Starcraft Posted by: Butler 23 Jan 2018 NEW! 1 Replies
Recently purchased a starcraft 19.61-2, very happy with it, but there are a couple of things which could have been done better. The studs in the door and cupboard latches need to be loctited, because they vibrate loose and fall out so you can't open the latches.
The windows keep on closing in the wind even when you have them all the way open which also makes it dangerous.
StarcraftPosted by: Hydro1  Replied on: 23 Jan 2018NEW!
Take it back to the dealer or contact Jayco direct.
Only whinge if nothing is done.
Dometic double glazed windows cracking Posted by: BJM 14 Nov 2017 NEW! 2 Replies
There are numerous threads on this forum and others relating to Dometic double glazed windows cracking in vans and motor homes..This is happening even in near new (one year old) and older vans.Including my 3 year old Journey Outback.Check yours today looking inside out , cracks appear from the outer edges, catches etc. Dometic would be well aware that the products they sell must be fit for the purpose intended as required by Australian law.These windows should last many years if looked after.This cracking in most cases is not general wear and tear but a faulty product , therefore Dometic should replace them FOC. I am making a list of owners who have or had cracked windows, state whether you had a satisfactory outcome in getting windows replaced or you got or are getting the run around!! State vans age etc.Email me with details lizbaz10@gmail.com
Faulty windowsPosted by: Jaycotoy  Replied on: 18 Nov 2017
I would be interested to know how many responses you have received please.
Cracked windows in 2016 Silverline Outback Posted by: Langkeys  Replied on: 23 Jan 2018NEW!
Hi - very interested to read these threads. Recently discovered our van has cracks in two windows both starting from where the acrylic panel sits inside the long hinge and further noting that in both cases the cracks have started from a spot on the hinge towards an end which has been oversqueezed - there's a dent in the metal hinge at that spot from where the crack has started and fanned into the window area. This definitely faulty manufacture by Dometic and I believe should be replaced by Jayco supplied by Dometic.
I had initially thought my initially spied cracked window was caused by a stone hitting the glass so I have submitted an insurance claim - yet to finalise quotes and get work done, but I'm wondering whether to gold off there in favour of pushing for warranty replacement even though my van is now about 18 months old.
Thoughts please.?
New Thetford "Triplex" Stove Posted by: Rod Mac 22 Jan 2018 2 Replies
Just used our new Starcraft 19.61.2 for the first time. I noticed that the middle 6 jets on each side of the grill burner weren't flaming like the others. The flames of the middle 6 jets were quite low despite the dial being on full. Has anyone noticed this? Seems a bit odd for it to be designed that way. Plenty of gas in the bottles and all other components of the stove worked well.
Thetford "Triplex Stove"Posted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 22 Jan 2018
Thetford Triplex StovePosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 22 Jan 2018
I have a Thetford Triplex Plus stove in my 2016 Starcraft 16.51.3 and the oven gas jets are the same as you have described. The area of flames in the middle are smaller than the areas to the front and the back. Probably normal.
Dove/Hawk/Eagle Posted by: Banjo16 21 Jan 2018 1 Replies
We had decided that the the Dove would be a good fit for 2 over 60s however now find out they are discontinued.
I understand that the Hawk/Eagle are the same dimensions but with a different layout, I would be interested in owners views on why they prefer what the have.
Dove or HawkPosted by: Boots  Replied on: 22 Jan 2018
Hi Banjo 16
Owned a Swan for quite a few years, but when you're over 60 trying to make the bed isn't easy or climbing out in the middle of the night. Went to a pop-top with island bed, then a full van. Having an inside toilet is very handy during the night, especially for a lady or if raining.
Jayco poptop discovery outback Posted by: Dthorne33 21 Jan 2018 1 Replies
Hi there was wanting to know if anybody knows the exact height on this van please help me
Poptop discovery outbackPosted by: Tas  Replied on: 21 Jan 2018
Did you want folded down or up height and were you referring to a roof mounted air con or not??
Jayco Swan Roof Bolts Posted by: jgillbard@hotmail.com 20 Jan 2018 0 Replies
Has anyone else had recent issues with the bolts shearing off the telescopic arms? 2 have gone recently and it appears to be associated with windy nights.
Sat phone Posted by: Afterburner 17 Jan 2018 0 Replies
Probably been discussed before but,i have an irridium sat phone off contract.is it possible to put a sim card from my mobile in it and have it work with my number? Asking before trying.
Winegard Sensar HV Posted by: CapeAviation 16 Jan 2018 2 Replies
We have a late 2013 Sterling that has the Wingard Senar HV antenna. The documentation say there is a wall mounted 12v Power supply which must be switched on for best reception. The van is a 24.75-2. I was hoping that one one might know wher the power supply is located . Any help greatly appreciated. Ian
Winegard power supplyPosted by: Wallyspike  Replied on: 16 Jan 2018
Ian, mine looks a little like this: https://www.rvpartsexpress.com.au/electronics/antennas/winegard-antenna-parts/winegard-white-12v-power-supply-for-tv-antenna-rv-0742.html. It is where the tv antenna lead plugs in and has a small push button switch. A green LED comes on when it is switched on.
Winegard power supplyPosted by: CapeAviation  Replied on: 17 Jan 2018
Thanks Wally. That is what I’m looking for. All I have for both TV connections i.e. lounge and bedroom are the normal TV connection plates. The only other thing I can find is Splitter with 1 input and 2 outputs in the cupboard above the lounge TV connection. Might have to take it to a dealer to enlighten me.
electric bed Posted by: JulieMargaret 14 Jan 2018 4 Replies
We have a 20.5 Jayco freedom motorhome with an electric drop down bed but three times the guides have broken making the bed inoperable , any advice on what to do

It Would Be a Radical IdeaPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 14 Jan 2018
If you were to contact a Jayco agent to fix it.
drop down bedPosted by: JulieMargaret  Replied on: 14 Jan 2018
we have had it to jayco 3 times with
no success
Drop down bedPosted by: BaldEd  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
Surely, if it is a new vehicle, consumer legislation would apply here. The vehicle is obviously not fit for purpose. Have you contacted Jayco Head Office on the matter?
Drop down bedPosted by: Patten  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
Curious to know what you mean when you say the guides are broken: is it the seat-belt type of straps that lift and lower the bed, the tracks in two corners behind the drivers cabin, or the cog-like chain that contains the electric cable? We've bought the same Motorhome, collecting it in March, and have wondered how reliable the bed mechanism is, and whether there should be a manual solution if the little motor gives out, flat battery, or something such as your problem occurs.
You say it's been back to Jayco 3 times without success. This is very disturbing.
Agree with BaldEd you should take it to the next step by contacting Head Office. We had a problem with a Jayco Swift where we could not get the windup top to wind down. The local Jayco service people would not help until immediately after we contacted Jayco Head Office.
We would be very interested to hear how you get on with this problem and wish you the very best of luck.
Advice required with canvas cover for bed end Posted by: Tumatawhero 11 Jan 2018 2 Replies
Hello people,
I need advice before I ring people. I own a jayco poptop caravan with the front bed pops out with a hard lid. I have a problem with water hitting the side of the lid and then running onto our bed canvas. I would like to install a canvas cover which is attached to sail rods above the bed. I need to know who to contact to install the sail track and have a canvas cover custom built? The idea is to install this canvas along the sail track cover the lid and also partial sides, almost like the swan bed end flys. Thanks in advance. Toby.
Posted by: Justahack  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
Hi there,
I have recently been through this process.
You either buy the Jayco canvas covers or as you mentioned have some made up.
I got quotes, but to get the same design features as the Jayco ones was going to be more costly in Sydney. There is a company in the Hunter Valley that produces a popular and cost effective product - I think they are mentioned on the Expandas Downunder website.
I did the install myself and would be happy to provide details if you want to give it a go. It is not difficult and can be done in a few hours.
There are 2 types of sail track, plastic or aluminium. Either can be purchased from a Jayco dealer or other caravan retailer.
As the plastic is flexible it is easier to work with and will follow the concave contour on the inside of the hard shell without difficulty.
I opted for the aluminium, thinking it would be more durable. However, it will be necessary to have the shorter lengths for the sides 'rolled' to put the required arc in them. I made a template and a local fence manufacturer did it for free in 5 minutes!
Some installations I have seen used either screws or rivets to secure the sail track but I was reluctant to drill into the fibreglass. Sikaflex adhesive will hold the track, no trouble at all.
If you want any more details, let me know.

Posted by: Justahack  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
That other company is called Holiday Annexes.
Expander bed lid latch won’t close Posted by: Smokeyvan 29 Nov 2017 1 Replies

Recently for no known reason, our front latch won't engage and lock. We've tried with no success and don't want to return the van to Jayco due to the length of time to book and cost. There must be a simple solution.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Justahack  Replied on: 15 Jan 2018
If your latch is the same as ours this might work.
Have a look on the inside of the hard shell at the lock mechanism. There will be an arm that rotates and secures behind the striker plate on the van. This arm is retained on the threaded shaft by two nuts that allow for in/out adjustment.
Also check to see if the arm itself has been bent.
Splits in flyscreen Posted by: Kacang1910 14 Jan 2018 0 Replies
We have a 2012 Jayco Eagle and need to sell as we've upgraded to an Expanda. There are quite a few splits in the flyscreen (half a panel on kitchen side). Can anyone recommend a repairer in Sydney? Thanks