Sphere 3.0kg washer vibration on spin Posted by: Gezz 24 Jul 2016 NEW! 3 Replies
I need some advice - Our Jayco Silverline's washing machine vibrates and often shuts down on the spin cycle. Adjusting the load is of limited value - the washer needs levelling. Any suggestion or instructions on accessing the machine so I can fix the problem will be appreciated. If this is strictly a service problem the washer is under warranty.
All advice and suggestions will be gratefully received - Gezz
Sphere 3.0kg washer vibration on spinPosted by: Davidjeng  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
In our previous caravan from a different manufacturer, they forgot to remove the travel pins from the front loader washing machine before they installed the machine. The first time I used it on our trip It still worked but the whole caravan was vibrating like crazy.
When we got back from our trip, we removed the machine and took out the traveling pins and it worked fine after that.
Posted by: Tonyp  Replied on: 25 Jul 2016
We have a new silverline and had the same issue,,wen in soon would trip out and go back into rince mode, took ,rang coast to coast and they said take it back to dealer and they will replace it under warranty,, I did and they did, no questions asked. Fantastic service
After Sales ServicePosted by: Gezz  Replied on: 26 Jul 2016NEW!
Thanks for your advice -I rang Coast to Coast and they are replacing the washer - agree great service……
I cannot fault Jayco's after sales service - not saying their vans or staff are perfect, but their Suppliers, Agent, Dealers willingness to assist is exceptional. I can say the same for our Mazda BT50 tug - the power of social media may be a very effective consumer medium to encourage supplier manufacturers continued commitment to after sales service….. Very happy Jayco Mazda owners - Cheers, Gezz & Carol
Adding another solar panel Posted by: Tonyp 24 Jul 2016 NEW! 1 Replies
I have a silverline wih 2x150w panels on the roof and wish to add more ,probably another one or two 150w
The question is what is the maximum wattage my setec 35 will handle and will the wiring installed at manufacture handle the wattage, and mono or poly solar and do I keep adding 150watt units t keep it balanced
Solar Panel??Posted by: Groove1  Replied on: 26 Jul 2016NEW!
Hi Tonyp
Your solar panels should be charging your battery/batteries through a Solar Regulator. What is the maximum current your Solar regulator will handle. How many and what size in Amp Hour are your batteries? Your Setec 35 is able to provide a total of 35 amps at 12 volts to charge your battery and supply your 12 volt appliances (lights, water pump, audio unit etc). The Setec converts 240 volts AC to 12 volts DC. I doubt that the output of the solar regulator would be connected to your Setec, the solar regulator is usually connected straight to the battery. Unless you are powering something with a massive current draw at 12 volts, your standard wiring should be OK. The 3 way fridge should never be powered from the van battery when it is in DC mode. I don't understand what you mean by "keep it balanced". Your talking Watts, you could expect to get about 8 to 10 amps out of a 150 watt panel in full sunlight. Although wattage is worked out from voltage and current, concentrating on current requirements (Amps) could be helpful.

Filling up your fresh water tank Posted by: Amax 23 Jul 2016 NEW! 3 Replies
I have a 2015 26 ft jayco motorhome . We had terrible trouble filling the fresh water tank . Easy solution if you have the same problem , put the hose into the opening , get a piece of blue tac , roll it into a sausage , put it around the hose , completely covering the area where the hose enters the motorhome , hold it in place , turn the hose on , all air locks are removed , fills in a few minutes . Good luck if you have this problem
Posted by: Tonyp  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
Try a domestic hose push fitting the larger 3/4 female screws nicely onto my silverline inlet and just snap the hose on
When full water comes out of your breather pipe ,note you need to keep an eye on it so not to over fill the tank
Posted by: Tonyp  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
Try a domestic hose push fitting the larger 3/4 female screws nicely onto my silverline inlet and just snap the hose on
When full water comes out of your breather pipe ,note you need to keep an eye on it so not to over fill the tank
Posted by: Amax  Replied on: 26 Jul 2016NEW!
Where I fill my tanks , I couldn't use a hose connection of any sort , it's just a hole . I can use a hose connection if I'm just connecting the motorhome to tap water with a hose , but not filling up my tanks . Thank you for trying to help me .
Gas safety, new Jayco Penguin Posted by: MikeJulPenguin 24 Jul 2016 1 Replies
We have bought a new Penguin Outback after many years with Finch and Dove campers. I purchased the two gas bottle option. They are mounted within a sealed section of the front boot (RHS). There is no gas drainage port in this section, which I consider to be a serious safety issue. Any gas leaking from the valves or couplings to the bottles will well up this section, with potentially explosive consequences. The factory paperwork included a gas fitters safety certificate. How could this be passed as safe?
Gas Safety, New Jayco PenguinPosted by: MikeJulPenguin  Replied on: 25 Jul 2016
The post was mistaken in that there is a gas drain vent which is hidden from frontal view by the RHS gas bottle, but can be seen by crawling under the van. This vent does not have a projecting pipe as on the vent that is easily visible fitted in the main LHS boot area. Apologies to Jayco and all.
Condensation on Bed ends Posted by: Rocky2013 22 Jul 2016 6 Replies
I have just bought a Coramal 400 Series Camper van.
Can anyone advise me how to fix the problem of condensation on the inside of the pullout beds. (roof area).
Just been away with rain and heavy dew and the inside of the roof was wet and caused dampness. Had a camper van before and this did not happen. The beds have a fly over them
Mould issuePosted by: Sean U Qld  Replied on: 22 Jul 2016
Hi Rocky,

You can try Damp rid, you can buy this from supermarkets and hardware stores. The other way is to do the following if you can.
Keep indoor moisture low. Relative humidity should be below 60% (ideally 30%-50%). Relative humidity can be measured with a humidity meter, a small, inexpensive instrument available at most hardware stores;
• Maintain low constant heat when weather is cold or wet. Continuous, even heating is better than short bursts; and
• Install heating in the bathroom such as heat globes.

Hope this helps
Posted by: Lyndsay19  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
G’day Rocky.

Keep it warm if you can as Sean has pointed out.
Never use your gas stove as a heater, LPG burns the Oxygen in the air, this will cause condensation but more importantly it will KILL you.
Stay safe & cheers Lyndsay.
condensationPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
Is that a campervan (motorhome) or a campertrailer? It is always a good idea to be clear about what you have, makes it easier for the misinformed to comment. Who mentioned mould? Amazing how people get off topic. To stop condensation just make sure the bed end flys are above the vinyl, not resting on it and also ensure the end window is open a fraction. It is all about equalising temperature.
Condensation on bed ends CAMPERVANPosted by: Rocky2013  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
Thanks for your reply . Fly's were not touching the top of the bed ends and we did keep the back window and some others open a fraction.
Did not experience this in our other campervan maybe this was some extreme Queensland weather.
We have a small fan heater and thought maybe we should have run this but not sure if to run all night as it was only there at night
CondensationPosted by: Awayagain  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
Hi Rocky,
Only ever had this problem in our jayco swan when camping in the cold of winter. I put it down to the moisture laden air we were exhaling in our sleep condensing on the cold canvas above, sometimes even dripping onto the bedding. without the luxury of240 volt power we found the best solution was to maximise ventilation. Open all three sides of the bed end canvas all the way, as well as roof vent and as many zippered windows as you can , just open it up for maximum ventilation and use a good doona to keep yourself warm.
If using caravan park power just run a fan heater all night, that'll stop it. However never run an electric fan heater off a generator, since you may be camped next to me.
condensationPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 25 Jul 2016
A small heater is worse than no heater. There is insufficient heat to dry out the air. So a really big heater, or none at all is your best bet. We built a new house years ago and put the small gas heater on and ended up with water literally dripping from the ceilings. Put a large wood fired heater in and problem solved. Low heat was sucking the water out of the concrete slab. So same principal.
Spare tyre mount not sealed. Waterlogged bathroom Posted by: Allanschramm 24 Jul 2016 0 Replies
My parents inlaw brought a 2013 jayco sterling. They have noticed water leaking in the walls at the back of the van. Upon inspection the spare tyre mounted directly behind was not sealed at manufacture and water ingress has come through the bolts of the spare tyre bracket. Imo Jayco should be liable and fortunately the spare never fell off and killed someone. Jayco brushed it off . Be aware and check your spares pls.
Silverline lift up bed hinges Posted by: Hoohar 1 Jul 2016 2 Replies
We have a 2015 Silverline with bed slide-out which we love. Just wondering whether anyone else has had a problem with the hinges of the lift up bed. We have one broken, and the replacement is now almost double the original size. To me the original hinges are inadequate. Just a small problem for our great van
Posted by: Tonyp  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
The we had the same issue,for some stupid reason they used 25mm aluminum hinges !?!?!? From memory about 4 of them
We replaced them with six larger metal ones ,great now !!
Silverline lift up bed hingesPosted by: Jjgc2911  Replied on: 24 Jul 2016
One of ours brock too replaced them as per Tonyp.
Removing the struts makes it easer to replace them. The main problem is there is no support under the bed head where the hinges are, all the weight and strain is supported by the hinges. What we did was to use 10mm high density self adhesive tape from Clark rubber under the bed frame. see photo

Switch query - Jayco Eagle Posted by: antman67 19 Jul 2016 3 Replies
I have just purchased a 2006 Jayco Eagle camper. There is a wall switch just above the black fuse board under the seat next to the fridge. Can anyone tell me what this is for? Is it something to do with the 12v battery power supply? Previous owner couldn't tell me what it is for. Thanks.
switchPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
The switch connects your camper battery to the Setec converter, if you have a battery installed. Switch on to charge the battery from the Setec when 240v is connected to the camper. Switch on to run camper lights from the battery when no 240v is available. Switch off in transit always. Your fridge is not connected to the camper battery and should not be.
Eagle wiringPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
If you provide an email address I can send you wiring diagrams (I) made for my 2007 eagle outback camper. I imagine yours being a 2006 would be the same if not similar.
Email addressPosted by: antman67  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
Thanks Rebs. My email address is [email protected]
Camber adjustment JTech Suspension Posted by: Bruhaha 18 Jul 2016 8 Replies
Camber on our 2014 Jayco Journey 17.55-09 Outback is out 10-15mm. This is causing the tyres to scrub and wear. Toe-in is apparently OK. Local repairer was unable to get assistance from Jayco Brisbane or Head Office. I have written to Jayco seeking assistance and await a reply.
tyresPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
All Jaycos scrub out tyres. You will need to get used to it.
IN 10 YEARSPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
We have had three Jayco caravans in over ten years and never had a problem with tyres scrubbing. If you run over everything on and off the road you can expect the wheels to be thumped out of line.
I have not had a look but would guess camber would be adjusted with shims.
Just by way of interest, from memory, running over a pot-hole with a one tonne load has an impact of around 70 tonnes on the wheel.
J TECH SUSPENSIONPosted by: Bruhaha  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
I do not plan to get used to tyres scrubbing out.
After a bit of to and fro with Jayco Head Office the Jayco Journey Outback is now booked in for examination at Brisbane Camperland mid August. That's the earliest available, normal servicing bookings are into September apparently. So if we decide to go anywhere meanwhile we'll have to limit the journey.
Yes a pot hole will create misalignment but that must be able to be remedied. I will post again when all checked.
ROTATE TYRESPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
If the scrubbing is not on all the tyres and you want to use the caravan, I would rotate them, best to the worst (including the spare). It is not long to mid-August.
TV DRIVINGPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
Meant to add, if you ever want to know how not to drive, watch TV adverts and for caravans and 4WD's and "Home n Away". Charge through creeks and make a huge splash and jump over every curb. Drag your caravan through the surf. (Probably what happens to Lionelo's rentals).
StarcraftPosted by: Treny  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
Hi mate we have a 20013 Jayco Starcraft no scrubbing whatsoever. Have been over to the West from Victoria and right up the East Coast as well.
StarcraftPosted by: Treny  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
Hi mate we have a 20013 Jayco Starcraft no scrubbing whatsoever. Have been over to the West from Victoria and right up the East Coast as well.
StarcraftPosted by: MikeandA  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
Have a 16.51-3.OB and have just done a trip from Brisbane to Cooktown then out through Georgetown and across to Richmnond etc. About 2000k of gravel in a total of 8000k. No discernable tyre wear. This is our fourth Jayco and one went around Australia. The only one that had tyre wear was the one that went around Australia and that had a poorly set up axle on one side. Fixed by Alko before the trip, and no tyre ware afterwards. Alko blamed Jayco but I suspect Alko since it was the welded on stub axle that was at faul.
First time owning a Jayco Posted by: Newtojayco 10 Jul 2016 6 Replies
Hi all, we have just purchased our first caravan. A Starcraft Pop Top 17.58-3. Just wandering what people's view are on the various options available to add on? Is ESC essential? Also any advice on how to prepare for its arrival? One particular thing that crossed my mind was wether or not hoses etc are provided. Trying to work out if we need to buy these types of things. Any advice would be much appreciated. In the past we've travelled with a camper trailer so it's all quiet new, very excited!!
EXTRASPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 11 Jul 2016
There are no hoses and (you probably know) you need a 15amp caravan cord. You do not say what you are towing with but if the tow-hitch weight is more than half the tow-ball weight a WDH can help. You will need a matching plug (probably 6 or 12 pin) and No.2 pin should be active to work the ESC ( you should still have 8% to 10% caravan weight on the tow-hitch).
I use a surge bucket for the sullage to which I attach the sullage hose so the water cannot back up into the caravan. I also find the brass fittings with stainless steel locking balls (from the big green shed) are the best for on the blue drinking water hose (I have two, one long and one short also two power cords).
Buy square plastic containers for in your cupboards.
ExtrasPosted by: Filbee  Replied on: 13 Jul 2016
First off, welcome to caravanning. You'll love it. And it just gets into your blood.
Personally, I would opt for the ESC system. Could save you.
Test all caravan systems at home and get familiar with them. You don't want to be the 4pm entertainment in the caravan park.
Then I suggest you do a "shake-down" to test all systems away from home .............trip should be on country roads to get the feel of the caravan and car handling on bends and hills. Doing a shake-down on the Hume H'way for instance will not test your towing ability.
Fortunately, our Jayco dealer in Queanbeyan provided us with a goodies bag on purchase - sullage hose, water hose, chooks, 15Amp lead and toilet chemicals.
Firstly, for home power supply to caravan connection, may I suggest that you invest in an Ampfibian 15A to 10A adaptor. That way you are legal, and safe. They recently introduced a Mini for home use (not waterproof). Their more robust product is the Max.
Hose should be food grade hose, not garden hose (green). Have plenty of extra tap fittings.........you are bound to leave a few behind, but you'll also gain a few from previous campers. You'll soon realise that sometimes you'll need more that 10m of hose, so I have 1x10m and 1x5m hoses (with connectors).
Sullage hose, again, sometimes 10m is not enough. Easily joined with a hose connector. And, sullage hose can easily be stored in the chassis rail - pushed in from rear of caravan.
Anti-flap devices for the awning, along with pegs and spring-loaded tie-down ropes. Purchase a 3lb Gympie hammer. Normal nail hammer will soon annoy you, especially the hand.
An assortment of adjustable spanners (kit form) for gas lines and other DIY around the caravan. While you are at it, a pair of adjustable pliers, normal pliers and side-cutters, and assortment of screwdrivers. You'll need a Philips screwdriver for the corner mounts in the cupboards (check these for security once you get the caravan home (easy DIY). I leave these in the caravan so that they are always readily accessible.
Ground cover for under the awning - the soft plastic type matting is best. Measure foot-print of awning and purchase slightly larger size.
Comfy camp chairs that will allow you to put the backrest down so that you can count satellites overhead. Or for a nanna nap. LOL. Upright for meals.
A compact camp table is a must too. Roto-moulded with adjustable height legs.
Well that's enough from me. The list is endless, but remember your weight (caravan weight).
All the best, Filbee56

2014 Jayco Silverline 21.65-4 & 2013 Land Cruiser LC200 TTD Sahara.

EXTRASPosted by: Tsvvegas  Replied on: 14 Jul 2016
You'll find different dealerships offer different freebies on collection of your van. Our dealership included gas fuses and a little blue" clip on thingy "that keeps your fridge door ajar when stored. I would look at getting some van levellers (you will probably need the 2 piece ones as you sound like you have a tandem) . There are 101 bits & pieces you can purchase but a bit of free camping will help in regards to what you need and what you don't. Filbee has done a great list of the essentials and it will only be trial and error that will see what other handy things you may need. I would definitely look at water filtration. The only remaining thing i can think of is 2 glasses & some "liquid relaxant" for the post pulling up/reversing/ levelling chores. Always nice to finish your day happy.
Posted by: Amccoll03  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
Welcome to the world of caravanning, I am sure you will be very happy. Other than the above replies we made various check lists such as one for inside(fridge locked, windows locked, etc) and one for outside(gas off, roll out awning secured, etc). We actually when as a far as making a step by step list for the roll out awning so that we did not become the afternoon entertainment. Bought a few rolls of the non slip matt from the cheap shops and then cut to size in the various storage areas. Absolutely do a couple of "shake down" trips - worked for us and we worked out what we need to short trips and longer trips.
AdvicePosted by: Treny  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
Hi Guys
All good advice, however if you find that sullage water is backing up at all there is a better fix than using a bucket. We found that happening in our Starcraft water was coming into the shower. I purchased a universal one way plastic valve. You can get them on eBay and they fit various diameter hoses you need to cut the smaller ones off and the last one should fit yours ullage hose remove the hose from under the shower and cut it to fit with your valve in place then just insert the valve making sure you have the flow arrow pointing away form the shower. Also before fitting look into the valve and you will see a rubber flap make sure that where the flap is attached is at the top when fitting. Valve is about $19 and ours has been in place and working great for 3 years
First time owning a JaycoPosted by: MikeandA  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
1. Get plug wiring diagram for van and make sure tug is wired accordingly.
2. ESC recommends 35amp fuse and wiring direct from battery so 6mm wiring could be required. (I used an Anderson 35amp two pin and wired under van direct to ESC.)
3. Not sure of your fridge but ours (RM4601) required min of 10mm wiring. I used 16mm and a 50amp Anderson plug for fridge. Fridge works perfectly.
4. If you have a spare battery in van then you may need another 16mm (Anderson 50amp plug) to charge battery from tug.
5. The brakeaway battery in van needs power from the tug. Couldn't get this to work through 12pin plug so wired direct from van battery.
Hope this helps and make sure you enjoy your ownership.
Water preasure valve. Posted by: Lauriem 2 Jul 2016 3 Replies
What is the the best way to replace a water preasure valve.
REPLACEMENTPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 4 Jul 2016
The easiest way is to take the caravan to a dealer or a plumber (friends paid a plumber $95 to come and replace a tap washer). The Pressure Limiting Valve has BSP fittings on either end and screw out of the PLV. With mine I released all the ties and the fittings slipped on the plastic connectors to screw them out of the PLV and leave the connectors on the plastic tube. (Mine had 350kpa and an arrow stamped on the side. If yours is the same there is a Non-Return-Valve incorporated in it as well.) Take the fitting with you to match the threads. I just went to the local plumbing shop and bought a similar PLV and NRV and a connector).
Use three wraps of thread tape when you fit it together and it does not need to be over-tight to seal. Make sure the arrow is in the right direction. If there is not NRV the water pumps out the hose connector when the pump is on.
Posted by: Lauriem  Replied on: 5 Jul 2016
Thanks Don. I'll give the plumber a miss.
Do it yourselfPosted by: Treny  Replied on: 23 Jul 2016
Purchase a replacement valve. We got ours from Watsons Jayco at Port Macquarie they fit a locally made valve and told me they replace the original one fitted by Jayco before selling the vans. They cost $80 and I'm sure they would send you one. The just cling underneath and locate your valve and fit the new one in place. Fixed ours which was always low on output but then slowed right up
Problems problems problems. Posted by: Lionelo 12 Jun 2016 22 Replies
It is quite bloody amazing that all Jayco forums, Facebook pages and even Caravanners forum are full of people having problems with their Jayco. Read the damned manual, make some intelligent Google searches and take a good look at your Jayco. It seems to me that you all still need spoon feeding. What is wrong with you old coots? Can you not see what is before your eyes? This is totally unbelievable.
What???Posted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 13 Jun 2016
Somebody giving you a hard time again, Lionelo. Go and have another cup of tea.
LioneloPosted by: Davidofcoburg  Replied on: 13 Jun 2016
You must be having a "bad hair day" Lionelo, in the old days you would be advised to have a Bex and a lie down!
Posted by: Whale  Replied on: 13 Jun 2016
get back under the bridge Lionelo
GOOD ADVICEPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 13 Jun 2016
Lionelo usually has good advice, and a lot of experience. I think we should be able to dodge the odd bad day we all have.
problemsPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 13 Jun 2016
I am not having a bad day. Just take a look at the moaning and groaning on this site by people who have absolutely no idea whatsoever of what the have bought or how to fix minor problems. Then jump onto the Coromal owners Facebook page and have a look at the love they share. If you buy the cheapest caravan you can buy and tow it with the allegedly most economical vehicle that you can afford, EXPECT PROBLEMS. Please don't pass your woes onto others that have done their homework. And remember, 2 litres is for milk and fruit juice. Get a decent engine, a decent tow vehicle and a decent caravan. Your problems will end there. It really frightens me to think I have to share the road with some of you.
What on earth are you on about?Posted by: Stoffel1  Replied on: 14 Jun 2016
Although I defend your right to say what you want on this forum, I do not defend the right of any manufacturer to build a shoddy product. Jayco caravans are made to a price, but any owner of a brand new item has consumer law on his side and should expect the item, no matter what the price is, to work as stated on the brochure.
eg on my BRAND NEW outback the following was wrong:
1) Water tank levels not working. The service agent could not fix the problem. They spent hours and eventually advised me that they would install the old type system instead. Hence my refusal to accept that offer and having to fix it myself. I had to rewire the entire water tank loom to get it to work. I have the photos, dates, Jayco's response ("our caravans are made to a price, you know") and details to prove my point.
2) Sway electronic control incorrectly installed and not working. AND dangerous. Jayco denied that fact until their agent showed them the evidence. Have I received a response from Jayco, or an apology....you guess right. NO!
3) Factory fitted bike rack incorrectly installed. No safety pins were installed which prevent the whole rack falling off .
4) Loose wiring hanging under van. Not run correctly.
5) Battery charger and panel not wired according to Australian Standards rules. eg 12V and 240V cabling all mixed up and touching each other, with no isolating safety barrier between.
6) Water pump leaking all over the bathroom floor and tanks not emptying due to a kink in the drain pipes caused by a cable tie tightened too much.
7) General wiring behind the battery charger loose, untidy and dangerous.
8) Wrong type of TV co-ax cable used which prevented the use of the external TV socket.

Glenn Moyle who is the "go to" person at Jayco was VERY helpful but my point still stands: A little bit of Quality control during manufacture does NOT cost money....It saves money in the long run!

Jayco obviously is severely lacking in the QA dept., as are most caravan manufacturers in Australia.

I also don't understand what the tow vehicle has to do with faults in a Caravan.
PROBLEMSPosted by: Rebs  Replied on: 14 Jun 2016
i must admit I agree with Lionel's first post on this subject. I often read in disbelief some of the inane questions that are posted here when a read of the handbook or a call to the dealer should be the first course of action . I sympathise with those who have QC issues with new vans but it is nothing new.
Research before purchase would have revealed that.
I also agree with Lionel's take on tow vehicles. How often nowadays do you see a big van being towed by a toy vehicle. How many towbars do you think would be overloaded let alone the vehicle? The tail wagging the dog.
The mind boggles. Sorry if you don't like my opinion either!
ProblemsPosted by: Davidofcoburg  Replied on: 14 Jun 2016
I must agree with Lionelo to a degree and its not just this forum, I'm amazed at how many owners (not all) ask questions about how something should work or how to hook something up etc. expecting everyone else to do the research for them. Exceptions for those that have tried and it didn't work for them or they are looking for a better way to do something that's different.

More often than not the answer is already in their manuals, on this or another forum, or on youtube. But some people are just plain lazy or are users.
dont feed the TrollPosted by: Duck  Replied on: 14 Jun 2016
Dont feed the Troll just writes rubbish to get a reaction should stick to his Coromal
duckPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 14 Jun 2016
Hey Duck, I have been hiring out Jaycos for 23 years. I know more about them than probably anybody in Australia. I have never had to get advice from a forum on how to fix them. I am not a troll, and, better than that, I do not use an assumed name. So, please, duck off troll.
It's not just Jayco's that are purchased by people that ask dumb questionsPosted by: Nomad246  Replied on: 15 Jun 2016
Lionel's original statement "Read the damned manual, make some intelligent Google searches" was only missing "contact the service agent"
Someone said earlier "inane" ,, how true is that to some questions that get asked.
Venting,, Lionel has created a chimney to vent and we have jumped on the wagon.
In addition to Lionel's vent, I'll add apart from the sometimes inane questions the ability of under qualified, non understanding people that line up to give a view or solution assuming always that they are right.
<<< Always happy to help with my experience and qualifications, however I never give advice when I'm only guessing. Lionel's OP resounds why I don't log on often and wear garlic around my neck when sometimes have a look at the xspurts on the CF.
Well done Lionel for having a vent
COMPLAININGPosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 15 Jun 2016
To make a general observation, Jayco's are largely a mass produced range of caravans and people buy on price (they are good value) , but people are buying a "Commodore" and expect a " Alfa Romeo", buy something marked "off-road" and think they have an army tank. And then whinge as if somebody will rush in and fix it, or just enjoy having a belly-ach.
If somebody buys an expensive caravan they are not going to publicly belly-ache and advertise they are having problems. (We have rellies who ignore advice and after they have bought start screaming, "Its a lemon, we have wasted all our money." Thank heaven they have not bought a Jayco yet.)
COMPLAINING Posted by: Timetogo  Replied on: 16 Jun 2016
There seems to be a general trend for people when they have an issue with a product for them to vent on some internet forum. For me Jaycos are a well priced mass manufactured van that meets most peoples needs. But here is an interesting concept - you get what you pay for. If you want a van to tackle the true rigours of the outback then buy a Bushtracker or Kedron. There might be a slight difference in price but they will do the job.

I don't agree with the tone of Lionelo's online communications and general demeanour when discussing these issues but it is hard to disagree with his (hers?) general sentiment. There are a lot of people trying to stretch their dollars and rigs to the max and they often walk away disappointed if they don't bring some thing of themselves to the value equation. What I mean by this is that if you aren't capable of doing your own minor repairs or fix ups and you are at the mercy of the repair agent's schedule then you could end up frustrated and disappointed.
Posted by: 2558  Replied on: 19 Jun 2016
This is a very interesting POST. We are very happy with our Starcraft, realising of course that it is not top of the range. I can't see why people can't use the forum to ask questions for others, who have more experience to offer advice. I suggest, if you don't like what you are reading Lionel then don't read it.
Posted by: RR  Replied on: 23 Jun 2016
I can't help but comment, nothing like a 'vent' like Lionelo's to raise interest and relevance. I have a 2014 Jayco 21.65.3 Silverline OB been on the road 8 months, 14,000 kms and love it-free camped heaps too. Now one 1/2 years old. Sure some Initial issues, all fixed. My final purchase decision was between a Coromal, Genesis and Silverline-Silverline won hands down for liveability. I have seen expensive vans stapled and glued, a Heinz variety out there. I agree with many of Lionelo's sentiments, pick a proper tow vehicle being one and value for money (Jayco are not fully offroad'-very few vans are). But ... they are in my view value for money and the market agrees. Nevertheless, this is a useful forum for getting advice and complaining a bit, I find it so anyway and still tap in. A few unreasonable comments should be taken in our stride-with appropriate responses.
How much is Gerry paying Lioneo? Posted by: Fred l  Replied on: 24 Jun 2016
I have had a water pressure problem ever since I purchased a new Journey in 2014.
Had the pressure reducer replaced twice and still only get a flow less than the thickness of a pencil when connected to caravan park water. Pump pressure from tanks good. There have been many posts with others having the same problem.
Others have fitted pressure reducers from plumbing suppliers, but are they compatible with with the fittings in Jayco vans?. Looking forward today a strong response in defense of Jayco from you Lioneo.
I for one am not at all happy.
fredPosted by: Lionelo  Replied on: 25 Jun 2016
Well Fred, I have no idea why you would think I am backing Jayco. Never have. If you have a problem with your pressure switch, see a plumber. You are wasting breath venting on here. You could also talk to the Jayco parts or service manager. You could also Google it up. Lionel O
Water PressurePosted by: Don PL 5920  Replied on: 25 Jun 2016
I replaced mine with a PLV from Reece Plumbing (same water pipe threads). It took longer to undo and re-do the ties than carefully the remove the valve. Caravans are really basic (except for the new electronics) You don't need a uni degree but it will take laying under the caravan in the dirt and have a good look.
water pressure.Posted by: Bosun2012  Replied on: 25 Jun 2016
Fred. You may have a kinked pipe. Or the the PLV may have deposits inside it. Either way you will have to crawl around under your van to check the plumbing. If you remove the plv note the direction of the arrow marked on the valve. Put it back the wrong way and no water at all. If the valve is clogged you can dis assemble them and clean them out. Give the spring a stretch also. Good luck.
LioneloPosted by: Unrool  Replied on: 2 Jul 2016
Well I think I have just come across the rudest person I have ever seen on a Forum.
What gives you the right to get on here and blast people for asking a question? It is a forum for that reason. So amateurs and less knowledgable people than yourself can try and get some quick advice on hopefully an easy repair or something they simply have no idea what they looking at or even what it is called.
I purchased my 1st Jayco a few months ago and had a few simple questions that I needed answering. Because I had no idea of the name of the part and it wasn't mentioned the manual I decided to "Google" for a Jayco forum in the hope that I would be given sound advice from other people that have been there and done that and could give me a response or at least lead me in the right direction. I called several Jayco service agents and they gave me no help at all so before you come on here venting and carrying on like a miserable coot have a think before you type something.
No doubt there are members on here that have recently retired and the new internet technology of this world does not come easy to them so back off and get back under your rock.
Posted by: Unrool  Replied on: 2 Jul 2016
BTW say hi to Louella for me
LioneloPosted by: Afterburner  Replied on: 19 Jul 2016
Geez,mate ,having a hard day? We have had 6 jayco pop tops and off road vans over the years.currently 24ft o/back.all purchased from brisbane camperland.nothing but praise for them both.yes,we have had hiccups with some of them.yes some were minor some not.all were rectified by not screaming dodgy van makers.yes i am classified as a mechanical moron by some mates.i am.i rely on sites like this to ask pertinent questions re things i don't understand .the manuals are ,imho written by intellects to confuse the buyers thus relying on aftermarket repair agents.not every one are talented as you.i classify myself and a lot of other buyers as normal people.not everyone are electricians,plumbers.mechanics,gas fitters etc.my mate has had three opposition vans,all have had major problems.he ends up fixing them himself.he is that talented.me,i rely on his and sites like these to help me out..no body is perfect...