Fresh water dripping into out Thetford toilet Posted by: Brumbles 29 Jun 2016 0 Replies
Fresh water is constantly dripping into our thetford toilet. Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas as to how to fix this problem
Jayco Freedom 2001. Posted by: Rexs1 29 Jun 2016 0 Replies
Does anyone here know how to change the globe in the reading light at the rear of the van over the double bed? I have unscrewed the fitting but cannot get it apart to get to the bulb . Thanks.
Key for 2008 Jayco Conquest Posted by: Jayco164 28 Jun 2016 1 Replies
Anyone know where I can obtain a blank key for the entrance door on a Jayco Conquest 2008? No luck with locksmith and so far no response from Jayco.
Spare keyPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
Try a Jayco dealer. They should be able to order a replacement/spare key.
Cheers, Filbee56
Water pressure Posted by: Jmar45 27 Jun 2016 3 Replies
Little water pressure on Starcraft how do I improve it ple
Water pressurePosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
You may wish to speak to a Jayco service centre if you are not confident in changing the pressure/non-return valve, or removing the item all togther. I removed mine (Silverline) and just replaced it with a Guest non-return valve. You'll need to purchase some additional plastic plumbing, but it's good to carry some spare tubing anyway. If removed, just monitor your incoming pressure via the caravan park's tap (don't turn it "on" full bore).
Good luck. Filbee56
Posted by: Jmar45  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
Thanks will do
REMOVING PLVPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
It is your decision, but I would be reluctant to advise removing the PLV. Even if the caravan park tap is on only slightly, your hot water system will be containing full mains pressure when all the caravan taps are off. Most mains pressures are reasonable but I would not connect directly here because the water pressure explodes plastic water fittings. (the relief valve may save it)
Diesel Heaters Posted by: 2558 26 Jun 2016 2 Replies
Can anybody please advise which Diesel Heater is recommended for the caravan. We have a Starcraft 20.62.

Thanks Terry
Planar Diesel HeaterPosted by: Killtrassy  Replied on: 28 Jun 2016
I put in a Planar Diesel Heater in my Sterling Terry and it works well . You can get them on Ebay.
Regards Tony
HeaterPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
You'll have to decide whether to go diesel or gas.
I did note some weeks ago that Suncoast Caravans were selling gas (LPG) Webasto heaters for $1530 + receive a $100 fuel voucher from Webasto. Beats paying $2100 RRP.
With the gas unit, you are better off reading an owner's manual (download off the net) and then apply the measurements well before purchasing the heater. For example: there are restrictions on where the exhaust outlet goes (proximity to windows and van air inlets). Secondly, gas unit requires a gas fitter to install the gas plumbing, and sign-off.
Diesel is DIY.
With both types, you'll need to purchase some large hole-saws.
Good luck. Filbee56
Our Spare Wheel Placement on the Optimum Motorhome Posted by: Junko 26 Jun 2016 1 Replies
Well after years of debate (since 2008) we have finally had a sensible resolution to the unsafe placement of the spare wheel carrier on that era of motor home.

Mind you it was our resolution and design that overcome the long standing problem.

I thank Paul Morgan from Jayco Melbourne for his speedy reimbursements of the costs of this potentially life saving modification.

More Paul Morgans would be an asset to the Jayco brand.
Spare wheel placement Posted by: Filbee  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
Good to hear that your issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. A good result.
Cheers, Filbee56
Toilet Cassette additive Posted by: Philgate 26 Jun 2016 3 Replies
Is it worth while making your own Toilet additive for caravan toilet and what is a good recipe

Posted by: Whale  Replied on: 26 Jun 2016
short answer...No
just add a generic brand "nappy san" product e.g. Coles Ultra, about a cupful to the cassette with about 1 litre of water and a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil
Posted by: RR  Replied on: 27 Jun 2016
We are still using the green stuff - quite happily!
Toilet additives Posted by: Filbee  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
We have used the "blue" toilet additive - smells better than the "green" additive (IMHO).
We also use those little Duck brand toilet jells, pasted to the back of the bowl (target for the boys).
And finally, I've installed a SOG System - no more smells. Easy DIY too.
Cheers, Filbee56
Aircon overflow pipe - 2011 DIscovery Posted by: Newby2014 22 Jun 2016 5 Replies
Am in NT and had aircon running a few days ago when temp was 34 degrees. After hour or so noticed large quantity of water dripping from the cupboard/shelf where air con is. Obviously drain hose has a blockage. Purchased some tube of smaller diameter than existing drain and fed it up the pipe but wouldn't go past first elbow encountered. Took cover and filter medium from above air con and shone torch which seemed to reveal some form of metal protruding from each end of elbow. Turned air con on next day for about 30 mins and Lower outside and water built up between aircon and first elbow and very slow drip to clear. Contacted repairer who services my van but didn't return my calls. Similarly sent email to jayco last Saturday and they too didn't respond. Question: Is there metal pipe inside the plastic elbow and if so how does one access it to clear or replace . Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks

Aircon drain pipePosted by: Newby2014  Replied on: 22 Jun 2016
AM on hols in NT When this prob occurred.
air onPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 23 Jun 2016
Just blow through the pipe from the outlet end. Problem solved.
Aircon Drain PipePosted by: Axe  Replied on: 28 Jun 2016
Hi Newby2014, had the same problem with my 2011 Disco. I got rid of the first elbow located at the back of the unit and found that the plastic hose was still long enough to connect on the outlet of the drain cock of the unit. I also used a small hose clamp to hold the hose onto the cock outlet. No find the water drains away quite quickly and have not had it running down the inside of the cupboard. Be careful not to over tighten the clamp on the plastic outlet.
Hope this helps.
Aircon drain pipePosted by: Newby2014  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
Thanks Lionelo & Axe, I inserted some smaller diameter tube up the pipe & connected tyre pump to pipe which gave a marginal improvement in the drip process. AT least then able to use aircon for short periods, better than nothing up here.
Axe, how did u access back of aircon to change the plumbing, did u have the unit removed? I had taken the screen and filter off top of cupboard which enabled visuals but can't get hands down behind aircon. My van has 150 litre fridge, then pantry with microwave above , then aircon above TV. No rear access. Is this the same as yours? Also did u notice if there was metal tube inside the plastic elbow? When I shone the torch down it appeared as if some metal piping slightly extended past the plastic elbow each end & this would account for why I can't get any plastic coated clothesline etc from entering the elbows to clear?
Aircon Drain PipePosted by: Axe  Replied on: 29 Jun 2016
I got access via removing the air filters and their plastic frames on top via the 4 self tapping screws. You should be able to see where the plastic hose connects onto the drain cock, it is tight but I was able to get my hand in and access it. Make sure you have the mains power off. Mine had no clamp on the hose so it was just a matter of pulling it off. I found that there was enough excess hose after the first elbow that ran down the back of the cupboard to pull up and connect onto the drain cock direct. As mentioned I also used a small hose clamp to keep it on. It is now a more direct line for the water to run away. I have had the AC on now many times and have not had the water problem again.
Water pressure Posted by: Jmar45 27 Jun 2016 0 Replies
Little water pressure on Starcraft how do I improve it ple
2014 Silverlinf Fibreglass turning yellow Posted by: Astri955 26 Jun 2016 5 Replies
Wondering if any one else is experiencing the front storage hatch lid and front fibreglass turning yellow. The van is always under cover when not being used and is washed regularly. Is this a know issue and what can be done to rectify.
Fibreglass yellowingPosted by: Sean U QLD  Replied on: 26 Jun 2016
HI Astri955,

I worked in the fibreglass industry and if gel oat yellows is usually the UV attack and or abrasive wash attacking the gel coat. You can apply polish to cut back and there is a system, I have stated on here there is a product made in the US called Island Girl Cleaning products, designed for marine applications, they have a system for cleaning and cutting back gel oat and then appling a polish system with a sealer. This will fix your problem and return the gelcoat to a new finsih. I hope this helps and you can buy this online mate.
Posted by: Sean U QLD  Replied on: 26 Jun 2016
Sorry about Gelcoat, spell check kicking in
Posted by: Gunpilot  Replied on: 27 Jun 2016
I was advised when I took delivery of our Silverline to make sure that any car wash product I used to wash the van did NOT contain ammonia as this would send the gelcoat yellow.
Posted by: Sean u qld  Replied on: 27 Jun 2016
Any wash that has an abrasive will attack the gelcoat surface, they was boats with a very mild wash or just water, you need to keep the gelcoat protected so that why that polish has a system from wash to polish and sealer.
Posted by: Sean u qld  Replied on: 27 Jun 2016
Should say wash boats, over spell check lol
Design and Quality Concerns with Silverline Caravan Posted by: astri955 4 Jun 2016 14 Replies
As newbie to this form and caravaning in general, 18 Moths ago we purchased a brand new 25ft Silverline, on the surface we are very happy, but when you use the van a few times and really start to tack a look at the van, there are so many issues with quality, yet Jayco state the van will not move onto the next stage during manufacture until a full quality check is carried out and if not satisfactory then it get rectified, well what can you say to that other than question it. The quality of the installation of services leaves a lot to be desired as the positioning of pipes and cables etc in cupboards is so adhoc and inhibits the use of the storage area. This could be overcome so easily with only a little care taken so as to position the cables / pipes toward the rear of the spaces not smack bang in the middle of the door. Positioning of lights in the external storage areas are so high you require a ladder to switch on and off, really very simple things jayco could address. Funnily enough i decided to send an e-mail to jayco in an effort to discuss my concerns / thoughts to which i did not receive a reply, which was very disappointing. happy to hear other Silverline owners thoughts on my comments.
CHOOSING A CARAVANPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 4 Jun 2016
We have had eight caravans in 45 years and we changed caravans when we out-grew them or our requirements changed. Every caravan has been a number of compromises, and none perfect.
The way we choose a new caravan is to make a list of the most important features and tick off as many as possible. Being new to caravans is a recipe for not knowing what you want in the first place, and if something is wrong there is warranty. No two caravan owner would have the same list of priorities.
We have a 2014, 25 foot Silverline and it is the best caravan we have ever owned, and we have not needed to take it back for any warranty issues. This has been our third Jayco and would not hesitate to recommend them. In saying that I am not saying every person should own one (even though half of owners in Aus do).
Posted by: Astri955  Replied on: 4 Jun 2016
Thanks for your comments, but I guess what I am saying is surely they Jayco could put a little more thought into the placement of pipes etc, that would not cost much one would think.
Design and quality concernsPosted by: Brisand  Replied on: 5 Jun 2016
We have had a number of vans, including 3 Jayco's, every van will have some minor problems and in some cases major one's , no matter what brand.
The Silverline is the best van we have had with a couple of minor faults, just rember they are built by humans, if you think back to your previous occupation you will most certainly recall some faults that you made over a period of time, enjoy your new van.
Silverline Quality ConcernsPosted by: Astri955  Replied on: 7 Jun 2016
Well surprise , surprise Big Brother is watching as my post and another has been removed, I guess Jayco cannot accept constructive criticism, perhaps management should spend more time on the production line ensuring quality is delivered with their product rather than on the Forum
Posted by: Neil7  Replied on: 7 Jun 2016
Hi Astri
Which post are you speaking about as I can still see your original post on this topic?
Silverline Quality ConcernsPosted by: Astri955  Replied on: 7 Jun 2016
Gday Niel7
Yes my original post is still there but my other post in regards to why do we put up with poor quality as we pay good hard earned money to pay for the vans also re the long waiting time to have iterms rectified ie 8-12 weeks and so on and so on I went, but it along with another posters post also.
Silverline Quality ConcernsPosted by: Astri955  Replied on: 7 Jun 2016
Gday Niel7
Yes my original post is still there but my other post in regards to why do we put up with poor quality as we pay good hard earned money to pay for the vans also re the long waiting time to have items rectified ie 8-12 weeks and so on and so on I went, but it along with another posters post also.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 7 Jun 2016
This forum is as it states above is for travel diary news etc. If any owner has concerns they should contact their dealer. That is what they are there for and their commission covers. I know we all have problems from time to time but remember this particular forum belongs to Jayco Aust. They do monitor this and other forums and do take on board what is said. They very rarely comment on any issue. If you look at any model they attend to the issues of the previous model the following year. I have had 2 heritages and 1 sterling prior to my silverline and I must say the wiring has improved since my first heritage. Jayco currently has close to 50% of the market and better priced than many others so they must be doing something right. I do not have any ties with Jayco but have always found Jayco Newcastle my local dealer sort any problems out and quite friendly. I had the opportunity to visit the Jayco factory last year during their 40th birthday bash and was very impressed they build a good product for a good price.
Posted by: Gezz  Replied on: 8 Jun 2016
Well said David - We have been travelling in our new Silverline through four States and 8000 K's. As newbies half our issues were a lack of understanding, others were simple maintenance fixes or hardware failure. All faults reported were addressed promptly and hassle free through their Dealer network. Feedback from fellow Jayco owners has been excellent without exception. If we were to replace our van Jayco would be a front runner. - We simply luvourvan.
Posted by: Jaycomuddy  Replied on: 10 Jun 2016
it does sound like you are trying to convince Jayco how to build vans but don't actually state what you might have done to your own van to remedy, for example the light in your external cupboard. I would not expect Jayco to spend time discussing with all their customers (Over 11000 per year) what their issues are. However, I know that they do listen and change things but that being a larger manufacturer sometimes these things take time. BTW if all your pipes were forced back towards the rear of your cupboards, did you ever think what your van would look like from the outside? They have to bend slowly or they kink, crack and then leak so all you would see would be pipework hanging. Not a very pleasant sight on any caravan.
Silverline Quality ConcernsPosted by: Astri955  Replied on: 26 Jun 2016
Well it is obvious jaycomuddy does not have any common sense and or practicality, if you had read my post prior to it being removed by big brother you would have read the list of concerns and my thoughts. It is not difficult at all to hide pipes etc from view from the outside line of sight, just some practical input. Tell me why would anyone put a light with the on off switch 2.2m up inside a cupboard. Also why do you put a microwave above the fridge and at a height that when removing hot products you risk spilling it all over you. Wouldn't a simple fix be remove the cupboard under the fridge to allow it to be lowered by some 350mm which then allows the microwave to be positioned at a safer height, not rocket science. Cannot wait until Jayco end up in court over this when some travelling aged person has the misfortune of being scalded. Some of the design issues are so obvious it is a joke.
CUSTOM BUILD A FEWPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 26 Jun 2016
Hello Astri,
If you are such a full bottle on caravan design, grab a few bit of paper and design one and get it custom built, don't bother with Jayco. Give us an honest answer after a year in your own design.
Posted by: Dave scott  Replied on: 26 Jun 2016
To my knowledge Jayco in the silverline with the front kitchen the fridge is on floor level and when the fridge is on either side it is over the wheel arch so it can not be lowered by 35 cm. If the microwave is placed somewhere else you will loose bench space. It is making the best use of the available space. All van designs whatever brand have the same limitations. I can't understand the light switch being 2.2 in height or distance. What switch are you talking about. If it is the roll out awning light that is so it is not turned on by accident when it is rolled up a sort of safety guard. Reguarding the tubing/pipe underneath the drainage has to have a fall to be able to drain away underneath the chassis and the water supply is clipped underneath and through the holes in the chassis. When standing around my silverline and previous vans I could not see the pipework unless I got down and looked under.
Posted by: RR  Replied on: 27 Jun 2016
Astri you have a right and ability to advise/complain to Jayco if you just write to them as per your email. I presume you missed the issues about the microwave, pipes and high switch when looking at the caravan before you actually bought it. They might find your comments useful anyway, but as said above, they are a big manufacturer and they ultimately decide what to change. You inspected their product then bought it. We are new to caravanning like you however these issues are not 'showstoppers'. Overall we can all be a bit critical of some issues without being precious but after 10 1/2 months on the road the Silverline 21.65.3 we have is great. Other caravans we inspected did not do it for us the Silverline did and in our view is value for money too.
Aircon Posted by: Greg1 26 Jun 2016 0 Replies
Does anyone know where the fuse for the Coleman mach aircon is,as it has no power even though van connected to 240v power