DC-DC dual charger connection to Setec Charger Dove Outback Posted by: RyanG 23 Mar 2018 1 Replies
Im am planning to add solar to the roof of my 2010 Dove outback and connect it through a Projecta IDC25A DC-DC dual charger so that I can also charge from the tow vehicle.
Should the DC-DC charger be connected to the Aux + terminal on the Setec charger or directly to the battery? Setec manual states solar is to be connected directly to the battery however this is via a DC-DC charger. Is the DC-DC charger actually required or should I just connect the tow vehicle to the Aux + on Setec and solar direct to the battery? Looking for the best battery longevity solution as well.
DC to Dc ChargerPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 23 Mar 2018
Interesting question. I have found the Setec people very helpful in the past with tech issues. I suggest you phone them direct and see what they have to say.
Jayco Hawk Interior Lights Not Working Posted by: Paul77 22 Mar 2018 2 Replies
I have a 2017 Hawk Outback camper trailer and the interior lights have stopped working.

The cigarette plug that powers the lights has power to it, I can follow it half way to the roof inside the canvas pocket where there is a cable join and power is at the join.

There is something inside the canvas near the top of the roof that seems to be related, but can’t get to it.

Power works in the van fine and I have turned on the three light switches on the roof.

This happened on my last camping trip and the fix was to tap the canvas near where the cable runs up to the roof. This time it did not work

Anyone else had this issue or can suggest a fix?
Posted by: Mundy  Replied on: 23 Mar 2018
Have you checked the limit switch on the outside of the canvas under the lip of the roof, in line with the cigarette socket. This switch isolates the power to the lights in the roof when the roof is down. In my Penguin OB, the switch's rocker arm sticks so when I am inserting the security pole on that corner after raising the roof, I use the pole to gently pull the rocker arm down. Hey presto! , lights work.
Posted by: Paul77  Replied on: 23 Mar 2018
Thank you Mundy, you are a legend.

Ended up being this switch on the outside you mentioned. The copper parts inside broke up so the spring could not operate. Have hardwired it together until my new jayco cherry switch C4142 arrives off eBay.
Jayco Discovery 16.52 pop top outer wall movement Posted by: Steve Bailey 10 Feb 2018 1 Replies
I have a second hand 2010 Jayco Discovery 16.52 poptop with a Heron 2.2 split system aircon. When I recently hit a pothole, the outer fibreglass wall near the airon grille pulled up from the frame and coverstrip and was buckled on top of the cover strip. This had apparently been an issue with the previous owner who had fitted non factory screws to the cover strip/frame. It does not appear as though the frame has sagged. Two Jayco dealers said they had never seen this before. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, how did you rectify it?
2.2 split system airconPosted by: kamishah  Replied on: 23 Mar 2018
This had apparently been an issue with the previous owner who had fitted non factory screws to the cover strip/frame, luxury escapes.
New Owner Posted by: Banjo16 3 Feb 2018 2 Replies
Couldn't work out how to add to my previous post (dove/Hawk/eagle) so started a new one.
Looks like we took a lot of advice as we have put a deposit on a Starcraft OB(15ft).
NEW OWNERPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 3 Feb 2018
Good move Banjo and congrats on your new purchase, I am certain you won't regret it.
Good move BanjoPosted by: kamishah  Replied on: 23 Mar 2018
Banjo and congrats on your new purchase, luxury escapes
Mains Water not getting through Posted by: johnellis2307 19 Mar 2018 3 Replies
Hi, I have a 2015 Jayco Starcaraft pop top and have never been able to get the mains water to come through. i have not had a problem with Tank water but when i connect to mains, i get nothing through just allot of pressure at the hose. Seems like something is blocking it.
Mains waterPosted by: Whitty  Replied on: 19 Mar 2018
Could be the pressure regulator valve stuck, it is under the caravan below where the hose connections are, it is a round device connected inline with the water hose, the high pressure black one, you could try giving it a LIGHT tap with a soft hammer or piece of wood while the mains water is connected. If you have two water tanks only one of the mains water connections in the filler boxes is connected into the van, make sure you are connecting to the right one.
Posted by: Lindsay gloria  Replied on: 20 Mar 2018
The pressure valve sounds like it is stuck (as per Whitty,s comments) this is a brass fitting and is easily fixed by removing the valve from the van. Depress the collars on the John Guest fitting each side of the valve ,push the collar in hard and remove the water pipe. Unwind the brass fitting inside is a spring and plunger valve at one end and a seal at the other , thoroughly clean the fitting you will likely find small pieces of grass, grit or lime this is enough to jam up the plunger, smear a small amount of silicon grease on the plunger o rings, reverse assemble and ensure that you replace the valve in the same direction that you removed it.. using a hammer can only be a temporary fix if your in luck .+
Posted by: Johnellis2307  Replied on: 21 Mar 2018
Thanks. I will try that over the weekend and report back
Journey ob 17.58-1 or 17.58-3 Posted by: 89gqpatrol4x4 17 Mar 2018 3 Replies
Hi guys, new to the forum so thought I’d say hi first.
We are looking at getting a van for us and our two girls. I like the look of these two and the Weight, as we are towing with a gq patrol (2500 kg tow)
Are there any issues with these vans? And are they good for beach and bush camping? We would love to hear from owners but also others thoughts on wether this is a good van!
Cheers Rob
Posted by: Sean U Qld  Replied on: 18 Mar 2018
Hi Rob,

We have one and it tows great mate, just make sure your stay within your weights. We are selling ours and upgrading to a bigger Jayco. The pop tops a great valve and easy to setup with all the features you need for holidays.

Posted by: 89gqpatrol4x4  Replied on: 19 Mar 2018
Hey Sean, your going bigger? At 17 ft I think these are bloody huge lol. But we are coming from a soft floor camper!
Have you taken yours on the beach and how’d it go?
The other issue I have heard is dust ingress! Is that a issue?
Posted by: Sean U Qld  Replied on: 20 Mar 2018
Hi Rob, we did not take ours on the beach but have stayed next to the beach, I believe from reading this site you will need to seal underneath for dust if your going of road with bull dust. It's like anything you should take precautions where you think the dust/dirt could get inside. As I said it's a great van and is easy to tow.

Vehicles For Towing Posted by: Sympson 9 Mar 2018 2 Replies
Looking to purchase Sterling 21.6 Slideout and just wanting to get thoughts on which vehicle to tow. Thinking about current model DMax or MUX.
Tow Vehicle Posted by: Smuzy  Replied on: 14 Mar 2018
Hi Sympson,
I have a slide out 21.65 Sterling and tow with a Mazda BT50. No WDH needed and very stable.
I went with XT model as it had most payload which is important when dealing with ball weight of large van and carrying gear at the same time.
Tow VehiclePosted by: GeoffS12  Replied on: 18 Mar 2018
Sympson, hi. I tow a 21.65.3 Sterling with a 2016 D-Max. Can't say I have had any problems with towing it.
Realistically it wont tow up big hills at 100k if thats what you want. Yes you may get down to 60k but unless its Mt Ousley at Wollongong then you wont have a problem towing it around this country.
I get around 13l/100km all the time with the van on, and thats just towing no other driving. Have achieved this going north and south along the coast.
Hope this helps.
Tow vehicles Posted by: Moons77 15 Mar 2018 2 Replies
Hi I just bought a Jayco StarCraft 2015 poptop 16.67 5
Just wondering if anyone has towed one with a Commodore sv6 station wagon?
Tare 1505kgs
Atm 1760kgs
the car tow 2200 kgs

Do you guys think this vehicle will be sufficient ?? Cheers John
Tow BehiclesPosted by: Goody999  Replied on: 16 Mar 2018
Hi Moons77. We tow a full height Starcfaft 19.6 , tare 1856 with a Falcon S/W legal to 2.3t.
Never missed a beat since van was new in 2012. Ford Heavy Duty Tow Bar and hitch.
Did have a bloke complement me once saying ' thank god someone else who doesn't think you need a bloody great Landcruiser to tow a van. I think he was probably jealous just like me.
Cheers Chris
Tow vehiclesPosted by: Nothome  Replied on: 17 Mar 2018
Hi Moons77,
Used to tow my 17ft Jayco Stirling Pop Top with a VZ Commodore V6, no problem at all with power but I did have a rear air suspension and added WDH to ensure the rig was level. Ended up changing over to a Jeep Grand Cherokee but that was only so we could do a bit more free camping. The Commodore was fine for the blacktop and a bit of gravel.
Grey Water Tank Posted by: Moory 16 Mar 2018 0 Replies
Thinking about fitting a grey water tank to my 2010 Sterling rear ensuite any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Water leak Posted by: Circlek 13 Mar 2018 0 Replies
Hi, we have water leaking under the rear top spoiler (grey plastic cover) on the top of the back of our 2006 Jayco Sterling. When we purchased it, it had a couple of vertical cracks which had been filled with silicone, we have since had the cracks plastic welded and have sealed all the joints and also covered joints with eternabond tape but we still have water stain coming thru the roof on the back corner in the shower recess. Has anyone totally removed the grey plastic and replaced with something like checker plate??
Removing moisture from Indicator light Posted by: SuperWoman 13 Mar 2018 0 Replies
Hi, I am new to the site and am a little mechanically challenged. One of the LED indicator lights on my Jayco Pop Top Discovery has moisture inside it and only works intermittently which of course is a real problem. I am hoping that someone could explain initially how I might get access to the inside of the indicator and then how to resolve the problem. I have been advised that once I remove the moisture I should put Vaseline around the seal to prevent it happening again. Suggestions very much welcomed, Ann
Clean Fly Screens Posted by: Peasey 12 Mar 2018 0 Replies
Hi. I have a 2012 Sterling. What is the easiest way to clean the fly screens.