridge will run on 12V supply from the camper battery via the Setec but, as has been said above, may draw up to 10amps if run on high (5 on my dial). Most of the time I run on dial 2 to 3 so it doesn't draw that much. With 240 supply, you can select the fridge to run either directly on 240V or on 12V but in either case the supply is via the Setec. I have run my fridge on 12V (with camper shut) with a 240V supply to the camper for several days without any issues. The 12V supply is really only a temperature holding setting and won't cool down an hot fridge or be effective if the door is being opened and shut all the time. You can't run the fridge on 240V setting with the camper shut as it generates too much heat and may cause a fire or scorching.
With my camper connected to the vehicle, the 12V supply comes from the vehicle's main battery via an isolating relay, so it only provides power when the vehicle is running, so as not to flatten the main battery. You could use a second battery in your vehicle as the supply but it should have a dc-dc charger and isolator from your vehicle's main battery. But I don't think the expense is worth it unless you intend camping with car only (and hence need a second battery).
Some people use an anderson plug for the 12V supply in lieu of the 12pin flat connector supplied by Jayco but I'v e had no problem with mine.
Suffice to say I don't agree with some of the other replies but perhaps with a large van and a large fridge, maybe they don't connect to the van battery, but it sounds suspect to me.
Running on 12VPosted by: Mundy  Replied on: 24 Sep 2017
Further to my last, to clarify and add to my comments, I had meant to add that Davidjeng is correct in saying that some smart alternators in modern cars may not output enough voltage to run the fridge on 12V . As he says you might need a smart charger but it doesn't have to be in your car, it can be in the van. As I said, my camper already came with a smart charger (Setec) . Ideally the smart charger should be as close as possible to the battery its trying to charge, hence in the van. This means if you are getting some voltage drop in the cabling and the anderson plug before it gets to the van battery, you get maximum charging. The advantage of being it the car is that you can more easily have a voltage monitoring gauge showing the output voltage and amps of the smart charger that allows you to check that the smart charger is working and the state of charge of the van battery.
Vehicle tracking Posted by: Afterburner 21 Sep 2017 1 Replies
Hi all,with all the caravans getting stolen has any one got a tracking device fitted ? Any info on models,prices etc appreciated.also how it is wired etc.
Posted by: Josh Cox  Replied on: 22 Sep 2017
check out spidertrack, not sure if they do a car / caravan product
Re Silverline windows crackink Posted by: Ajaygee 19 Sep 2017 5 Replies
We have noticed three of the four windows on the off side of our silver line outback are cracking we have contacted our dealer today and domestic have agreed to replace the windows but we have to pay for the labour this is unreal after only 22 months since we bought the van
Cracks in Seitz WindowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 20 Sep 2017
Hi Ajaygee,
Our Silverline was manufactured in August 2016 and purchased by us in September 2016 so it is just 12 months old. I first noticed a 3cm crack in the ensuite window about 6 weeks ago. I reported the defect to the dealer who passed me on to Dometic. Since then the crack has increased to 5cm and there are now several along the lower edge of that window but when we looked carefully at every window I found another window with about four cracks ranging from 0.5cm to 1 cm. The Dometic service manager asked what detergent I had been using to wash the windows (suggesting I was not using the correct cleaning agent). I have only washed the van a couple of times and told him I use water only. Dometic have agreed to fix both windows under warranty however they didn't offer any guarantees regarding the other windows. I will be watching them like a hawk from now on and will press a further claim if any more cracks appear. The windows range in price from about $350 to $650 each. Bob.
My windows have begun to crack as well!Posted by: Steve Gray  Replied on: 20 Sep 2017
I just noticed (in my not quite 2 year old van which is nicely out of warranty) that my windows have also started to crack. I have cracks in the bottom edge and up near the top/hinge area. It would seem that this is a product defect which the manufacturer should stand by just as when cars do a recall when issues are seen as a common defect. Has anyone had any support from Jayco or the window manufacturer? I think it should be Jayco that takes it up with the manufacturer on our behalf as they should back their product and would have a bit more clout than us!
Cracked windowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 20 Sep 2017
Cracked WindowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 20 Sep 2017
I suspect there are a lot of Silverline and Sterling owners who have the same windows and are having the same issues as we are. I also agree it is really Jayco who should deal with our product defect and the fact the windows in their caravans are not fit for their intended use and withdraw them altogether. Fat chance with out a lot of pressure from customers. Maybe we should all write letters or emails of complaint and send them to the agent who sold us our caravans, Jayco as the manufacturer, Dometic who supply the windows, Office of Fair Trading, Four Corners and each TV network. It would be interesting to hear from others who are experiencing the cracking windows. If there is a significant number we will have the consumer power to exert enough pressure to get them all replaced.
Cracked WindowsPosted by: Steve Gray  Replied on: 21 Sep 2017
I have put a post on Jayco's Facebook page (also made public on my feed) and they have been in touch. I am to take it to a service agent for their opinion. Stay tuned...
Pimply like surface on internal walls Posted by: Smittyhedges 17 Sep 2017 1 Replies
I own a 2014 Jayco StarCraft and when I was preparing the van to go on a trip I noticed that there was a sort of bubbly appearance (similar to what a grain of rice size) on the internal wall below a window. There has been no rain for about 6 months, so I'm hesitant to think if this would be dampness or a water leak. Has anyone had this experience or might know what this is? Thank you
WallsPosted by: Davidofcoburg  Replied on: 18 Sep 2017
I had a similar problem and it was due to a water leak and I ended up with a major repair. One way to prove it is to buy a moisture detection meter (you can buy one for about $30) and you can test the area yourself and if a water leak is the problem you can get it fixed before the problem worsens.
Caravan ATM Upgrade Posted by: Gunnago 13 Sep 2017 13 Replies
Thought I would share our experience with fellow Jayco Silverline owners. We have a 2014 Silverline 21-65-4 Std caravan that was ordered with K8 upgraded independent suspension, 300mm extended drawbar & Alco off road brake magnets. It was ordered with 3 water tanks & full annex. Our intention was to do a lot of free camping etc. However it became quite obvious that the payload available was never going to be adequate unless we made some serious compromises regarding any accessories we wished to fit & goods to take. As most of us are aware most Jayco dual caravans come with either 475Kg or 600Kg payload. On the surface it seems sufficent. However in reality to free camp comfortability 600kg was not enough. You immediately lose around 285kg just in water & gas. Then fit your WDH, Extra solar panel, batteries & inverter. Thats an extra 65Kg. Generator & 10 Litre fuel. Another 35Kg. Gas ducted heater another 12Kg. Annex 55Kg. That a pretty basic std set up. It is around 450Kg out of your 475 or 600Kg payload. This does not in any real way meet the expectations of a potential free camper.

So here is what we did. We made every attempt to get the Dealer & Jayco HQ to fulfill our expectations by fulfilling there own statement. In all Jayco brochure's

Jayco allow an amount of additional weight (Carrying Load) for each individual unit manufactured above the initial manufactured Tare Weight of the unit. This ‘Carrying Load’ is for the
customers individual weight requirements and can be made up of ‘any’ additional weight they propose to load the unit with, e.g. water, food, clothes etc. The standard approximate
unit carrying loads Jayco apply are; Tandem Axle, internal shower units 475kg.
They way we read this statement is that Jayco will give the customer what he/she needs. Unfortunately this is untrue.
How to remedy the problem. Don't carry water would be easy. Then you cant have a cuppa or wash dishes or shower. Totally unacceptable. Take the Dealer to VCAT. Messy & time consuming. Hire an engineer.
Hooray for Jason Underwood Design 9VASS VicRoads certified engineer) from Shepparton. Increased the ATM from 3211Kg to 3500Kg & towball down load to 350Kg for the very reasonable sum of $440.00. No modifications required & now legal. Thanks Jason. Thanks for nothing Dealer & Jayco HQ. To be clear we are not Jayco bashers. We love our Silverline & would maybe by another. Its just their lack of compromise & help after they take your money.
ATM UpgradePosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 14 Sep 2017
What is a K8 upgraded independent suspension ?
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 14 Sep 2017
350Kg ball weight does not leave much of a usefull load in a tow vehicle .
K8 SuspensionPosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 14 Sep 2017
Hi Killtrassy
K8 Suspension. A Jayco order code, to what I was told by the dealer is the heaviest springs available for the JTECH independent suspension fitted to our Jayco Silverline. Apart from that I cant tell you anything more.
As for the statement made by GME. 350Kg towball download is the maximum. It however is not what you have to apply. I could with weight repositioning get it to say 270Kg. Its a maximum not a requirement. It is however well below my tow vehicles 450Kg max towball download. So I don't see it being an issue at all. My tow vehicle is 4495Kg GVM & 4500Kg towing. GCM 9000Kg. If I wish I can take the vehicle out to a GVM of 4830Kg. However this reduces the towing to 3500Kg.
Posted by: GME  Replied on: 14 Sep 2017
Will deff not worry your vehicle , sounds like a decent tug .
Outback model SuspensionPosted by: MrDicko  Replied on: 15 Sep 2017
Hi Gunnago,
Did your investigations of the K8 suspension indicate that it was the suspension in the outback model.
We have a 21.65-4 SL OB and I would be interested in doing what you have done.
I enquired re the upgrade at the dealer and was told that Jayco would only update a van when ordered from the factory. I bought mine off the "showroom floor".
Your upgrade sounds great and well worth the money.
BTW what sort of tow vehicle are you using?
OB SuspensionPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 15 Sep 2017
I thought the suspension in the Outback and Touring are the same. I have a Touring 21.65.4 on order but paid an extra $300 to get the Outback height suspension ( they just put the suspension on top of the axle instead of underneath ) which gives you an extra 80 mm but still have the 15" wheels which makes it 70 mm lower than an Outback with the 16" rims / tyres which is all I required in extra height. So instead of being 150 mm difference between the two there is only 70 mm. For that extra price you get the OB corner drops , drop down step , mud flaps , off road magnets and recessed hitch.
OB SuspensionPosted by: MrDicko  Replied on: 16 Sep 2017
I am taking my OB in for service at the end of the month. I will ask the workshop staff about this K8 suspension as I wish to know if this K8 kit is required to upgrade the ATM.
I just can't get my head around these caravan manufacturers that underate the ATM.
If the build capabilities support the 3500kg ATM then why not state it on the spec plate.
When I took delivery of my new van it was made quite clear to me the weights on the plate so if I were to tow it with a less than suitably rated vehicle, that would be my problem both legally and safely.
To lower the ATM just so someone may want to tow it with a lesser rated tow vehicle is rediculous as it then becomes a burden not only for the original owner but subsequent owners as well for the life of the van.
Just my thoughts...
ATM UpgradePosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 16 Sep 2017
It was a very simply upgrade. I took my Silverline to Jason Underwood in Shepparton Vic. He checked the caravan over & took measurements. The existing independent suspension was not an issue at all. I will say though, even though Jason is a certified engineer Jayco HQ still refused to supply him specifications regarding the suspension even though they promised. Not surprising to me. Anyway what happened with my Silverline was. The existing data plate was stamped with
197Kg empty ball weight (Still the same)
300Kg Max ball weight. Changed in first week from 256Kg due to unable to comply (Now 350Kg)
475Kg payload. Changed to 600 in first week due to unable to comply. (Now 889Kg if I wish)
2611Kg tare weight (Still the same
3014Kg GTM (Now 3167Kg approx)
3211Kg ATM (Now 3500Kg)
3167Kg Axle group load capacity
The fact that the axle group is 3167Kg allows for the addition of extra payload. ATM 3500kg less 3167Kg = 333Kg. So long as I keep the towball download at around 340Kg I,m legal. Of course I can reduce the payload to keep the Silverline well below the ATM of 3500Kg. Its really up to me to keep everything legal. If I was you I would give Jason a call 0409 168 062. $440.00 for his services is great value for money. I.m not aware of what your tug is . Just keep within your Gross Combined Mass (GCM) Thats max of both tug & caravan (Trailer). Safe travels.
OB suspension replyPosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 16 Sep 2017
Hello MrDicko
The truth be known. I bet if you did some real investigations you would find that the JTECH suspension will handle far more that we are being led to believe. Take note. If you purchase a single axle Jayco it will be rated at around 1740 to 2085Kg Tare weight add 375Kg payload & you get 2115Kg & 2460Kg. So as we know Jayco don't make different chassis or suspensions for every model they produce. So you could assume a tandem axle JTECH Jayco could possibly handle well over 3500Kg maybe even 4000Kg+. We will never be told by HG. Secret JTECH business.
What we have to remember is that markets dictate what we consumers are offered. A perfect example is Dual cab 4x4. Not too long ago towing was 1800Kg or 2500kg on most. Now everyone is claiming 3500Kg. But read the fine print as it's not what is seams. If you wish you now have available GVM upgrades for vehicles. Some dual cab utes 400+ Kg. But again read the fine print. GCM never changes. Toyota Landcruiser is the exception. We had a Jeep GC rated at 3500kg now they have been limited to 3000Kg. Obviously something went wrong. Lets see what the future brings.
OB Suspension replyPosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 16 Sep 2017
Hi Killtrassy
You maybe correct. Jayco do make changes to specifications from time to time. My Silverline 21-65-4 will be very similar. I was told something very similar at ordering. Ours did come a little taller than the Std touring model however it did not come with a recessed hitch. A little thing I was told was that the independent arms are slightly longer for the OB models. Mine has these longer arms & longer coils. Well thats what I was told. Some times I think dealers well tell us anything if they think it will encourage a sale & deposit.
Reply to OB suspensionPosted by: MrDicko  Replied on: 17 Sep 2017
Thank you Gunnago, your information is absolutely great.
I am in North Qld at this moment but I am heading to Victoria next month and I will make contact with Jason prior to arriving there.
I hope that the update is not state specific as my new van is currently registered in Qld but my actual home is in SA.
My current tow vehicle is a 200 series LC and I am very happy with this vehicle and its capabilities however I would consider changing it for a Ram/Silverado/F250 if it enabled me to carry the gear I want and need to remain on the road virtually full time.
Once again, thank you very much.
No need for F250 or RamPosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 17 Sep 2017
Hello Mr Dicko
In Toowoomba QLD you should visit & have a discussion with Michael Briggs from SixWheeler. We went in this direction instead of the F250 or Ram. We travel into remote 4x4 country on quite skinny tracks. In the past I have seen what happens to a wider vehicle when it hits a log hidden in the brush. Not pretty at all. We had a 2016 Bt50 XTR modified to a six wheeler (Lazy axle). It is 4495Kg GVM with 4500Kg towing on a std car licence. Or you can get at 4830Kg GVM with 3500Kg towing on a light truck licence. With an ECU remap to 175KW & 610NM we find it the best tow vehicle we have ever owned. At 4300Kg with all my touring camping gear on we get around 15-16 Litre per 100Km. Towing the Silverline it comes in at around 20-22 litre per 100Km. Very happy with that. However its the stability with 6 wheels that is so impressive. Either by itself or towing. Just brilliant. I have it set up with front & rear winches, bullbar side steps, 170L water tank, 100l additional fuel tank, just about everything I could imagine. On the back of the tray there is a gull wing box 1900mm x 750mm x 900mm high. The lift of camper is 1900 mm x 1620mm x 900mm. With solar, HWS, Inverter, Fridge freezer etc etc. A really fantastic set up that suits us when free camping. Everyone is different so what ever you decide on will be to your personality & requirements. All the best with everything. Safe travels
Ram/Silverado/F250Posted by: MrDicko  Replied on: 17 Sep 2017
Thanks again Gunnago, to be honest I had not thought of that avenue with regard to a tow vehicle.
Sounds like you have a very good set up with plenty of flexibility which is what I am looking for to be on the road "full time"
I do agree with you re the width of the US trucks.
Some time ago I had an F250 that I used soley for work.
I found it was a horror vehicle when off road and the worst part that when on dirt roads with ruts formed by the track of other vehicles it would tramline all over the road at times because it could not follow the wheel ruts. I eventually traded it back on a Ford Ranger.
It was a great vehicle when on the "black stuff" but outright dangerous on narrow unsealed roads.
Water pressure Posted by: Paulglover 18 Aug 2017 2 Replies
Hi there. Is it possible to increase cold water pressure in my 2015 starcraft. Pressure in the shower is poor. Being a first time traveller I am open to all suggestions and comments. Thanks.
LOW PRESSUREPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 18 Aug 2017
This problem turns up quite often. It is most likely the Pressure Limiting Valve which is blocked of failed. The PLV is a brass tube under the caravan near the water inlet connection and is about 125mm long and 30mm diameter with a connection each end. It will also have an arrow and (I think) and 350kpa stamped on it. I replaced mine from the local plumbing shop, but make sure you get one with a non-return valve in it or the caravan pump will pump water out the inlet. I carefully unscrewed the threaded fittings but you can also press the rings in on the plastic connections and slip the plastic pipes out. (The PLV is not adjustable.)
Posted by: Jaycojack  Replied on: 15 Sep 2017
Suggest you remove the inlet valve and put a decent one on. AVG make one that is adjustable..350kpa 450 and 600Kpa. Cost about $90 but approved type. Jayco ones are crap Chinese origin that Do not comply with local and state water authorities.
Connecting TV audio sound to surround speakers Posted by: Dreamcruiser 16 Jun 2017 6 Replies
We own a 2014 Jayco 26.65 Outback. The audio sound from the Sphere TV is tinny. Does any know if and how we can connect the audio to our surround sound speakers through the van.
Connecting to the stereoPosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 17 Jun 2017
While it is not clear, I assume you have a Fusion or similar stereo near your TV. If this is the case, you probably have stereo input connections on the back of it. These are probably RCA plugs and will be the same as the stereo output plugs on the back of the TV.

If the above is correct, simply get the necessary leads from Jaycar, KMart or similar and plug and play.
Re soundPosted by: Keato58  Replied on: 26 Jun 2017
Our SL outback came with stereo leads you simply plug them in and turn stereo to TV and away you go
ReplyPosted by: Treny  Replied on: 3 Sep 2017
Hi good luck with RCA leads. Our Starcraft has them near the TVs aerial box. Tried connecting them to the TV and nothing. Tried Turning the radio on and turned on auxiliary still nothing. Purchased a sound bar and mounted it above the window. Excellent sound now and also have a Bose USB speaker for when operating on 12v as the sound bar is 240v only.
Re TV Sound out of caravan's speakersPosted by: Balded  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
With our Starcraft, we just plugged the stereo lead that was near the TV into the TV, then turned the Fusion radio on and selected TV. Done. If that doesn't work for you then check that Jayco have actually plugged the stereo lead into the back of the radio.
SilverlinePosted by: Davidofcoburg  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
The radio's speakers worked fine from the TV on our Silverline, the sound qulaity is quite good.
TV sound from caravan speakersPosted by: Pmg57  Replied on: 11 Sep 2017
WE have a 2015 StarCraft and have tried two TV's but the remotes for tv interfered with the Fusion stereo. changed the stations and turned off and on. Now have a Sphere tv and can watch tv and listen to stereo outside at the same time, but have only ever been able to get one speaker of the van to work if connecting the RCA cable .
Generator Box for the Silverline Posted by: Ogoyder 3 Sep 2017 2 Replies
Hello all,
I have a 2016 Silverline 21.65-3 Outback. I have just purchased a generator and I am looking for somewhere to store it. Dimensions (mm) are 510(l) x 260(w) x 450 (h) and a mass just over 30 kg. I am after some solutions. Alternatives could be a slide out generator box mounted at the rear. Another solution might be to install a slide out for the generator on the left hand boot entry and then look for a storage box to mount mount elsewhere to store the displaced hoses etc. out of the boot area.
I would be interested to hear from other Silverline owners who have a solution to generator storage.
Generator StoragePosted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
Hi Ogoyder. I installed the additional door & generator slide to my 21-65-4. Then I moved the spare wheel from the drawbar & made a new rear bumper for the spare wheel & 2 x jerry cans. In addition to this I engaged VACC certified Jason Underwood Design from Shepparton Vic for an increase to the Silverline to 3500kg ATM & 350Kg towball download. Best $440 we have spent so far. Tried to get Jayco to increase ATM however as usual they are reluctant to do so. In my opinion the payloads offered by manufactures does not meet the expectations of the consumers.
VASS Posted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 5 Sep 2017
Sorry for the mistake. It should be VASS Certified Engineer. Vic Roads Approved.
Plastic Clips Posted by: Daza1953 3 Sep 2017 5 Replies
Anyone know what these are for?
Posted by: The whale  Replied on: 3 Sep 2017
theres no pic
PLASTIC CLIPSPosted by: AXE  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
If you have venetian blinds they are from them
PLASTIC CLIPSPosted by: ROADRUNNER45  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
PLASTIC CLIPSPosted by: ROADRUNNER45  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
They are for the TV Wall bracket to tidy up the cables
Plastic clipsPosted by: Daza1953  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
Got it - yep, tidying up the tv wall bracket cables makes sense.

Thanks, I'll sleep a little sounder tonight......
Silverline changes in new model Posted by: David3807 2 Sep 2017 1 Replies
I am serious about purchasing a new Sliverline 21.65-4 but am not sure about the JHUB control panel (reliability) and aircon (van) height. Seems that Aircommand Ibis (low profile AC) is not available and a bulkier unit is supplied. Can anyone give advice on any changes in 2018 model please. Also interested in how the forward kitchen functions as my wife has concerns about layout re door location. Thanks David
21-65-4Posted by: Gunnago  Replied on: 4 Sep 2017
Hi David3807. My wife & I have a 2014 Silverline 21-65-4 Touring van. Great caravan layout with plenty of room. The front kitchen gives you so much bench space. We also have a bin access hatch we installed for a garbage bin in the front boot. Can't do that in any other model. There is so much bench space we can have our coffee maker to the left and plenty of preparation space to the right.
As for the new JHUB, I wish we had it. Don't be afraid of technology. Remember when we where afraid of computers. Most people would feel naked without one today. And like everything it might be expensive now however in a few years it will be cheaper.
When it comes to the Air-con you could ask the dealer to request no air-con at factory then get the dealer to install what you want.
Unfortunately I don't know anything about the upcoming model. When ordering ask for at least a 600Kg payload
Starcraft Washing Machine Posted by: mick659s 2 Sep 2017 0 Replies
Can someone tell me how the washing machine is secured in a 19 ft Stacraft Outback
2016 Silverline-generator size Posted by: Ecca 13 Jul 2017 7 Replies
I have a 2016 Silverline and looking at generator to at least run the air conditioner. Would appreciate advice from silverline owners on What generator size you are using?

Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
Id go for a generator around 3kva.. Why? Because even though the A/C may only draw 2kVa you will have 1kVa up your sleeve to run other 240V stuff at the same time; Something like this would do the trick; http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-7kVA-Max-3-0kVA-Rated-Generator-Pure-Sine-Inverter-Portable-Camping-Caravan-/361622485617?epid=1875345652&hash=item5432613a71:g:AtQAAOSwnHZYUKv0
Or you can spend 3 times as much on a Honda but you wont get three times the generator and these have a damned handy remote start , take it from me its pouring rain outside the last thing you need is standing around pulling a cord...
Posted by: Hyacinths husband  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
I forgot to mention that your model of van does not matter its how much power you need..
generators Posted by: VW Toura  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
I use a 3 kva Hyundai generator that i have had for four years now on a Sterling. Same specs as in weight and remote start. Just love it especially when the trouble and strife decides to use the hair dryer at the same time. There are a lot of arguments as to a 2 kva will operate a aircon unit. It is the start up that causes the concern and then you have very little left in reserve. They are generally a few Kg heavier and can use a little more fuel if under a lot of load. I am not pushing any brand they have changed a lot over the years and got cheaper but it is good not shutting down something to run something else especially when it is hot or cold out. Remote start is fantastic lie in bed and hit the button to start or stop.
Cheers Brent
Generator size etc.Posted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 13 Jul 2017
Give some thought to the weight factor. My 2KVA Honda weighs 21Kg empty. I stow mine on a slider so it is easy to get in and out of the caravan hatch. If you have to lift and carry a generator any distance the weight is a factor. My Honda runs the air conditioner as well as the Setec power supply with TV and lights on without any problems. If we need to use the microwave oven or boil the jug I just kill the air conditioner for the few minutes necessary.
Generator sizePosted by: Ecca  Replied on: 14 Jul 2017
Thanks all for replies
Regards Eric
Posted by: MrDicko  Replied on: 2 Sep 2017
Hi, I am new to the forum and it appears to be a great resourse.
I picked up my new 21.65-4 OB a few weeks ago and I was asked what generator I had.
When I told them I had a Honda 2kva they said that model was good but some cheaper generators may not be compatible to the electronics in the new vans.
I did not go into the problems with the cheaper generators as I didnt really need to know.
It is also necessary with the 2kva Honda models to have the "econo" switch off when starting the air conditioner.
GENERATOR 2kvPosted by: Don STEVEN  Replied on: 2 Sep 2017
We have had a 2kv Honda for about six years, don't use it a lot but it is there if needed. Just need a bit of care (eco off) to start and drop off the air con if any other heavy draw items are used. If you are going to use it a lot a 3kv would be more suitable as has been said.